Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elizabeth Taylor - Icon of the Ages

To me, Elizabeth Taylor personified elegance and poise. So let's see what she was wearing and doing to enhance her style, and influence others, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Elizabeth Taylor - "The 1960s" - by Richard Bassett:

Elizabeth Taylor - "The 1970's" - by Richard Bassett:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

VIDEOS: Do your own Tie-Dying

Here's some videos on how to do your own tie-dying and getting your clothes looking very 60s!

A Tie Dyer's Guide To Folding and Dying: "The Spider" Style:

How to TIE DYE a SHOULDER BURST style. (Plus 4 other spins):

How To TIE-DYE an OVAL Style Shape:

How to TIE-DYE a CIRCLE design... (from folding to dying):


How To TIE-DYE a SPIDER style design. (start to finish):

I hope you learn something! Cheers!

Friday, October 10, 2008

VIDEO: Jean Shrimpton - 1960s Style!

Check out this great video about Jean Shrimpton:


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vintage Sunglasses are All the Rage

Why Do Vintage Sunglasses 'Add Vintage'? by Matthew Watson

Recent fashion conscious eye gear lovers are going reverse the stream with increasing fondness for vintage sunglasses. It seems like retro fashion fever has caught today's discerning and fashionable eye gear consumers too. Vintage eye wear fashion is the current buzzword and sunglass collections are reversing back to the 50's, 60's, 70's etc., to don eyes of twenty first century.

Designs of those phase of eye gear were most outrageous and out of the box - and people are now dying to put on those timeless designs created by leading fashion designers of those eras. Hence, more you step back to the past in choosing a pair of glasses for you, more daring and dashing you will look today. So set your eyes for the vintage sunglasses to be at the vantage class amongst your peers. Any glasses that resemble with the retro are being seen from the vantage point these days. Therefore, little wonder why large, bold and attention grabbing lenses of vintage sunglasses are in vogue now instead of designs coming from latest canvas of designers.

Classic designs from 70's, 80's were marked by big glasses to cover up larger areas of eyes. Models and role models of fashion are bringing back those 'larger' fashion and creating rage amongst their aficionados. In stead of funky shades, round and traditional or square molds have become alive once again creating excessive flair and fever in the marketplace, across the globe.

Classic designs of vintage sunglasses rose from the past and have already setting blaze in the market, brushing up today's fashion conscious eyes with bright colors, larger shapes, versatile ranges and styles that were once a rage in yesteryear's celebrities. Today's designers too are equally conscious about this reverse trend against time and reverting those designs by mixing with their own to quench the quest for their patrons' demands for vintage sunglasses.

Matthew Watson is a professional writer and presently writing on online shopping portal industry covering Kids wear, designer handbags, children toys, iphones accessories and sports equipment etc.

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