Saturday, January 31, 2009

VIDEO: A 1960s View of Space-Age Fashion

Cover of "How to Steal a Million"Cover of How to Steal a Million

Hi all,

Here's an interesting video of some scenes from a few 1960s movies "La Decima Vittima/The 10th Victim; Blow-Up; and How To Steal A Million". The clip features scenes from these movies demonstrating what these film-makers viewed as futuristic space-age fashions. Interesting!


Friday, January 30, 2009

1970s Outfits - Party Time!

Clothing Liberation - cover (detail - afro and...Image by sylvar via Flickr

70s Costumes - Relive the Past and Let the Good Times Roll by Christine A Shoemark

One of the most happening decades of the past is the 70s. With the hippie revolution, it is no wonder people are going retro with 70s costumes! If you've been invited to a 70's costume themed party, here are some 70's costumes you can try out.

Hippie Costume

Woodstock and hippies was a major thing back in the 1970s, which is why hippie costumes are a popular choice for 1970s costume themed parties. When wearing hippie costumes, choose psychedelic colors. Some men just choose a classic t-shirt with a peace sign on it and pair it up with bright-colored bell bottom pants. A tie-dyed shirt is also a popular choice. You may also choose to wear a vest over your outfit.

For women, a mini dress in a loud color is a sure-fire way to get everybody's attention. For the shoes, wear flip-flops or sandals. Some women also wear white boots to match their psychedelic outfits. Wear your hair long and around your face. A cool touch is to wear tea shades or sunglasses that are slightly transparent. Don't forget to flash the peace sign everywhere you go!

The Beatles

One of the most influential bands of all time is The Beatles, who also reached their peak around this time. Made up of 4 talented musicians, The Beatles are also a great group dress up idea. If you and 3 of your friends are going to a 70s costume themed party and need a quick 70s costume fix, dressing up as The Beatles is the best way to go. A classic Beatles costume is the black suit worn over white long-sleeved polo shirts. A black necktie is used to top the outfit off. You can even buy a wig to match the hairstyle of the different members of the band.

70's Costume Accessories

For your hair, wear it big. Back in those days, the popular hairstyles were afros, the shag cut, and pompadours for men; for women, it was either big permed hair or long straight hair. If a guy, you could also wear a fake mustache, which can be bought at your local joke shop. Make-up is bright colors and fake lashes. Body glitter will make your body shine and finally, wear fake gold bling around your neck.

These 70s costumes never go out of style. Relive the 1970s and go retro with these fabulous and loud 70's costumes! Have fun!

Adult Costume Shop for 70s Fashion Costumes. For a hip and happening time, choose 70s Costume Fancy Dress and be cool, baby.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sophia Loren - Icon of the 1960s

Cropped screenshot of Sophia Loren from the fi...Image via Wikipedia

Sophia Loren - A Woman Born Wise by Tatiana Sidorova

Video Tribute to the Style and Fashion-Sense of Sophia Loren - Click Here:

Sophia Loren is someone truly special in a row of the world's famous glamorous women. Her inner beauty and nobility, the warmth of her personality, and the fascinating story of her life and success make her an outstanding role model for millions of women.

She did not seem to have taken anything in her life for granted. Her beauty, family, success and wealth have been the result of hard work, determination and her inner vitality. Sophia is an actress, writer and designer. She looks at her life as a process of self-discovery.

"...The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty...It gave me one big advantage: none of my troubles or problems as an adult could throw me."

Sophia was born in a charity ward for unmarried women in Rome in 1934. The name entered in the hospital records was Sofia Scicolone. Her father Riccardo Scicolone officially recognized the child, but refused to marry the mother.

Loren still has vivid memories of her younger years.

"When I was a child, fear was common to my life - fear of having nothing to eat, fear of the other children taunting me at school because I was illegitimate, and particularly fear of the big bombers appearing overhead and dropping their lethal burst from the sky" ("Sophia: Living and Loving - Her Own Story by A. E. Hotchner).

Loren was a very young girl, when she saw her first Hollywood films. This is how she describes it: "I was suffused with the feeling that that's what I was put on earth to do, to act, to express myself, to let out whatever feelings I had inside; and perhaps a need to escape anonymity" (Sophia: Living and Loving - Her Own Story).

At the age of thirteen Sophia Loren entered the Queen of the Sea beauty contest in Naples. She was chosen one of the Queen's twelve Princesses. Her prize included a train ticket to Rome. Sophia and her mother took this chance and went to Rome to look for work as film extras.

Sophia' first work was posing for "fumetti" (photoplays) and postcards. She met the successful producer Carlo Ponti through her participation in a beauty contest. Carlo Ponti immediately felt the magic of her personality, what her later described as "a kind of illumination" about her.

However it took a long time before Sophia was offered her first role in a film. She failed the screen tests one after the other, and it seemed as if there was no way for her to become an actress. She was not a classical beauty: with her nose too long, her mouth too large, her chin and her hips too broad. What the cameramen could not see at first, was that the total of all her face parts, her body language and her inner beauty made her stunning. Remembering the difficulties of the early days of her career, Sophia said:

"I was so boldly confident about myself...I have never sold myself short. I have never judged myself by other people's standards...At sixteen I already knew certain self-truths: I was a survivor; I relied on myself and no one else; I would get to wherever I was destined to go and it was futile to try to alter my fate"("Sophia: Living and Loving - Her Own Story by A. E. Hotchner).

Sofia's acting career began at the age of eighteen in 1952 with her role in a film "Africa Under the Seas". The film did not create a sensation, but it did provide a good start for the young actress. The dream of a skinny little girl, sitting in a dark movie house, was finally to come true.

In Hollywood Sophia Loren won over the public with her acting performances and beauty, and in 1962 won the first best actress Oscar ever given for a performance in a foreign film.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave her the Golden Globe for World Film Favorite in 1964, 1965 and 1969. Among her numerous awards is an honorary Cesar (France's Oscar) for lifetime achievement and an honorary Oscar as "one of the genuine treasures of world cinema." She graced numerous magazine covers and television specials.

She was soon referred to as an international celebrity. In this status, Sophia had been associated with the House of Dior, Valentino and Giorgio Armani. Her name itself has become a brand of her Italian beauty, glamour and taste. Sofia seems to have a natural ability to enhance every dress she wears.

In 1980, Loren established her first entrepreneurial venture by launching the perfume bearing her name. She also launched her signature line of eyeglasses, promoting them as a fashion item. They became a permanent part of her look.

Sophia Loren is known for her devotion to many charities. For her generosity she received a NATO/ShoWest award for lifetime achievement in 1996. This award is a recognition of her work on behalf of the National Alliance for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, and her long service to the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador.

The lesson we can learn from the biography of Sophia Loren is priceless. It can be summarized in her own words: "I firmly believe we can make our own miracles if we believe strongly enough in ourselves and our mission on earth."

Tatiana Sidorova is the owner of the website:

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

VIDEO: Mini-Skirt Fashion Show from the UK (1970)

1970 Life MagazineImage by Thrift Store Addict via FlickrHi all,

Here's an interesting video from the UK of a 1970 fashion show featuring mini-skirts. Although it is in black-and-white, it should still give you lots of interesting ideas:

I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

VIDEO: Sharon Tate - Style and Flair

Cropped screenshot of Sharon Tate from the tra...Image via Wikipedia

Hi all,

Here's a fascinating montage of images in tribute to the beautiful Sharon Tate. There are lots of beautiful images as well as examples of her classy but relaxed style and taste in clothing and fashion.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Message from Soul Flower - your hippie clothing shop!

Cover of Cover of SMiLESpreading Some Love...

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UGG Boots - An Australian Icon of the 1970s

UggBoots SMCImage via Wikipedia

The History of UGGs and the Trademark Issue by Jennifer G. Gregory

Ever wonder where UGG boots came from and how exactly this trend started? The history of UGGs is very interesting. It's a great story of quality and a national product finding popularity world-wide.

The Birth of UGGs

The story of UGGs started in Australia with sheepshearers. In Australia, Merino sheep are an important product. The wool from these amazing sheep makes some of the softest and warmest clothing. Sheepshearers often had to contend with cold temperatures as they cared for the sheep. They came upon the idea of making simple boots from the double skin of Merino sheep. The soft hide was on the exterior, while the amazingly cushy wool faced the inside. Original UGGs were simply three pieces of skin sewn together to form the sides and the soles of the boots.

These original boots may have been simple (and maybe not all that attractive). It was this characteristic that earned the name UGGs. Some people stated that the boots were "Ugly" and the name UGGs (an abbreviation of ugly), soon stuck with the boots.

UGGs Move Off the Farm

UGGs gained increasing popularity over the years. During World War II, Australian pilots wore UGGs to keep their feet warm in cold airplanes that didn't offer pressurized cabins. The temperature of the cockpit would drop, the higher the plane ascended. UGGs kept the pilots toasty while the cabin temperature dropped.

Eventually, in the 60s and 70s, surfers began to wear UGGs. After surfing all day in the waves, surfers came out of the water shivering and cold. What better way to warm up than slipping your feet into UGGs?

Over the years, UGGs became more stylish and made with exceptional quality. It wasn't long before these simple boots and shoes became a fashion icon. Celebrities began to wear the boots, and the popularity was explosive.

While these boots started in Australia and are a distinctive Australian product, that hasn't prevented other countries and businesses from trying to muscle in on the popularity of UGGs.

Trademark Battles

In the 1970s, Shane Stedman trademarked the term Ugh-boot with the Australian Trade Mark Registry. Later the name was sold to the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Deckers registered several other trademarks based on the UGG term, including UGG Australia. This brought about several trademark legal battles, as there are a number of manufacturers and vendors in Australia that were producing Ugh boots.

After legal action, the Australian Trade Marks Registry removed Deckers' Australian trademark. This removal allowed the terms "Ugg, Ugh, and Ug" to be generic terms, rather than trade names, of these popular sheepskin boots. Deckers still maintains that trademark to market boots in Europe and the US as "UGG Australia".

This is great news for Australian makers of UGG boots. The "real UGGs" are made in Australia, of genuine Merino sheepskin. Brands like "UGG Australia" aren't made in Australia - instead they are manufactured in China, and aren't even made of Merino sheepskin. These brands use inferior materials to make a shoe or boot that simply can't compare to the real UGGs.

Before you purchase a new pair of UGGs, make sure you understand where the shoes or boots are made. When you buy boots that are genuinely made in Australia, you get top quality shoes and boots that are made of some of the finest sheepskin available with unsurpassed quality.

Jennifer Gregory is a full time blogger and intrigued with all things fashion. She's in love with her favorite UGG boots and has written about Women's UGGS on her blog.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

VIDEO: Fashion Newsreels from the Early 1960s

NEW YORK - MAY 14:  Designer John Galliano tak...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Hi all,

Just found an interesting video on Youtube. It's basically a fashion flashback from the VIDCAT archive of fashion newsreels from the early 1960s. Featured are Christian Dior, runway, swimsuits, and more.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Classic 1970s Clothing

A tie dyed shirt. Photo taken my MpegMan.Image via Wikipedia

70's Clothes - The Early 1970's by Michelle McKee

Seventies clothing holds its own special place in American culture. Ranging from the late 60's hippie look to the eye-popping styles of the disco era, 70's clothes were not designed to be ignored. The decade of the 1970s began as a carryover of late '60s fashion. The hippie influence was still very present.

Tie-dyed shirts and worn jeans were the look of the day. Hip huggers and bell bottom jeans were popular and were likely to be customized and decorated by the person wearing them. Donning patches and using a variety of bleaching and tie dying techniques were popular. Jean jackets of the day were often stylized by their owners with a variety of patches carrying whatever message the wearer felt like sharing.

Young women of the day could be quite unpredictable in their choice of fashion. The same girl wearing torn and faded jeans might next be seen in "hot pants" accompanied by long knee socks or wearing a floral patterned granny dress, all on top of very high and clunky looking heels. Women were asserting themselves in fashion and it was difficult to miss. The mini-skirt was still alive and well but "midi" dresses that came to the mid-calf region and ankle length "maxi" dresses were also popular, especially in more formal situations. You never knew what to expect.

In some ways, 1970's clothing for men was quite a change from what was commonly worn in the late 1960's. Tight shirts with bright prints or sometimes outrageous patterns could be seen. Huge collars topped off the look. Although the hippie look was still alive, and many people proudly wore the uniform of t-shirt and jeans, things were changing and some would say it was not necessarily for the better. Many men today would prefer not to see photos of themselves in those days which are sometimes considered some of the more tasteless times in fashion history.

In recalling 1970's fashion, one must also acknowledge the extremely strong ethnic influence that exploded upon the scene after first being introduced in the 1960's. Brightly colored scarves and large jewelry are just a couple of examples of this. Looking at photographs of the time, even otherwise conservatively dressed women could be found with large pieces of jewelry, sometimes featuring some type of "tribal" element. Tiny jewelry was not the norm.

If you are a fan of retro clothing, you might also enjoy 70's clothes or reading about vintage clothing fashion. Both sites are devoted to looking back at the clothing of earlier days.

I an avid bargain hunter. I honed my shopping skills in the "real world" through years of diligent practice. I also enjoy looking at my American culture and studying the changes that have taken place, decade by decade.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paisley - 1960s Design Icon

winter paisley mini dressImage by princess toadie via Flickr

The Paisley Design Checks In by Ryan Gilbert

The paisley design, once so prevalent in the 60's, is making a return to the fashion world. Sometimes called "Persian pickles" by American elders and quilt makers, paisley is a droplet-type motif that resembles a leaf of the mango tree. It has also been called "Welsh pears" in Wales as far back as 1888 by the textile manufacturers there and "cashmere" after the region of Kashmir where it originated.

It is one of the most recognized patterns in the world, originating in Persia (now Iran) but it's named for the Scottish town of Paisley. Illiterate villages in India long ago would use it as a symbol to tell people it was time to harvest the crops, inking the side of their fist and stamping the shape in places where people would notice it. The motif was used in the fifteenth century to decorate court garments and the interiors of royal domiciles.

Paisley never really fell out of fashion since it is considered a classic and goes with everything! Women's scarves and shawls in paisley patterns are everywhere, no matter the current fads, and paisley fads in upholstery, curtains and bedding come and go.

The Summer of Love in 1968 made paisley very popular in the twentieth century. It became identified with the psychedelic fad and was incorporated into art as well as clothing. Fender guitars produced a pink paisley Telecaster and John Lennon had a Rolls Royce that was custom painted in paisley.

Paisley was popular not only for its esoteric shape, said to represent death and rebirth, but for its sheer versatility. There were so many different color combinations; it could be bright and aggressive, mellow, or outrageously fashionable. Social climbers as well as hippies embraced it; teenagers wore it, as did their parents. Everyone was crazy about paisley and what wasn't to like? To the younger generation of rebels, it signified beauty and mystical meditation and the older generation liked its classic style that went with any accessory or separate wardrobe piece.

The paisley teardrop design was incorporated into flower patterns for clothing and curtains, it was embossed on formal invitations, tissue boxes bore its distinctive shape and just about everywhere you looked in the sixties and early seventies you saw something that used the paisley design. The shape, aside from its spiritual implications, was pleasing and versatile.

Jewelers have begun to see the possibilities in the paisley design, fashioning a variety of truly breathtaking jewelry in paisley shapes. They are producing paisley designs never before seen, of gold and silver with dazzling precious gemstones. A popular trend seems to be emerging of placing flower patterns within the teardrop paisley shape that produces some truly awe-inspiring pieces.

The paisley necktie is, thankfully, making a comeback among well-dressed men. Women's fashions are using the motif to bring back classic styles of clothing such as the evening and casual sheath dress, the shawl and the casual scarf worn as an accent. Paisley is the perfect vehicle for this project. High-end designers are creating leisure clothing in paisley patterns as well as evening clothes sewn with sequins and beads, bringing the beloved paisley pattern into the world of high fashion and penthouse couture.

Whether you would like a vintage or modern look for your home, your accessories, your checkbook cover or even your car's upholstery, paisley will fill the need with elegance and beauty. With its nearly universal appeal, the return of this beautiful, versatile pattern has been welcomed by all ages. Those that loved it in decades past are glad to see it back and young people who have been largely unaware of it love the way they can shape it to fit into their own unique style.

You can all ways find Paisley design bank checks and hundreds of other styles by visiting They offer Checks Unlimited and a one stop place to order checks for your home or business needs. Try them today!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Rock Star Apparel - Will it Suit You?

LONDON - JUNE 26:  Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torre...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Evolution of Rock Star Apparel by Matt Brooke

The evolution of Rock and Roll is evident to the world for the past few decades already. Let's face it, Rock and Roll is everywhere, especially in the lives of the youths of today. It can be found in their Ipods, posters, screensavers, wallpapers, notebooks, bags, CD's, internet (like their MySpace pages), and of course in their sense of style. But let's backtrack to the past. Rockstars did not always dress the way they do now during their shows and concerts. Oh no, it was actually the opposite.

In the 50's, the face of Rock and Roll was none other than the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley. His most famous outfit is the white jumpsuit with the turned out collar, bell bottoms with an intricate design on the sides and the exceedingly large belt with an even bigger belt buckle covered in rhinestones. This is still a famous costume to wear during Halloween parties. The hit musical Grease is another benefactor to this fashion trend. The sight of John Travolta clad in tight black jeans with a plain white t-shirt and his T-Bird Leather jacket is already enough of a statement of the Elvis fever.

Who could ever forget the era of the Beatles? They, along with their signature bowl cuts and all black suits, started the leading trend in the 1960's. Their type of rock music on the other hand, Psychedelic rock, was such a hit that made them famous all over the world. They are the rockstars of the 1960's and they left an undeniably huge mark on the world even after they broke up in 1970.

It was the 1970's when different types of rock music emerged. And with the emerging of different genres of Rock, arose a range of different fashion trends. But to name any leading face during this decade would almost be impossible. Each of the branches of Rock had a unique sense of style and sound. But one of the most immortal rockstars during this time were none other than KISS, the spearhead of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The members of KISS are now considered immortal because of their heavy make up (face painted all white with black lip stick and their eyes bordered with black make up in a design of a mask), their stage costumes, and their awesome live performances. Their clothing during a concert is wild yet distinguishable to the public. Which is probably one reason why they are one of the most enduring faces of the 1970's.

The 80's marks the appearance of Heavy Metal and Glam Rock. What other band should be cited as the leading rockstars of this time than AC/DC? AC/DC can probably be distinguished from the private school boy look, worn by the band members themselves. Other than this, the ripped jeans, ripped t-shirt, and sneakers look became a famous fashion trend as well.

About the 90's, these were the times when vintage was brought back. Most of the fashion trends during those times were from pop stars and other fashion icons.

Looking for Rockstar Clothing? For a large selection of Rockstar t-shirts, tops, sweaters and other apparel you can visit:

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Beautiful Faces, Fashions and Images of the 1960s

photographed by Jerry Schatzberg.Image via WikipediaHi all,

I've just found a lovely montage of beautiful faces, beautiful fashions and beautiful images of the 1960s. The video features Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Maureen Starkey, Anna Karina, Michelle Phillips, Brigitte Bardot, Eleanor Bron, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, Marianne Faithful, Mary Quant, Faye Dunaway, Mia Farrow, Sharon Tate and many more! Enjoy!