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Elizabeth Taylor has Passed Away . . .

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Elizabeth Taylor has Passed Away ...

Rest in Peace Elizabeth

We lost one of our brightest stars....

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, who rose from child actor to become one of Hollywood's most talented actresses with a tumultuous life, died on Wednesday at age 79, her publicist said.

She died at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles surrounded by her four children after having been hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, a statement from publicist Sally Morrison said.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gabicci - Classic Clothes Inspired by the Seventies

latin letter "g"Image via WikipediaBy Neil Guv

Gabicci is a clothing brand from the seventies. Founded in 1973 by two experts in the ragtrade they combined their experience with Italian inspired styling and quality whist incorporating a touch of rock star to form a look a casual look with an air of authority and class.

The core ethos of Gabicci is centered around high quality and attention to every detail. This is reflected in all of their products from the excellent stitching through the classic G motif usually proudly displayed on the breast of Gabicci shirts.

The clothing brand enjoyed it's 35th anniversary in 2008 and continues to grow and break into new areas of fashion. One of Gabbici's most popular lines is their cardigan. With the revival of the cardigan over the last few years many fashion brands have tried to re-design or change the cardigan from its traditional roots.

This is not the case with Gabicci that have stayed true to the cardigans classic deign by keeping clean lines and great materials. A truly iconic piece of clothing that should be the corner stone of any classic retro collection.
Another classic Gabicci line is their polo shirts. Available in a range of colours and all proudly showing the famous "G" badge these polo shirts are a versatile and can be worn when you need to look casual or smart. The Gabicci polo shirts come in two different varieties, Classic and Vintage.

The Gabicci shirts simply bring together classic retro design and a close fit in a similar way to the cardigans. Constructed with high quality materials and crafted with excellent workmanship these shirts are not only made to look good but also to last for many years. Available in a range of colours including Blue, Black, Green, Grey and red. All the designs are based on a range of seventies retro shapes they don't go crazy resulting in a simple, yet stylish look that is essentially timeless.

Recently Gabicci clothes were featured heavily in Nick Loves' remake of the classic 80s film, "The Firm". The firm is set in the time of the casual classics with key characters sporting timeless classics from other great 80s brands such as Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Ellesse.

The G look has also been spotted on a number of popular sports people and celebrities recently making this one of the most sought after fashion brands and the unmistakable 'G' badge an iconic symbol of style.

Neil is a huge fan of the 80s Casual Scene. By using these links you can find out more about Gabicci and Gabicci Jumpers.

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