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The Shag Rugs of The 1970s

Shag rugs were extremely popular in the 1970s. Their origin is shrouded in psychedelic mystery. One version says they originated from the meditation mats that Buddhist and Indian monks regularly use.

These mats are often pretty large, and look exactly like a shag rug does when they get worn out through long use. Because the 1970s saw a great influx of eastern religions in the US, it is not inconceivable that the popular shag rugs were inspired by these so called meditation mats.

Another version says that shag rugs are direct descendants of the goat and sheep skin rugs that were a part of the Middle Eastern Jewish tradition. In the late 60s and 70s, not only was there a sort of revival in traditional Christianity, there was also a growing interest in and awareness of the Middle East after the Arab Israel wars and constant Diaspora to Israel from the US. It is plausible that the shag rug may have arrived on these shores from these Middle Eastern connections.

Shag rugs are soft rugs made of a pile of various kinds of fibers. The pile is knotted short so that loose ends of the fibers form the pile. The rug is extremely soft, and in the tradition of the times, they were done in bright colors that would remind people of so called “LSD trips.” Colors ranged from typical hippie yellow and purple to green, orange and blue. Often a single shag rug would have all of these colors in a bright rainbow.  

One very popular shag rug in those days of zero conservation and organic clothing was the bamboo shag rug. Strange as it may seem, the bamboo shag rug was really a very soft and delicate shag rug that had a silken touch to it. The bamboo shag rug was widely used because of its non-allergic, organic, and antibacterial nature. It was renewable and bio-degradable and looked good and colorful; what more could people from the 70s want?

A shag rug had a very particular place in a 70s household, especially if you were into mod stuff. I remember, when I was young, we had a gray shag rug neatly folded and kept in a corner of the room. Every Saturday evening, when two families we were friends with – our neighbors, actually – came down to visit us, my mother would unfold that rug and spread it near the fireplace.

People would mostly sit on that rug, with their back against the couches, and smoke pot. Sometimes, the guys would laze on the couch, but the women always sat on the shag rug, their legs spread out, lazily smoking pot and chatting away. The funny thing was that everybody always sat on a particular place on the shag rug; that spot was always reserved for the person it belonged to. All 3 families were into the hippie thing, and they often wore peculiar hippie clothing, and all were greatly interested in eastern stuff like Buddhism, pot, shag rugs and the rest.

For many years, after the hippie thing died down and father took a job in the local bank, that shag rug was left unused. But recently, I happened to look into a carpet maker’s shop window downtown and saw a shag rug just like ours on sale. I came back home and took the old shag rug down from the closet and spread it out again near the hearth. It looks good.

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Rastafari and Reggae Designs in T - Shirt Printing

By Marie Claire Ponsaran

T-shirt printing companies often feature symbolic prints on t-shirts. These symbols include political and social images that may have significance to a minority group or may represent a counterculture movement, such as the Rastafari Movement.

According to Wikipedia, most Rastas do not think of the movement as a "religion," but a "Way of Life." It is monotheistic, worshipping only one God, which they call Jah. However, this God is not a vague Almighty Being in the heavens, but incarnated as Haile Selassie I, the last Emperor of Ethiopia.

Rastafari has Afrocentric ideologies and teachings. Its members support the spiritual use of cannabis, or marijuana. It also has a tri-color flag-red, green and yellow-with a lion's silhouette printed at the center.

Bob Marley And Rastafari In T-Shirt Printing

The strong association of Rastafari with reggae is partly because of Bob Marley's stature and his membership in the movement. Bob Marley is one of the most popular Rastas in the world, and his popularity has helped spread the influence of the Rastafari Movement in the world.

Bob Marley's signature image - his wide smile and his dreadlocks - is one of the most popular designs in t-shirt printing. His face has been printed in different versions, either as a pencil sketch or as a photograph. The prints show Bob Marley in different poses, while singing onstage or with his head thrown back in carefree laughter.

Bob Marley heavily incorporated Rastafarian chants in his song. Aside from Marley, other reggae musicians also used music to spread the teachings of Rastafari. Musicians like Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer have integrated Rastafarian doctrine in their songs.

Red, Green And Gold In Rastafari T-Shirt Printing

The Rastafari colors are green, red and gold, the same hues found in its flag. At the center of the flag the silhouette of a roaring lion stands proud while the horizontal stripes of the three colors are in the background.

Sometimes, the three colors serve as background to or were superimposed on top of Bob Marley's image. In a sketch of Marley's face, the same three colors were mixed with the dark lines. Other times, the lyrics of Bob Marley's songs accessorize the image.

Red signifies the blood of Black Jamaican martyrs, green represents the lushness of the Ethiopian or Jamaican countryside, and gold signifies the wealth of Africa. Sometimes, black is included as a reference to the Marcus Garvey movement.

Reggae and the Rasta movement are rich sources of artistic inspiration for t-shirt printing designers. The symbols from these movements touch the rebellious spirit of the angst-ridden youth of the seventies, and continue to nurture the same sentiments in today's generation. Custom printed t-shirts with these types of designs speak the messages that they want us to listen to.

Marie Claire Ponsaran is an experienced Internet researcher, independent blogger and freelance writer for various articles on personalised t-shirts in UK.

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60s Fancy Dress Costumes - 5 Accessories to Help Make Your Sixties Outfits Look Totally Groovy

By Dan Fresh

There really are some great 60s fancy dress outfits available nowadays, which are perfect for any retro costume party or even as groovy night club gear. However, although your basic sixties outfit should look good on its own, if you really want to create an authentic looking costume you are going to have to purchase some accessories.

Below are my top accessory tips to turn your basic 60s fancy dress costume into something really believable and, above all, totally groovy.

Accessory Tip 1: Buy a sixties wig

Next to getting the correct sort of footwear, I consider getting the right type of headgear the most important addition to your costume. A sixties wig really will give your outfit that little extra something, you just need to decide which one to go for.

There are a number of great looking sixties wigs to choose from, including 1960s style flick wigs, Cilla wigs, Gamine wigs and, for the really adventurous amongst you, Beehive wigs. Whatever type of wig you decide upon, just make sure it is one that compliments your outfit.

Accessory Tip 2: Get a sixties hat

If you do not fancy getting a wig, then the next best thing is to get a sixties hat. PVC disco hats the same colour as your outfit are always a good idea, or perhaps a Carnaby hat if you are going for the 60's Mod look. You may also want to consider getting a hat/wig combo, which is a cheaper alternative to paying out on a hat and a wig separately.

Accessory Tip 3: Cover up

The mini-dress plays a big part in the fashion of the sixties and some of you might consider 60s fancy dress costumes to be a little bit too revealing. If you are one of those that would be happier showing just a little bit less flesh, then do not worry there are some great accessories out there to help cover you up, without taking away the sex appeal.

Cute white tanga shorts are great for making sure that your outfit is not too "cheeky", while white fishnet tights are a sexy way to cover up legs. You may also want to look at getting some long white gloves, which were a popular fashion accessory at the time.

Accessory Tip 4: Make up

It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research and copy the make-up from the time. Most specialist 60's fancy dress websites will stock the types of lipstick colours worn during the period, as well as supplying large black false eyelashes, which were extremely popular throughout the decade.

Accessory Tip 5: Go-Go Boots

In my opinion, the must-have accessory for any 60s fancy dress costume is a pair of Go-Go boots. These come in a range of bright colours to match your outfit, but personally I would choose a white pair, which will usually go with pretty much any sixties outfit.

BONUS Accessory Tip: Perhaps the most important tip I can give you is where you should go to find all of these great accessories to help make your sixties outfits look totally groovy. 60s Fancy Dress specialises in both sixties outfits and accessories and is the best place to go to create that perfect 1960's fancy dress costume.

A Word Or Two About The Author

Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado who regularly writes for the popular UK Fancy Dress website.

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Hippie Fancy Dress - 5 Great Accessory Tips For Your Groovy 1960s Or 1970s Outfit

By Dan Fresh

There are not many cooler outfits to wear out there than a hippie fancy dress costume. This colourful, groovy 1960s or 1970s outfit looks equally great at costume parties or Carwash style night clubs. What is more, hippie fancy dress outfits are one of those types of costumes that you can make yourself, on a budget, and can still look pretty authentic.

Whether you decide to buy a hippie fancy dress outfit online or make one yourself, you are definitely going to need to purchase some cool accessories to make sure that your 1960s or 1970s outfit really does look the part. Below are my top cool tips to best accessorize your hippie fancy dress costumes for the upcoming party.

Cool Tip 1: Peace pendant and earrings

One of the most famous icons of the sixties and seventies, which was closely associated with the whole hippie movement during that time, is of course the peace pendant. This then is the must have accessory to go with your outfit, and the female hippies amongst you might even want to go for a peace pendant and earrings matching set.

Cool Tip 2: Heart shaped glasses

A pair of heart shaped glasses, with metal rims and coloured lenses, are a groovy accessory to go with your outfit. These are a great unisex item, but please make sure you match the colour of the glasses with the colour of your costume.

Cool Tip 3: Hippie wig

I find that wigs always make a huge difference with the overall look of your costume. There are some really great hairy wigs available for the male hippies, while the ladies may want to go for a long blonde wig with beads and braiding.

Cool Tip 4: Love child boots

This is one just for the female hippies amongst you, but a very important accessory nonetheless. A pair of yellow "love child" boots, with a flower cut-out pattern, will really transform your costume and give it that extra touch of authenticity.

Cool Tip 5: Hippie musical instruments

Finally, I find that a really cool accessory for both sexes is to choose one of the many types of hippie musical instruments that are available to purchase. My personal favourites are the peace tambourine and the inflatable bongo drums. These are the ideal accessory for any hippie costume and will make you feel like you are there grooving at Woodstock, all those years ago.

BONUS Tip: Where can you purchase these great value accessories for your groovy 1960s or 1970s outfit?

The Hippy Fancy Dress section of Fancy Dress UK has a wide range of 1960s and 1970s hippy fancy dress outfits and accessories to choose from. Have a look now - it's time to get groovy!

A Word Or Two About The Author

Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado who regularly writes for the popular UK Fancy Dress website.

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Rock Revival Jeans - Worth Checking Out

By Mark LeBreton

You really do have to give Rock Revival Jeans a lot of credit for hitting on a concept that fuses pop culture with the fashion industry. The jeans associated in this line of clothing draw their influence and inspiration from the classic rock and roll look of past decades. This, in turn, opens the door for some truly amazing fashions statements and looks one could present.

And these jeans are available for both men and women shoppers with the line designed for women being among the most unique on the market.

And these jeans can certainly be employed for any occasion. Do you want casual jeans for everyday wear? Or, perhaps, you need a pair of jeans that would look rather good while headed out for a night on the town. Either way, you will find that Rock Revival Jeans certainly deliver on expectations for any event. This means they can be employed effectively no matter where you are going or what you are doing or have in mind.

This is not to say the jeans lack a specific edge to them. They most certainly do. In a way, you could say that women's Rock Revival Jeans are known for their ability to capture the 'bad girl' image that was once popular in the realm of classic rock and roll.

There is even a homage of sorts to the gothic look of the late 1970s and early 1980s. This is achieved, however, with a touch of class and not the garish grunge look of the 1990s which would undermine the potential to look decent in such jeans. These are not faddish or gimmick oriented jeans and they certainly do not present a boorish retro look. These are solidly reliable jeans that allow you to capture and evoke a specific image that can certainly raise eyebrows and draw attention. And is that not was classic fashion apparel is supposed to do in the first place?

Different styles of rock can be pictured in these particular jeans. There is a different between 1980s hard rock and 1970s country rock. Such differences are present in the variety of jeans offered. And, once again, the look has also been tweaked with a modern edge which allows them to avoid the lame retro look other fashion brands deliver.

And, best of all, these jeans are quite affordable considering the value that they deliver. You need not feel you will be spending a ton of money to look good. These jeans can improve your appearance without hitting your fashion budget too hard.

Mark L. has helped many women decide on the best fitting jeans for their body type. Whether it's denim from Rock Revival Jeans or other designers, he'll know what's best for you. Get F-R-E-E guides, reviews and deals for women's designer jeans at Rock Revival Jeans.

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Vans Sneakers - Yesterday And Today

By Nick B LeBlanc

Who knew that a high school drop-out from Boston would start up one of the funkiest sneaker companies in America? After dropping out of school at 14, Paul Van Doren's mom made him get a job at Randy's, the local shoe factory. He worked there making shoes and sweeping factory floors. From there the story is just awesome!

Paul Van Doren literally made it from the bottom to the top at Randy's. With Paul as Executive Vice President, the factory had become the third largest manufacturer of shoes in the USA.

One of the Randy's factories was located in Gardenville, California, and it was losing money in a big way. Paul, his brother Jim and long time friend Gordon Lee were sent to California to turn the factory around. In only eight short months, they did it!

After that project was finished, Paul decided he would take on the challenge of starting a new sneaker brand. Paul, Jim and a business associate, Serge D'Elia, partnered up and moved to Southern California.

They set up shop in Anaheim in March '66, where the new Vans sneaker brand was to be made and sold. In the first morning, 12 people purchased Vans deck sneakers, now known as the Authentic. There were only samples, so the customers had to come back later in the day and pick them up. The shoes were made right in the store. That was the beginning!

In the '70s skateboarders took notice of Vans style and the trend was set. The Vans #95, known today as the Era, was designed by Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva. The Era has been the sneaker of choice for generations.

In '79, the Vans Slip-On was the real deal, worn by skateboarders and BMX riders across the country. In '82 Sean Penn put Vans on the map worldwide when he wore Vans Slip-Ons in the iconic youth film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". The rest is history!

You can find over 30 different styles and colors of men's and women's Vans sneakers at SoHo Sneaker Shop. Be sure to check out the cool new women's sneaker called the Wellesley Hi. Visit the website for a fun adventure and great buys. Take off, ride, skateboard, wear Vans!

Nick is the editor of SoHo Sneaker Shop and writes about sneaker fashion often discussing the trends with Vans sneakers and Alife sneakers.

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A Look Back on Nike's History

By Joshua Belden

Believe it or not, the Nike corporate empire started as a small distributing outfit located in Phil Knight's car trunk. From these very humble beginnings, Knight's brainchild grew and evolved to become the shoe and athletic firm that would come to define "coolness" and many aspects of popular culture.

Knight's search for a way to make a living without having to give up his love of athletics and Bill Bowerman's quest for lighter and durable racing shoes for his Oregon runners are the two main reasons why Nike was established.

In 1959, Phil Knight ran the track for University of Oregon where Bowerman coached. The seed of the most influential sporting company grew between them. Knight's marketing strategy was clearly influenced by Bowerman's desire for better quality running shoes.

This is how the story goes: Knight took a class with Frank Shalenberger while pursuing his MBA at Stanford in the early 60s. Constructing a small business with a marketing plan was the semester-long project. Knight incorporated the growing opinion that high-quality/low cost products could be manufactured in Japan and shipped to the U.S. for distribution with Bowerman's attention to quality running shoes. Through this, he has found his market niche. Shallenberger thought that the idea was no business jackpot, but definitely interesting. At that point, nothing came out of the project.

But in 1963, seeking a way to delay the inevitable call of professional life and filled with the wanderlust of young men, Phil knight went to Japan on a world tour. Out of nowhere, Knight set an appointment with Tiger - a Japanese running shoe manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Onitsuka Company.

Knight told the businessmen of his interest in their product by presenting himself as the representative of an American distributor interested in selling Tiger shoes to American runners. Just moments after being asked who he represented, Knight came up with the name, Blue Ribbon Sports. From there, a company was born. The Japanese executives liked what they heard and Knight's first order of Tiger shoes followed consequently.

Eight thousand dollars worth of Tigers has already been sold by 1964 and Knight placed an order for more. Coach Bowerman and Knight became partners and eventually ended up hiring a full time salesman named Jeff Johnson. In 1971, Knight and company devised the Nike name and trademark Swoosh after reaching $1 million in sales and riding the success wave.

Blue Ribbon Sports officially became Nike by the late '70s, and went from $10 million to $270 million in sales. Nike's success was through its placement within the matrix of the fitness revolution and was clearly described by Katz (1994): "the idea of exercise and game-playing ceased to be something the average American did for fun". Americans have considered working out as a signifier of cultural status. Obviously, the circumstances surrounding this shift are not this simple. That's why discovering other generators of popular attention to health is one of the purposes of this project.

If the fitness revolution was not started by Nike, Knight says, "We were at least right there. And we sure rode it for one hell of a ride" (Katz, 66). Nike grew even more during the 80s and 90s as the company began to assume market leadership and leave the old underdog status.

In 1996, Nike was named Marketer of the Year by "Advertising Age", citing the "ubiquitous swoosh ... was more recognized and coveted by consumers than any other sports brand - arguably any brand" (Jensen, 12/96). Nike's revenues reached a staggering $6.74 billion that same year. The company is projecting $8 billion sales in fiscal 1997, and has targeted $12 billion in sales by the year 2000. And it all started from the trunk of a car.

Joshua is a huge fan of Nike shoes. He has owned over 20 pairs and can attest to their quality and durability. His favorite pairs are Dunks, used for both skating and basketball. He has mastered the art of finding Nike Dunks Online. He even compiled a list of all Nike Dunks ever made.

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Platform Shoes Are 35 Years Old and Still Going Strong

By Donald Saunders

It is a well known fact that women love shoes and when it comes to their wardrobe it is a simple fact that more is better. Gone are the days when shoes were simply designed to support and protect your feet and today they are very much a fashion item. After all, what's the point of buying a stunning new outfit unless you buy a great new pair of shoes to go with it?

Now, as shoes have moved to become principally a fashion item, one big problem has developed and that is simply that many shoes now look great but they are not all that comfortable. Any woman knows the feeling of squeezing their feet into an uncomfortable pair of shoes simply because they look fantastic and make their legs look great too.

There is however one style of shoe which to a large extent addresses this problem and that is the platform shoe, which first came onto the scene in the middle of the 1970s and became an instant hit. Almost overnight they appeared at the fashion shows in Paris, top fashion magazines and major retail outlets. Within weeks they has filtered their way down and could be found in even the smallest of local village shoe shops.

Now most new styles are here today and gone tomorrow but this has certainly not been the case with platform shoes. True, they are certainly not as fashionable as they were in the 1970s, but women's love for the platform shoe lasted for a very long time and has never really died out. So why were they hugely popular for so long and remain a firm favorite with women more than 35 years after they were introduced?

Platform shoes are extremely comfortable and you can literally walk for miles in them without a problem. They are also an excellent 'all weather' form of fashion footwear which keeps your feet well up off the sidewalk and roadway so that you can tackle wet conditions with ease. This is also helped considerably by the sturdy sole which gives you non-slip traction.

Platform shoes have a gentle curve to the sole so that your toes are typically two or three inches off the ground and your heal is then raised four, five, six or more inches to provide that look which men find so attractive. The soles are also built for strength and hard wear so that they last for years without needing repair.
When it comes to the uppers the range of materials used is vast and you will find platforms in a huge range of styles. This means that platforms are perfect for every occasion and can be worn for a night out at a stylish restaurant or as beach sandals. They can also be worn with just about everything from a fabulous designer dress to your favorite pair of jeans.

In short, platform shoes are a classic and there should be a place in every woman's wardrobe for at least a pair or three. provides information on all types of sandals from black dress sandals to finding Teva sandals on sale

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Start Off the New Year With a New Look - Top 5 Raquel Welch Wigs

By Jason Ramsey

Many people start the New Year off with a few New Year's Resolutions. Some say they will lose a few pounds, while others seek to boost career success. If you're looking to recreate yourself in the New Year with a new look, Raquel Welch wigs may be your answer. With styles ranging from short and sassy to long and elegant, and nearly 20 different colors, you're bound to find the right new style for you. Below are a few of the 51 styles currently available.


Beautiful layers and tapered ends make the Action wig perfect for anyone looking for a short, glamorous look. Available in close to 20 colors, the monofilament Raquel Welch hair is the ultimate in natural lightweight comfort. The hair is hand knotted, one by one, so that you can brush it in the direction of your choice for easy parting and styling versatility.


One or our best-sellers, the Always wig from Raquel Welch's Free Form Collection creates a silhouette of long, luxurious layers that can be curled to create a full and fabulous look or ironed stick-straight for a completely different look. This wig uses Tru2Life™ synthetic Raquel Welch hair, which makes your styling options limitless, and just as with real hair, this soft, natural looking fiber can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools to create any style you want.

This product is one of many that uses Raquel's updated and patented Memory Cap® II technology that affords a lighter weight; thinner, resilient lace straps; and ultra-fine wefts for the absolute finest in comfort and style. With that, the Memory Cap™ collection includes a patented and exclusive Kanekalon Vibralite® fiber that simulates protein rich hair and a wide color selection that reflects the multi-dimensional colors requested in today's better salons. All Memory Cap™ wigs offer a cap with stretch lace that fit to the shape of your head.


A classic Celebrity Signature Raquel Welch wig, the Breeze uses soft wispy layers to create a care-free style that can be tousled and styled easily using wig cream or mousse. The wig's Memory Cap® makes it easy and comfortable to create a sassy shake-and-go look.


Glamour, part of Rachel's Memory Cap™ collection, has long layers that afford maximum softness to this straight silhouette that falls to mid-back. Sporting tapered bangs, all-over layers and a hint of a flip on the ends, this cut features precision crafted tapering for natural movement.


Knockout, part of the Raquel Welch Sheer Lines Human Hair wig line, offers a sexy, 70s retro silhouette with loads of long, all-over layers and a light, cool Sheer Indulgence Top for parting versatility. Only the finest quality human hair is used in these wigs, which are available in nearly 20 exclusive salon colors. And don't worry about styling or coloring; everything you can do to real, natural hair, including curling, perming, parting, blow drying and/or coloring, you can do with the Knockout.

Raquel Welch wigs are made with the latest advances in wig and hair extension technology and available at guarantees the lowest prices on these and thousands of other high premium and trusted hair pieces.

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Resurrecting a Vintage Ski Jacket

By Malcolm Pearson

Everything else is available in retro, why not a vintage ski jacket? Seems like retro is all the rage now. "That 70s Show" is still popular and reruns of Happy Days, The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch as well as tons of other old shows can still be found on TV. I'm sure our parents and grandparents never considered there would actually be vintage stores selling old appliances, furniture and clothing. Guess the saying is true that if you keep something long enough, it will come back in style!

If you would like a vintage ski jacket, you really don't have far to look. They are available all over the Internet, including Ebay. The sheer quantity of vintage ski jackets is staggering. You can get whatever style and color you would like, no problem. Do you like lots of stripes? No problem. How about clashing colors? No problem. And really, can we talk about vintage clothing or even consider buy any vintage clothing with thinking of bright orange? Not a problem at all. You will be able to find a bright orange vintage ski jacket without looking very far if you go online.

Some of the problems you may face if you would like to wear a vintage ski jacket is resurrecting the poly filling, dealing with lack of waterproofing, and durability. Of course it all depends on how you are going to use your vintage ski jacket. Some people just want the jacket to look cool, but not to ski with. Other people intend to use the vintage ski jacket for skiing.

If you just want to look good in your jacket, you really only have to resurrect the poly filling. The easiest trick will hopefully work for you. Take a tennis ball and put it in a clothes dryer with the jacket. Run it on the low cycle for about 30 minutes and see if that does the trick. Depending on how flat the poly filling is to begin with, this should work. If this does not work you may have to actually refill the jacket with new poly filling.

Other considerations when using vintage ski jackets for skiing is the waterproofing and wind resistance. You can pretty much bet that your vintage ski jacket is not going to have any waterproofing, but that's o.k. if your heart is set on wearing it. Make sure that you have a waterproofed windbreaker that you wear as a layer under the vintage jacket. This is not the ideal situation, but it will work for you.

The last thing I want to leave you with is the issue of durability. If you buy a vintage ski jacket that you love and don't want it to get ruined when you are skiing, then make sure the material is rugged enough to withstand a few tumbles in the snow. If you think the material may rip too easily, my advice to you is save it for times you are not skiing. After all you can still look great in your vintage ski jacket even if you are just sitting in the ski lodge.

Malcolm Pearson has invested many hours in discovering what is needed in the perfect women's clothing for skiing or snow. This knowledge he has offered for everybody to use and share in the website Visit the site to get further information, or to buy skiing or snow clothing.

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Graphic T's and hippies

If you are interested in updating your old taste for hippie couture into something modern, there are several things you can do with your 60’s and 70’s fashion pieces, to spare you an expensive trip to vintage shops. The first thing you want to do is consider your current fashion needs, and the quality of your dated pieces: if you work as an attorney, an updated but badly worn fabric may not be practical.

Select a few fabrics that coordinate well, and sew them together like a quilt, then follow an updated pattern to make something cute and quirky that any hippie would covet. A shift dress made of several different tie-dyed fabrics could have a fresh look that you would enjoy wearing to the beach, for example. If you have more leeway in your life to be as eccentric as a hippie of the 60’s, here’s a fun fashion idea that you could add to your ensemble:

Go to flea markets, talk to some hippie guy friends, and gather all of the skinny, colorful ties that you can find, then sew the top 20 inches together until you have a big enough piece of fabric to wrap around your hips and overlap. Then, you can sew the end two ties to a zipper and have a funky, hippie-chic skirt, or you can sew the skirt 30 inches down, so that the flaps don’t open too much when you’re walking.

There's nothing that says "70s-style" better than a vintage tee. From tie dyed, to bingo tees and even tee-shirts with 70's rock bands are hot commodities. Pick one up at a local flea market or vintage shop. You can even recreate a look with a newer tee that you tie dye.

Take your old pieces and re-create the fun and freedom you felt during the hippie reign with a few simple updating tactics. Your personal fashion has evolved, but you can use touches of the past, like a chunky 60’s necklace, to break free from an otherwise corporate look. Or, you can try your simple 70’s hairstyle to play-down a fancy evening dress.

Personal Styling - The Hippie Style

How can a person live and work amongst so much taupe and cream? After a full day in an office that is as blasé as the inside of a tissue box, a person wants to experience some personality at home.

If you are interested in warming up your living space to the familiar golden tie-dyed suns and band logos of eras past, there are online resources to give you ideas for personal styling, or shops where you can buy ready-made items that have a psychedelic design that would outshine any shade of taupe.

Websites like offer a variety of apparel and accessories for the latent hippie you have been ignoring for your 9-5 lifestyle, but they also carry an assortment of stickers that can be used to adapt your plain house wares into items even the Grateful Dead would have loved. Select the band logos, slogans, and designs you love, and then start applying them to the cover of your laptop, Christmas tree ornaments, and skate- or snowboards. Or, you could apply them to matting, and frame them for a finished touch.

One article of clothing that has transcended from the 70's to present-day that don't need stickers are t-shirts. From t-shirts with peace signs from the 70's to those with humorous sayings like, "Hey ladies, I liked the Notebook," or "bingo," wacky t-shirts are a trend that appear to be here to stay. Vintage tees are a hot commodity, especially with 70's bands like ZZ Top, Kansas and Styx.

If you're the creative type, online instructions are available free-of-charge for people who are interested in dying their own tapestries, or designs can be purchased at and other retailers. If you are not interested in hanging bold tapestries, beaded curtains can be used to decorate windows, or even a bare wall. Beaded curtains can be spray painted to match a wall, and simply add texture, or painted with tie dyed designs.

More eclectic designs that you could use in your home include a 60’s keychain wind chime, a goldfish bowl filled with vintage candies, and funky 60’s bowls used as light fixtures, or intentional candlewax drippings. Be creative, and your personal designs will keep your days inspiring, and your home a psychedelic conversation-starter.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Brief History of New Balance Athletic Shoes

By Limonly Jaughtone

New Balance is an American footwear company and the head company locates in Boston, Massachusetts. It started as the name of New Balance Arch Support Company and sold arch supports and other shoe accessories exclusively. As the specialized shoe design, New Balance began to expand in the 1970' s. Today this company has possessed the brands Dunham, Aravon, Warrior and Brine.

New Balance Arch Support Company was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley, a 33 year old English immigrant to the US. The original company then only provided some accessories designed for making people's shoes fit better. In 1934, Arthur Hall joined the company and took charge of New Balance's marketing strategy that was to advertise their products to people who needed to be standing for hours everyday for the jobs. Some sources show that most of New Balance company's primary customers at that time were police officers and waiters.

The first New Balance tennis shoe (called the "Trackster") was designed out by Riley' s daughter and son-in-law in 1961, however, New Balance did not gain much benefit until it switched hands to Jim Davis. In the US there was a jogging craze in the 1970s, and Boston was just at the epicenter of that storm.
In fact, New Balance had only six employees who manufactured roughly 30 pairs of shoes a day. Those specialty shoes were designed for customers with specific needs. Davis was greatly successful in expanding markets for the company. In very short time, New Balance athletic shoes had been in large demand in North America.

New Balance experienced much things in the last few decades. New factories were opened in England and later in China for the market expansion. There are some principles in New Balance First, New Balance must keep five factories in the US. The company also maintains that they do not need any celebrity spokesperson in advertisement. Most people look it as a consumer-friendly policy.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dress Like the Hippies With Bohemian Clothing

By Daniel Hansen

The Hippie movement in 1960s in America was originally a reaction against conformity and consumerism. This intellectual movement originally started in San Francisco, U.S.A., when thousands of teenagers dressed unconventionally (became anti-fashion) to catch attention and express themselves in their own unique way. They even call their movement the "summer of love." Now, the hippies are considered to be the modern day gypsies, travelers or wanderers.

Though the hippies dress unconventional, they surely made one of the biggest changes in fashion industry today. Hippies dress in Bohemian clothing by dumping sports jacket, coats and suits in favor of army coats and denim jackets.

Bohemian lifestyle is originally sprung ten years earlier than the Hippie generation. American writer Ernest Hemmingway embraced this lifestyle for its Beat generation of writers. Bohemian originally defines an artist like painters, writers, etc., who don't live in accordance to the conventions of the society. Bohemian clothing is usually made up of cotton for comfort and are bright in colors. There are no strict colors for this style of clothing. Any shades from the colors of the rainbow and even black and white will do.

Denim jackets popularized by some biggest names in clothing industry today owe so much from the Hippie movement as street fashion like wearing blue jeans became classic fashion style today. It even rose into its highest popularity when Hollywood celebrities begun to wear Bohemian clothing in red carpet occasions.

The good thing about Bohemian clothing is its affordability. Its clothes are sold in affordable prices simply because of its original purpose which is anti-consumerism, thus designer collection clothes are unnecessary for this type of clothing for it usually targets the masses. Also, you can never get wrong with a simple plane white shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Some Hollywood actors and actresses dress this way on the streets, and they still stand out from the crowd simply because they know how to carry themselves.

The secret of a good Bohemian outfit is finding the right combinations and feel confident to be able to carry yourself in the crowd.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retro Sunglasses - The Vintage Collection For the Stylish Few

By Sunny Richard

They say: 'History repeats itself!' The statement certainly holds true when it comes to fashion clothes and accessories. Retro sunglasses also share the same sentiment. If you take a look at the latest collection of designer sunglasses, rarely will you find a designer that hasn't contributed to the retro looks and style.

When we say retro looks, it means the fashion as prevalent from 60s till 80s. From loud to chic to absurd, all kinds of sunglasses that formed an integral part of the fashion world during the past eras are getting re-hashed and presented in a manner consistent with modern tastes and preferences. For some reason, the style icons of modern times are reinventing the retro fashion and giving the connoisseurs a dose of golden times.

One good thing about having retro sunglasses as your style statement is that you are getting the best of the past in a newer improved version. In other words, the shortcomings of the previous products are being taken care of and given a new lease of life. For instance, the past sunglasses were not as high on protection as they are today. The UV protection encapsulated in modern sunglasses with retro looks was not even imaginable in those times.

So, what does all this mean to an ordinary fashion follower? It simply means that they are being offered the best of the past with time-tested looks and design blended with the ultra modern features, like UV protection. Take for instance, the oversized sunshades proudly adorned by the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that gained cult status for the modern generation. Cut to the first decade of twenty first century. The same oversized design and style is being re-invented by every designer house with minor variations to produce fully protected ultra chic retro sunglasses that have a consistently high demand among connoisseurs.

However, be prepared to spend astonishing amounts of money if you wish to own this piece of luxury because every designer has put a mind-boggling price tag on their products. Cheap retro sunglasses can only be a dream if you want to stick to branded sunshades. But the same quality, design, looks, and luxury can be yours for a fraction of the branded price. If you just scale down your expectations and settle for replica retro sunglasses. With maximum UV protection, these cheap fashion accessories are easily available online.

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All of the Most Famous Shoe Styles

By Jayde Johannsen

When it comes to women's shoes there are some looks that never really go out of style. For the amateur shoe-buyer, or fanatic in the making, it is good to have an idea of what you are looking for by paying attention to some classic shoe styles. Starting with this guide will have you on your way to being a shoe connoisseur in no time!

With women's shoes the style most commonly heard is definitely the pump. What exactly a pump is may be a bit of a loose definition, but in short, the back of the shoe is closed, the front is low-cut, and they are above all, defined by a "high heel." The classic image of a women's formal shoe is defined by this shape.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are flats, or ballerina flats as they are sometimes called. With the basic look of a ballerina's slipper, these shoes have no heel, are typically closed at the toe, and are low-cut, or a lot of the top of the foot shows.

A bit less delicate than the previous two styles, clogs are women's shoes that are open at the back and closed at the front for easy slip-on usage. Clogs and mules are terms often used interchangeably; however, the clog traditionally has a platform style heel, and was traditionally made of wood.

Traditionally of Spanish origin, espadrilles are shoes which have woven or canvas fabric on the upper part of the shoe, and a sole woven of rope or grass.

French heels, of somewhat historic origin, can be traced back to King Louis XIV of France who stood at only 5 feet 3 inches height. His special style of shoe became a fashion trend, eventually landing firmly in women's-ware. These shoes are characterized by curved heels of medium height.

The name Huaraches once referred only to handmade, traditional sandals of Mexican origin, but today can cover any manner of leather or rubber construction which features a sturdy design and woven materials. These shoes are slip-on in style and noted for comfort and durability.

When a shoe has a kitten heel, this means the heel is low, usually 2 inches or less, and is located in the middle of the heel portion of the shoe.

A Mary Jane style shoe is characterized by the strap, usually a buckle that crossed over the top of the foot. The toe of a Mary Jane is generally rounded, and the heel is either flat or a bulky platform.

Oxford shoes are traditionally considered men's shoes, but any shoe that laces up and is formal in style can be considered an Oxford shoe.

When a small cut-out in the front of a shoe allows a bit of toe to show, it is known as a peep-toe shoe. This is different from an open-toe shoe that allows the majority of the toes to show.

Platform shoes, although commonly believed to be defined by the heel, are actually defined by the part of the sole under the toes. Any shoe with a bit of a boost given by a sole being the thickest under the sole is known as a platform shoe. Platform shoes were especially popular in the 1970s with both men and women.

When a shoe is referred to as a slide, it is a slip-on shoe that features open toes and open backs. Just below the toes the shoe will have a strap or straps designed to hold the shoe in place, however there are no toe or ankle straps on a true slide.

A sling-back shoe is any shoe that has a strap wrapping around the back of the heel or ankle, where the strap is connected to the sole of the shoe.

When a heel is said to be a stacked heel, the heel has a look which appears to be stacked pieces of wood or other material giving the height effect.

Stiletto heels have thin, pointy, spiky heels, and are characterized by height.

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