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VIDEO: A quick history about 1960s hippie fashion

Hi all,

Just found a brilliant little video of great people from the 1960s talking about the hippie fashions of the time. Featured are Grace Slick, Frank Zappa and Donna Karan.

The video is posted on Youtube by acidinurmind

Check it out, this is brilliant!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moon Boots - Irremovable Since 1969

By Charlotte J Wilson

There are some come-backs that are unmissable! The Moon Boot brand is certainly one of the top ten returns which has made its mark this year.

After having fallen bit by bit into obscurity since their success in the 1970's, Moon Boots make their counter attack. Helped by the mark of the big labels, they are establishing themselves amongst the trends for 2010.

Very fashionable

Who would have thought that these boots, originally meant for the slopes, would one day be at the height of fashion? Certainly not their Italian 'papa' Giancarlo Zanatta, the creator of the Tecnica Moon Boots brand, which was inspired by the shoes that Neil Armstrong and his team-mate wore when they made their first steps on the moon. Bowled over by this historic event, Zanatta takes inspiration from the futuristic look of the two astronauts to create a boot made for wearing apr├Ęs-ski. That's where the name comes from!

Warm, comfortable, and very practical for putting on because they don't distinguish between left and right, the boots went on to win over a very wide public in the 1970's after their first release, before falling into obscurity. But it was without counting on this year's burgeoning trend! The fashionista is fed up with having frozen toes under pretext that it looks good: They want to associate comfort with aesthetics. And hence the "quasi-heroic" return of the Moon Boots amongst the trends of this winter.

Customised by designers

Hearing the cries of the fashion-follower in distress, the brand has gone all out to get back into the spotlight: Creation of new designs for its styles are now more modern and more trendy. The big designers and luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and even Celine have now customised Moon Boots, with appearances amongst the new ranges from these designers and limited series... The apres-ski (after-skiing) brand has now become without any doubt one of the greats. Fashionable from now on, we see the Moon Boot as much on the slopes as on the street.

The star of ski resorts

Do you plan to spend a week in the Italian Alps? Because you're not going to wear ski shoes all day long, bring a pair of comfy Moon Boots with you, and enjoy the delicious moment where you remove your ski shoes and put them on. Waterproof, warm and definitely fashionable, wear the original ones and enjoy your stay in the snowy mountains.

Charlotte Wilson has been writing for retailers within the fashion industry, such as online shoes retailer Sarenza UK, for over 10 years. To view a range of online shoes including Moon Boots, visit the website at

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Amazing Fashion Made from Flowers and Plants

When the evil snake said bad things to Eve, what did she do? She went for some plant fashion. Creating fashionable clothing from plants and flowers is as old as humankind; at least, it is as old as people who started wearing clothes. Even now, if you go and see aboriginal people, you will see people wearing dried grass leaves strapped to a belt around their loins, and women using them for upper clothing.

Ancient Egyptians used clothing made from plant fibers, while cotton clothing has been found in the relics of the most ancient civilizations. Silk, although not strictly plant fiber clothing, has been used in China and India since ancient times. Directly or indirectly, almost all clothing depends on the plant world.

In the second session of Project Runway, which is a reality TV show hosted by actress Heidi Klum, the contestants were asked to design fashion clothes from plants and flowers. Chloe Dao was the winning designer, and she received $100,000 for starting her own designer clothing line.

Another major figure in the designer world, Nicole Dextras, makes fashionable clothing out of live plants and flowers. Her designer line of ‘ephemeral clothing’ is called Weedrobes, which is aimed at showing our relationship to nature. The eco-friendly clothing is made from plants, and they are designed to bring into question our ideas of geopolitics, society and sexuality. Dextras is a theatre designer, and she likes to create clothing that is based on the psychological profile of a person, or is aimed towards creating a certain psyche.

In this year’s New York Fashion show too, a number of designers made a fashion statement by introducing organic clothing in large numbers. For example, designer Samantha Pleet had clothing made out of organic wool, silk, and other recycled material, and this made a bold statement of eco friendliness. This is good in 2010, a year that has been declared as the Year of Biodiversity by the UN. Celebrities are taking to this in a large number; even Jason Mraz’s suit at the Grammy awards this year was made out of recycled material.

It is just not about clothes this year; fashion accessories too are being made out of natural plants. Did you know that the fur stole from Tara Booth Mooney that made such a hit this year was made out of live moss? This will make the nature lover feel good, because no animal had been killed to make the stole. Even such things as shoes are being made in walnut wood, and organic cotton, linen, flower seeds, cork and hemp. This piece of eco friendly, non-animal shoes comes from Carmel Walsh, the well known designer.

If you want to join the bandwagon of eco friendly, plant based clothing, look around at special organic clothing stores that design clothing using herbal products. These are not fancy clothing, but actual, real world clothing that you could wear to your office.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swinging Into Spring Sixties Style

This spring’s hottest fashion craze is a blast from the past. To state that it’s hot would be an understatement. Love them or hate them, hot pants are back! Once more these shortest of all shorts will be baring all of those thighs and even a smidgen of buttock if you dare.

Some people mistakenly believe that short shorts had their origin with the legendary cut-off jeans sported by one, Daisy Duke, on the long-lost television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. Daisy, however, had simply created a hillbilly adaptation of the original and, oh-so-cool, hot pants that we wore to shock our parents and mortify our grandparents back in the late sixties. Hot pants are hot once more, and again they beg the fashion query, how short is too short?

Long before most of you fashion divas who are already rushing out to a nearby boutique to pay serious amounts of money for these very, short little shorts, were born, I was cool. Yes. I know. It is hard for me to believe it, too. My favorite hot pants were shocking pink in a soft, almost velvety, brushed denim. The only good news about my first hot pants is that I wore them "BC" – before childbearing. Okay.

If you’ve got great legs and a tight butt, maybe you can dare to bare your upper thighs, and even bend over, only slightly, to make the style work. If, however, you’ve long since felt the pull of gravity on your derriere, you’d better leave this fashion fad to harder bodies.

Still, this is not some sort of whim of the moment fashion craze. Several top designers featured short "hot pants" in a myriad of interesting interpretations in their shows last fall and we are now seeing them being sported by models in magazines, actresses on location and, of course, mannequins at shops.

Of all the styles I like the "jeans" tradition best. This look, with back pockets and a zip-fly, tends to be a bit more classically groovy. Others, such as the puffy looking "harem hot pants" that seem to be worn with an equally silly looking top, would require a runway model’s body and her sheer nerve to be seen in.

Other "hot" in looks include one of my personal favorites making a return for another spring and summer run, the "maxi dress". Several of these are following the skin revealing trend set by hot pants and, as such, sport slits up to mid and upper thigh. Cool cottons in soft crinkles, some adorned with beads or other fancy needlework are perfect for a day at the beach or a night at a poolside party.

Today we have a better way to bronze all of this naked skin we’ll be showing off in the spring’s retro-looks. It’s a lifesaver that we didn’t have when I was wearing hot pants. Say no to skin cancer and premature aging, and do your skin a favor. Get your tan from a spray booth or other all-natural self-tanning product. Safer than the sun’s damaging rays, today’s self-tanners and spray tans are a lot better than my alternatives.

We had to choose between sunburns and that stuff that turned you orange! So, be cool and wear the hot pants and the slit skirts. Show them a little or a lot of leg, all bronzed by the fake sun, and have fun. Who knows how many decades it will be before a fad this daring comes along again?

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Life of Gianni Versace

By Jason J Thompson

Gianni Versace became one of the world's leading fashion designers during his relatively brief life. He was born in Italy on the 2nd of December, 1946 to parents, Antonio and Francesca. There were 2 other children, Versace's sister Donatella and his brother, Santo.

Versace would talk of spending time with his mother who had a small dressmaking shop and clothing store. His interest in fashion and clothes began at an early age as he helped in the shop and admired the lovely clothing that was being created by his mother for her customers.

Years later Gianni Versace would talk about how he realized early in life that his destiny would be in the world of fashion. His surrounding landscape included many of the ancient ruins from the Greek and Roman eras, and this too would influence Versace's fashion aesthetic.

As a young teen Versace thoroughly enjoyed listening to music and dabbling in art while he studied for a career in architectural drafting. All of these pursuits would play a part in the clothing designs that he would create in future years.

Versace started as a buyer for his mother when he was only 18. This led to his attending fashion shows by some of the best design houses and at the age of 22 his sense of style and fashion was impressive enough to compel a local businessman to hire Gianni to personally design a clothing collection. This 1st collection of Gianni Versace original designs were quite good and soon the top Italian models were traveling to the south of Italy to take part in fashionable runway events at the store owned by Francesca Versace.

In 1972 word of Versace had reached Milan designers and was asked to create a collection of summer clothing for the Florentine Flowers label. Although he had little time to complete this "rush" job Versace designed a collection that sold so well he received a bonus and was asked to stay and work on collections for the fall and winter.

Versace was a break out star in the ready to wear fashion industry that was just beginning to develop and it would not be long before his talents would take him to the top. In the 70's Versace was creating knitwear marketed under the Complice label, and he broke rank with other designers to debut an "all leather" clothing line.

Gianni Versace was quick to realize that clothing designs needed to reflect the identity of the designer and he was just as quick to capitalize on this revelation. In the late 70's his brother and sister joined him as business associates. Versace remained an independent clothing line even while many other designers were merging with other companies.

Versace's many clothing innovations and designs included the dresses that were made from metallic mesh and the bonding of rubber and leather using laser technology. Versace was all about elegance, daring, creativity and risk taking when it came to his designs. His stage costumes for film stars, musical entertainers and opera performers would boost his career into overdrive. Elton John was a loyal Versace fan and commissioned the designer to create costumes for him to wear during world tours.

Throughout the 80s and 90s the genius and imagination of Gianni Versace continued to drive the world of fashion. His empire would even expand to include automotives, bed linens, sunglasses, fragrances and many other products.

Versace became one of the richest and most well known men in the world with homes in Miami Beach, Lake Como and Milan. Then everything ended with gunshots when Andrew Cunanan traveled to Miami Beach, Florida and killed Gianni Versace as the designer stood just a short distance from his front door.

Jason Thompson writes for, specialising in Dolce And Gabbana sunglasses and other popular brands.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Dress Retro 1960s: 1960s Retro Men's Styles

Hi readers,

The following video explains an interesting theory about 1960s men's fashions. The argument is that 1960s men's fashion paralleled women's fashion in this era. Learn men's clothing fads in the 1960s from a retro fashion specialist in this free fashion video.

Expert: Maia Kushick
Bio: Maia Kushick has written about fashion and related topics in the northeasts largest daily college newspaper, "The Daily Collegian".
Filmmaker: David Pakman

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Epitome of Men's Fashion - Bond, James Bond

By Greg Glander

I get to have some fun here. If you'll indulge me a bit for I'm a huge fan of the cool, sophisticated style that is the world of James Bond. Not only did Bond set the stage for stylish menswear starting back in the early 60's, but continued being synonymous with bespoke men's fashion over the years and into the present day. He would make a perfect subject to cover the history of men's fashion, the designers of Europe and the States, the locations they made famous, and the persona they created. Who could possibly argue with, "the clothes make the man"?

Elegance, style, cool and debonair are qualities Bond epitomizes all at the same time. 007 undeniably personifies all that, but no one can tell me that those qualities aren't reinforced by the clothes he wears. The clothes you wear not only tells a lot about you, but updating and wearing nice clothes elevates your state of mind, confidence, and gives you a whole different feeling.

When wearing stylish, bespoke suits, is it any wonder he can so comfortably mingle in the most luxurious resort hotel - casinos in Europe, join any Bacarat table surrounded by high society strangers and say "My name is Bond, James Bond", while nonchalantly lighting a cigarette? Oh, yea, I guess it doesn't hurt having a license to kill as well.


In Dr. No, Felix Leiter meets Bond for the first time, after a brief scuffle, and asks "where were you measured for this?" holding 007's Walther PPK at him. Bond smartly replies,"my tailor, Savile Row", straightening his jacket. In the 60's it was thought Sean Connery's suits were made on London's well known Savile Row. And it would have been the only location befitting Britain's most renowned and suave MI6 agent. The short, "golden mile of tailoring", is known for being visited by heads of government (Winston Churchill), royalty, celebrities, and top businessmen for bespoke tailoring.

On the contrary, film director Terrance Young had Sean go to his personal tailor, Anthony Sinclair of Conduit Street (which sits at the end of Savile Row). That only stood to reason. Young was said by those close to him and who worked with him to personify all the Bond-type qualities in real life. One producer said Terrance actually could have been Bond as he was a man of great style himself. He wore great clothes, frequently threw great parties, always had the best champagne, admired by everyone, and had the essence of sophistication about him.That was his style. Terrance worked closely with Sean on the walk and style for the Bond character.


Armani? Brioni? Versace? Can you guess?

Ok. Lindy Hemming, costume designer from Pierce Brosnan's Bond to Daniel Craig's Bond eventually chose Brioni. I'll concede most Bond fans already know that 007 wore Brioni at one time. Other European designers were in consideration, among them being Armani. Some things have to be factored in. A large amount of suits have to be made due to the multitude of stuntmen, stand-ins, and extras that are on the set. Not to mention Bond goes through a lot of these suits himself. A particular designer who's factory can tailor make them, and quickly, is what is needed. That as opposed to going back to Savile Row where the smaller tailor's stores typically take several weeks just to make one suit. A non-starter for Bond these days.

In Quantum of Solace, Bond wears clothes by Tom Ford, formerly of Gucci. After leaving Gucci in 2004, he formed Tom Ford International. It's reported Daniel Craig went through and ruined around 40 bespoke suits. He told the British press, "It really is a crime. It makes me weep every time. They're great suits".

Ford did a black Cardigan and a grey coat for Bond as well that were available at his retail stores. In Italy, Bond boats across the channel to Talamone to see his ally Mathis for help. It's a beautiful sunny day and he's sporting sunglasses also by Ford. Even when on the run, after the villains - and from M trying to reign him in, Bond knows how to dress. Now that's style!

Additional designers 007 turns to are:

Churches Ryder III and Churches Phillip
John Lobb Luffield and Romsey

Turnbull and Assser

Ballantyne Cashmere

S.T. Dupont

Pursol 2720, 2244, 2672
Calvin Klein


Alright, as you can tell, I'm totally a fan of Connery and Craig. As for the near future, I'm excited to say I saw that 007 (Craig), will be back in 2011. I can't wait to see the look and style created for this next one. I certainly hope they continue with what they did in Casino Royale and Quantum. I loved the suits, ties, the colors, everything. Oh, and of course Bond will have to be driving the latest Aston Martin DBS. These days, even a BMW just wouldn't get it.

Can I say though I was horrified to watch the opening scene of Quantum Of Solace. I'm sorry, movie or not, you don't take automotive works of art, Aston Martin DBS and an Alfa Romeo, and demolish them like that (yes the crew affirmed they were the real cars). Ripping the door off the Aston, driving the Alfa over the cliff for real, my thoughts were exactly the same as Bond's when a beautiful woman gave her name as, Pussy Galore ... "I must be dreaming".

I'm the author and owner of shorter men's fashion website. It's a source for men's suit and fashion info, articles, tips, and news for shorter men. It includes a Fitting Series providing tips on sizing parts of the suit for a proper fit.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is Mod Style Clothing?

By Ashlee L

A lot of you may wonder this as you search the internet for the cute, unique, trendy clothes that we all so desperately want. And thus, I will now give you my take on mod clothes.

"Mod" was a 1960's subculture, or counterculture, just as "punk" style, or the "scene" style is nowadays. Short for modern, the term was usually used to refer to anything that was popular, fashionable or, you guessed it ... modern!!! This is similar to how nowadays we refer to the terms "emo's" or "scene kids" for those unique fashionistas who mix the alternative style or Japanese street style together to create their own unique style of clothing.

Typically, as in any other subculture, mods were rebellious and went against the grain. The mod style completely lost it's appeal when it became commercialized, derived, and fake; just as trends usually go. The big clothing companies were now trying to make new mod style clothing, thus the allure of individuality was gone (mass produced "indie" clothing should ring a bell here ... a large company cannot provide "indie" clothing as "indie" means "independent").

Females in the mod scene usually dressed somewhat andgrogynously, with tailored trousers or dress pants, flats, and cool makeup. Think twiggy; the light foundation and bold, stunning eyes. Who doesn't love dark liner and false lashes? The mod clothing style is usually made up of bold prints, geometric patterns, and bright colors. Teeny tiny miniskirts, mini shift dresses, a-line skirts, and chunky patent leather boots are a must have for any mod fashionista.

Ashlee L is part of an indie clothing store located in Portland, OR, specializing in mod indie clothing from both indie designers and local artists. Eclectica Clothing strives to provide the freshest looks at prices that won't make your pockets bleed.

To keep up with Ashlee's unique take on style, you can visit the Eclectica Clothing Blog for advice on indie outfits, mod style clothing, and great makeup.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing Groovier Than Love Beads: Then and Now!

I am happy to see the idea of stringing beads is back in fashion once more. I remember the advent of “love beads” when the idea came around the first time. As teenagers in the sixties, we would get together at a friends house and string colored beads for ourselves or to share with special friends and boyfriends while singing along with Janis Joplin.

Some of us took our beading a step further and used them to adorn our favorite jeans. Those would have been the ones with the patched knees and ragged hems that we wore anywhere we went that it was imperative we look our coolest.

Today’s beading craze may be a bit more sophisticated and the products might look more like they were produced by a jeweler than a teenager, but they are still being strung at home by amateurs. Though most beading suppliers cater to slightly older market, you have to remember that those “slightly older folks” might be just like me, ex-hippies who are looking at the beads and reminiscing.

Beading has become a sort of cult hobby. I visit hobby shops frequently and over the last couple of years I have seen the beading supply sections go from a half of an aisle to half of the store. In fact, I think they may be creeping up quickly on the ultra-trendy scrap-booking fad and vying for the title of top hobby in the USA. But, you better not quote me on that, because it is simply an opinion, not the result of a scientific poll (plus some of those scrap-bookers can be pretty feisty about their hobby!). Still, from the racks and walls of beads I see in the hobby shops to the array of beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets I see not only in shop windows, but being worn by women of all ages, I cannot help but wonder if some nostalgic love-bead stringer came up with this new beading craze.

Since we all know that what goes around comes back around, I am probably not alone in noticing that more and more younger women are carrying beaded hand-bags, wearing bead decorated jackets and jeans, and I even see a beaded headband now and then. The ragged jean look that took us years of “breaking them in”, is available at most fine boutiques for outrageous prices. It’s all coming back. Love beads, raggedy jeans, tie-die tees are all in vogue, along with the Doors and the Who. I just hope we can skip some of the less desirable fashion fads of the sixties like going braless in a tee. After you reach my age, that mental image becomes very scary.

If you are interested in learning more about beading, you’ll find lots of informative books, regular magazines and the ever helpful sales clerk at the hobby shop are all waiting to provide you with information on how to get started. Many hobby and craft shops offer classes, too. Though today’s bead stringers tend to stick with fashionably coordinated colors for their necklaces, you can still go psychedelic with yours and remember to make some to share with those you love. After all, that’s what “love beads” are all about.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Platform Boots - A True Fashion Staple

By Sunny Panders

Platform boots have come in and out of style several times over the past decades, and right now they are in. This style of boot has gone through a lot of evolutions and is not far from their derivative platform shoes, but they have a distinct style to them that can go with a variety of outfits that makes them perfect for any wardrobe.

Any type of platform footwear fits more within the casual spectrum of fashion. Flat shoes and heels are more formal, while platform styles are better worn on nights on the town or out and about. Platform boots almost always sit firmly within this category, which makes them popular among the 20's and teenage crowds. The fact that they add height is a plus, but they are a definite fashion statement - take those factors combined with the wide variety of colors can be found and you have a popular style of boot.

More often than not, platform boots have rounded toes as opposed to pointed or squared. This goes well with the playfulness of the style, and again boosts its popularity with the younger crowd. Certain styles may have squared toes, but finding those that are pointed is nearly impossible. Because of the overall bulkiness of platform shoes, pointed toes simply do not work well with the rest of the style.

Often these types of boots go up to the knee, but some styles are calf-height. Even rarer are those that are ankle-height, but some designers do make them that way. Getting a good idea of the differences between height is best done at a shoe store, so you can get an idea of which will work best with the types of outfits you wear most often as well as which type is most comfortable. While it may seem like a good idea to simply shop online and guess, if you have never worn this type of boot before then you may be in for a surprise when they arrive and end up being uncomfortable. It is a safer bet to look for styles in stores and try them on, then see if you can find that exact brand and style online for less.

Because this style of boot is a sort of throwback to the 1970's, often the colors they are found in are bright and loud. This is not always the case, but you may find that there are more that are brightly colored than otherwise. This is yet another reason that younger people like them - though it should be noted that finding them in black is also relatively easy. Platform boots are not a fashion staple, but they do have their unique place in the world of fashion. While they may not be for everyone, they are the number one choice for some.
Platform boot styles are greatly varied. Platform boots go great with the right outfit.

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