Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moon Boots - Irremovable Since 1969

By Charlotte J Wilson

There are some come-backs that are unmissable! The Moon Boot brand is certainly one of the top ten returns which has made its mark this year.

After having fallen bit by bit into obscurity since their success in the 1970's, Moon Boots make their counter attack. Helped by the mark of the big labels, they are establishing themselves amongst the trends for 2010.

Very fashionable

Who would have thought that these boots, originally meant for the slopes, would one day be at the height of fashion? Certainly not their Italian 'papa' Giancarlo Zanatta, the creator of the Tecnica Moon Boots brand, which was inspired by the shoes that Neil Armstrong and his team-mate wore when they made their first steps on the moon. Bowled over by this historic event, Zanatta takes inspiration from the futuristic look of the two astronauts to create a boot made for wearing apr├Ęs-ski. That's where the name comes from!

Warm, comfortable, and very practical for putting on because they don't distinguish between left and right, the boots went on to win over a very wide public in the 1970's after their first release, before falling into obscurity. But it was without counting on this year's burgeoning trend! The fashionista is fed up with having frozen toes under pretext that it looks good: They want to associate comfort with aesthetics. And hence the "quasi-heroic" return of the Moon Boots amongst the trends of this winter.

Customised by designers

Hearing the cries of the fashion-follower in distress, the brand has gone all out to get back into the spotlight: Creation of new designs for its styles are now more modern and more trendy. The big designers and luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and even Celine have now customised Moon Boots, with appearances amongst the new ranges from these designers and limited series... The apres-ski (after-skiing) brand has now become without any doubt one of the greats. Fashionable from now on, we see the Moon Boot as much on the slopes as on the street.

The star of ski resorts

Do you plan to spend a week in the Italian Alps? Because you're not going to wear ski shoes all day long, bring a pair of comfy Moon Boots with you, and enjoy the delicious moment where you remove your ski shoes and put them on. Waterproof, warm and definitely fashionable, wear the original ones and enjoy your stay in the snowy mountains.

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