Thursday, March 4, 2010

Platform Boots - A True Fashion Staple

By Sunny Panders

Platform boots have come in and out of style several times over the past decades, and right now they are in. This style of boot has gone through a lot of evolutions and is not far from their derivative platform shoes, but they have a distinct style to them that can go with a variety of outfits that makes them perfect for any wardrobe.

Any type of platform footwear fits more within the casual spectrum of fashion. Flat shoes and heels are more formal, while platform styles are better worn on nights on the town or out and about. Platform boots almost always sit firmly within this category, which makes them popular among the 20's and teenage crowds. The fact that they add height is a plus, but they are a definite fashion statement - take those factors combined with the wide variety of colors can be found and you have a popular style of boot.

More often than not, platform boots have rounded toes as opposed to pointed or squared. This goes well with the playfulness of the style, and again boosts its popularity with the younger crowd. Certain styles may have squared toes, but finding those that are pointed is nearly impossible. Because of the overall bulkiness of platform shoes, pointed toes simply do not work well with the rest of the style.

Often these types of boots go up to the knee, but some styles are calf-height. Even rarer are those that are ankle-height, but some designers do make them that way. Getting a good idea of the differences between height is best done at a shoe store, so you can get an idea of which will work best with the types of outfits you wear most often as well as which type is most comfortable. While it may seem like a good idea to simply shop online and guess, if you have never worn this type of boot before then you may be in for a surprise when they arrive and end up being uncomfortable. It is a safer bet to look for styles in stores and try them on, then see if you can find that exact brand and style online for less.

Because this style of boot is a sort of throwback to the 1970's, often the colors they are found in are bright and loud. This is not always the case, but you may find that there are more that are brightly colored than otherwise. This is yet another reason that younger people like them - though it should be noted that finding them in black is also relatively easy. Platform boots are not a fashion staple, but they do have their unique place in the world of fashion. While they may not be for everyone, they are the number one choice for some.
Platform boot styles are greatly varied. Platform boots go great with the right outfit.

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