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Organic Clothing - Why Buy And Wear It?

organic style?Image by detritus via FlickrBy Linda Courtney

Organic textiles are made using raw natural fibers that are grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or growth regulators. Growing these natural fibers is only part of what makes these textiles organic.  The other part is in the manufacturing process. Toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing non-organic clothing. Those chemicals include those that make a fabric fire retardant, stain resistant, moth resistant or wrinkle-free.

Organic clothing will not have any of these chemicals or properties but they will be healthier for you and the environment. Employees of companies that make organic clothing will also make a fair wage for their labors as well as not being exposed to all those chemicals--some of which are known to cause certain cancers.

Organic cotton plants are known to produce cotton fibers that are stronger and more durable. The material also feels softer and more breathable against the skin. There are other fabrics that are healthy for people and the environment too. Hemp is considered the most environmentally friendly crop because it actually improves the condition of the soil. Growing hemp does not require any herbicides or pesticides as it is naturally resistant to fungus and insects.

Hot new fashion designers as well as old are starting to pick up on the trend of organic eco-friendly clothing which is bringing it into the spotlight. Gretchen Jones, a recent Project Runway winner, designed all her fashions in an eco-friendly way. Functional and economical beat out the fashionable and trendy in this show. Instances like this will create even more awareness about the damages to people and the environment that fabrics made the chemical way can cause.

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