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Simply Coco - How One Woman Changed the Fashion Industry Forever

By Sara Buttar

Deep in the countryside of Saumur France, August 19, 1883 bore the birth of a baby girl given the name Gabrielle Chasnel. As the illegitimate daughter of a forsaken romance between an aspiring seamstress and a nomad, Gabrielle would grow up ashamed of her family and later lead her life in denial of her past. Still against all odds, she would become a legend; one who would eventually be known to the world as Coco Chanel.

As an integrative fashion designer, Coco single-handedly launched what is now considered to be one of the world's most recognized brand names: Chanel. Named after her adopted surname, the company which first began in a small French village nearly 100 years ago is now worth an estimated 11.8 billion dollars.

How exactly did Coco Chanel accomplish such a rags-to-riches fairytale? Her journey was not a simple one.

Gabrielle Chasnel began her life as the second child of Jeanne Devolle and Albert Chanel, a young and unwed couple searching for independence and identity. When Gabrielle was born, her birth was recorded by two illiterate employees of a local hospice. The workers were not sure of how to spell 'Chanel', prompting them to improvise and spell her surname incorrectly as 'Chasnel' on the birth certificate.

Later as an adult, Gabrielle would refuse to correct this mistake in fear that the truth of her illegitimacy would become public. The Chanel family struggled financially during Gabrielle's childhood, with Albert and Jeanne often sacrificing their own food to feed their children. By the time Gabrielle was 12 years old, she had 4 siblings in total. Despite having relatively close relationships with her family now, Gabrielle would later insist that she was an only child, and pay her real siblings off as a way to prevent public humiliation from the truth about her real family. Her father left early in 1895 that year to expedite across Europe, leaving Jeanne alone to support their 5 children. The combination of loneliness and stress led Jeanne to face a series of medical problems. Her health matters only became worse over the years, and she eventually died from tuberculosis in the winter of 1895.

Gabrielle's father returned for a short while, but soon left again in hopes of saving up money to raise his family. Because of his absence, the Chanel children were divided to stay with extended family and orphanages. Gabrielle, along with her older sister were sent to an orphanage. Since they had no money, the girls stayed at the home for free. Still, this was in no way considered a privilege. The nuns or "aunts" as they were referred to at the Catholic-based home were extremely cruel to the Chanel sisters in particular, and often singled them out for being 'charity cases'. To 'earn her keep', Gabrielle was forced to became a seamstress. Though assured that her stay there was temporary, Albert never returned to his family.

Gabrielle remained in the orphanage, visiting her other relatives only during school vacations. On the occasions that she did visit, various female family members adamantly taught Gabrielle techniques to improve her sewing. At the age of 18, Gabrielle left the orphanage and began working for a local tailor. Despite talking freely about her experience at the orphanage, and explaining in meticulous detail the abuse in which she encountered from the 'aunts', Gabrielle later insisted that she was more than thankful for her upbringing.

She once told a French newspaper that "I've been ungrateful toward the odious aunts. I owe them everything. A child in revolt becomes a person with armor and strength. It's the kisses, caresses, teachers, and vitamins that ... turn [children] into unhappy or sickly adults. It's the mean and nasty aunts who create winners ... under nastiness looms strength, and a passion for grandeur." Still, Coco frequently contradicted herself, blaming the aunts for her all her inferiorities. This irregularity from her interviews led many to question her honesty in later years.

The first decade of the 1900's not only brought the fresh start of a new century, but also many personal changes for Gabrielle. After adopting the name Coco during a brief stint as a café singer from 1905-1908, Gabrielle met and began an affair with a man she was introduced to while working at a tailoring shop: a French playboy and millionaire, Etienne Balsan.

Gabrielle, hereafter referred to as simply 'Coco', quickly turned into a member of an accustomed high-class society. Life became a materialistic game in which Coco thrived to have more riches than anyone else. Balsan endowed Coco with splendors of the rich life, including diamonds, dresses, and pearls. During her time spent living with Balsan, Coco took on the hobby of designing hats for herself. Soon, this frivolous pastime became a much more profound talent and captured the interest of the budding designer.

In 1907, Coco opened up her first shop which offered a range of chic raincoats and jackets for a generous cost. Coco later confessed that the shop was in fact Balsan's lavish Paris apartment, and that she had taken it over after leaving him the prior year. Though the fashionable boutique was located in the center of thriving Paris, France, the store was not as prosperous as Coco had hoped. She was requested to surrender the property in early 1908. Still, the lack of success from her shop failed to disappoint or discourage Coco; it only made her more determined.

On a chance occasion prior to World War I, Coco reconnected with Etienne Balsan's former best friend, Arthur "Boy" Capel, a wealthy English polo player who Coco later referred to "the only love" of her life. The two soon began a madly passionate relationship that lasted from 1909 until 1918, though Capel was never completely faithful to Coco. Still, Arthur had a lasting impression on the styles of Coco, and his abundance of money helped her to gather enough resources to open another shop. With his support, Coco eventually gained access to a desirable property and financial assistance to open her second millinery shop in Brittany, France.

This time Coco experienced much more success than she did with her previous shop. Impressive clientele at Chanel's shops, including famed American diplomats and renowned French actresses helped to build her notable reputation. In the middle of 1913, Coco opened her third and largest boutique in Deauville, featuring original women's sportswear. This was a huge change from the common corsets that most women opted to wear to impress their husbands. A preferred location helped this shop become more profitable than the others; most women in Deauville during the World War I era were coming to realize that women should dress for themselves instead of their men. The wardrobe in which Chanel offered seemed captivating and liberating to women of this time.

Nonetheless, Capel's influence played a huge role in deciding what fashions Coco would choose to style and sell. For example, the design of Arthur's favorite blazers inspired Coco to incorporate a squared, masculine touch on classic suit designs. These styles still remain a staple part of the Chanel wardrobe. Coco and Arthur's affair lasted for many years. Though Capel married Diana Wyndham, an honorable English aristocrat in late 1918, he still remained close to Coco. Later in her life, Chanel listed Capel's fatal car accident in late 1919 the "single most devastating event" in her life. Many believe that the tragic loss of her great love was the sole reason why Chanel never married.

In the year preceding Capel's death, world ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev introduced a distraught Coco to famed composer Igor Stravinsky. Aside from consoling Coco's broken heart, Sergei became a close friend and supposed companion. Chanel offered Diaghilev and his family to reside with her in her French estate. During the time in which this temporary abide took place is when it was rumored that the two had an affair.

Two years after her so called 'illicit affair' with Diaghilev ended, Coco introduced a new product: a perfume, called Chanel No. 5. The new fragrance quickly became, and remains one of the most lucrative products of the Chanel empire. A man named Pierre Wertheimer was announced Coco's partner in the perfume portion of the business in 1924. It was also speculated that Wertheimer may have been yet another one of the many lovers Coco had in her lifetime. Still, Wertheimer remained a close confidant and his family continues to control Chanel's perfume company today.

In 1923, Coco told Harper's Bazaar magazine that "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance". Chanel applied this statement to each and every feature of her company. The clothing she designed was always ensured to be simple, comfortable, and revealing. One of Coco's greatest talents was the art of upgrading fabrics that were considered 'poor', such as jersey. Coco was also extremely influential in helping design the iconic 1920's flapper: young women who strutted around with sleek hair and flat chests, publicly applying their makeup and smoking with long cigarette holders.

In 1925, a woman named Vera Bate Lombardi became Chanel's official public relations liaison to several European royal families. Lombardi was reported to have had the highest correlations to build the House of Chanel. Interestingly enough, it was Lombardi's personality whom Coco established her English Look based upon. Lombardi introduced Coco to her aristocratic family members, including her uncle, the Duke of Westminster and her cousin, the Duke of Windsor. Her close relations with many other royals only assisted in Chanel's creative rule of the fashion world.

Also in 1925, Coco introduced her long-anticipated signature cardigan jacket. The iconic Chanel jackets have several distinguishing designs, and are constructed differently than the traditional tailored jacket. For example, Chanel's original pieces contain silk lining quilted directly to the fabric, opposed to the usual inner structure of pad stitching. Additionally, Chanel jackets all feature machine sewn and hand-stitched fabric, providing them with more durability.

The distinctive Chanel three-piece sleeve is also constructed similarly before being hand sewn to the jacket's body. The arrays of heavy trims, metal buttons, and curbed chains sewn to the hem have a functional purpose as well. All of these factors together grant the finished product with a tremendously comfortable garment. Most of Chanel's inventive fashions, including her signature jacket have not changed much since their original debut. This can prove that Chanel's integrative styles were the product of a brilliant woman beyond her time.

The year 1926 brought the birth of what is now considered to be 'the' staple item in every woman's closet: the signature little black dress. Now commonly referred to as simply a "LBD", the little black dress was an instant success for Chanel, prompting American Vogue to call it the "Ford"; just as Henry Ford's Model-T car, the LBD was an immediate hit and widely available. Chanel's first creation of the little black dress was a slash-necked, short silk dress with diagonal pin-tucks serving decoration.

Though many may perceive the LBD as too plain, Coco strongly believed that fashion should be just as functional as it was chic. Ideally simple, her interpretation of the LBD was designed to conceal stains and to fit every woman. The little black dress also is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit different people's needs perfectly. Some believe that Coco's early years spent at the convent orphanage with nuns offered Coco an intuitive affinity for the "uniform" worn by the women who had raised her in her time of need. Regardless, Chanel's legendary LBD has remained the epitome of simple elegance for over 80 years.

In 1939 at the start of World War II, Coco closed all of her shops. She believed that in the middle of the entire world's chaos, fashion was not a top priority. Coco began residing in what would become a more than 30 year stay at the Hotel Ritz Paris. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, she was widely criticized for engaging in a steamy affair with Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a German officer and Nazi spy who secretly arranged for Coco to remain in the hotel. During this same time period, Coco maintained two other residences, both of which were also located in France.

In fall of 1943, Coco sought to end 4 years of professional partition with Vera Bate Lombardi who was staying in Rome. Though Lombardi was unaware of it then, Coco's true intention was to contact Lombardi's relative, Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a member of the Walter Schellenberg Nazi plan "Operation Modellhut". Chanel extended an offer for Lombardi to resume her work for Paris' House of Chanel.

Lombardi was overwhelmed until she discovered the truth behind Coco's request. Vera adamantly repudiated Coco's request, citing the fashion designer's guise as "cut-throat". Vera was later captured as an English spy and was locked in a Roman prison by the Gestapo. Chanel was also briefly arrested for war related crimes, shortly after Lombardi's detainment. However, Coco's close ties with the British Royal family ultimately prevented her from being taken to trial.

Two years after her close encounter with prison, the Nazi Empire crumbled and France was free once more. Still, the French government warned of harsh punishments to French citizens who may have partnered with the Nazis. Coco's previous ties with Hans Gunther von Dincklage provoked several rumors about her loyalty to France. Fearfully Chanel fled to Switzerland, in hopes of obtaining a fresh new start.

Coco chose to convey an upscale, yet relatively low-key lifestyle, residing in upper Lausanne aside the sandy shores of Lake Geneva. She could often be seen indulging in beauty treatments at the Valmont Clinic, which was in close proximity to her oceanfront home. Chanel was also frequently witnessed at the Steffan tea room in upper Montreux, a popular spot for local celebrities. During her stay in Switzerland, a distraught and spiteful Coco began to create her own collection of perfumes without informing her partner Pierre Wertheimer. Though Wertheimer believed his legal rights were breached, he settled the disagreement with Coco civilly. She eventually sold inclusive rights to her name to the Wertheimer family in exchange for a monthly remuneration. This stipend helped to support her and her live-in friend: former Nazi spy, Hans Gunther von Dincklage.

1953 marked the year that Chanel finally returned to Paris, only to discover that famed designer Christian Dior was now the alpha of the couture world. Coco decided to consult her estranged former business-partner Pierre Wertheimer for guidance and financial back-up. In return, Wertheimer was awarded full rights to all Chanel products. Their alliance was hoped to have sparked a flame that would reignite Coco's majestic stance in the fashion industry. However, this was not the case for the French selection of her clientele. Chanel's new collections were not successful with local Parisians. It is widely speculated that this is because of Coco's publicized previous relations with German officer von Dincklage. Still, her collection was celebrated by Americans, who would later become her most prevalent purchases.

In February of 1955, the now famous Chanel suit was re-introduced to the public. Her casual yet sophisticated styles once more captured the eyes of women globally. Also in the same month, the fashionable Chanel chain handled quilted leather handbag originally premiered. Coco additionally and impressively established her first men's cologne, referred to in France as eau de toilette, which she named Pour Monsieur.

Chanel's spring collection was granted the Fashion Oscar at the 1957 Fashion Awards in Dallas. Soon after, Chanel introduced pea jackets and bell bottoms, whose popularity soared in the 1970's. Coco is also believed by many to be the initial trend-setter for the now popular suntanned skin look. On the eve of her return from St. Barts, Coco sported a summer glow to a fashion show, standing out from the rest of the powdered and pale faces of all the other women.

January 10, 1971 was the final day of Coco's life. Her obituary listed her as still "designing, still working" at the time of her death. Though she led a remarkable and extraordinary life, Chanel died alone, with only the presence of her sketches and fabric samples to keep her company. In the last years of her life, Coco had become somewhat of a recluse, only leaving her home when absolutely necessary. She had few real friends, and no family.

Many may have envied the aspects of Coco's glamorous and wealthy lifestyle in theory, but most would not have traded their own lives for hers. Though Coco died with a superfluous amount of money, she was lonesome, and never got to experience the one-of-a-kind love and joy of having a husband or children. After her death, Coco Chanel left behind a true legacy. Still, her life seemed as empty as her pockets were during her childhood. She was 87.

Coco Chanel is one of the most important fashion designers of all time. In fact, Coco Chanel's influence on modern couture was so prominent that she was the only person in the field to be mentioned on Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century." Though Coco is still criticized today for being dubious about her childhood and years before her stardom, some support her decisions, citing that she was only attempting to "diminish the disgrace that poverty and illegitimacy bestowed upon the unfortunates in 19th century France". Though Chanel has been deceased for nearly 30 years, her legacy continues to live on today. In the utmost of impressive ways, Coco Chanel single-handedly changed the face of fashion, and for that, she will live on for eternity.

Sara Buttar

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Women's Fashions in the Year 1970

Hi all,

I've just come across this fascinating set of old photos from 1969 and 1970 showing the women fashions at that time. As can be seen, the mini-skirt and tiny micro-skirts were the dominant style. The accompanying music is the theme from the film "Love story" with Ali MacGraw. This famous movie was released the same year (1970).

Enjoy the styles:

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The Brief History of Nike Shoes

By Charlle Junttila

Nike shoes have various styles and colors. They can be worn by professionals and daily walkers who like to make a fashion statement. You can easily find Nike stores in your area. The Nike swoosh logo has been considered as one of the most recognized company logos in the world now.

This special logo was originally designed in 1971 by a student who studied graphic design at Portland State University. They paid the girl only $35 for the fabulous design but some sources also say that Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, later gave her a diamond ring engraved with the logo she designed as well as an unknown amount of Nike stock. It is interesting that Knight was not very impressed with her work the first time, like what he said, "I don't love it, but it will grow on me."

Today, there have been more than 30,000 people employed by Nike around the world. Nike also provides other sports gear besides shoes. The company is under some scrutiny recently for the issues concerned with human rights and poor working environment. Official statistic shows that only in 2008, Nike has made a net income of approximate $1.9 billion dollars.

The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. As a matter of fact, like many other famous companies, Nike also had a humble condition at the beginning. All of the original founders are used to be athletes and they have been running it for more than 50 years till now.

In fact, the duo first sold the shoes manufactured by a Japanese factory but in very short time they ended the relationship with the Japanese company in 1971. Afterwards, they started to improve their own line of footwear made mostly for football and decided to call it the name Nike. Soon they developed much more lines of shoes. With the development of technique and management, by 1980, abound 50% of shoes sold in the United States had carried the Nike brand. The headquarters the Nike company still locates in Oregon now and owns several subsidiaries such as Umbro and Converse.

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From Sailors to Hippies and Beyond, the History of the Bell-Bottom

By Kenneth Poulsen

When we think of bell-bottoms, more than likely images of love beads, peace signs, leather jackets with fringe and love-ins come to mind. But did you know that bell-bottoms date back to the early 1800s when sailors in the Navy were given them as "standard issue" uniforms. There are conflicting reasons why sailors initially wore bell-bottoms. One theory is that they could double as a life preserver. Absent any reliable documentation, this seems like a reasonable explanation.

According to Wikipedia, Commodore Stephen Decatur wrote of the uniforms his sailors wore, "glazed canvas hats with stiff brims, decked with streamers of ribbon, blue jackets buttoned loosely over waistcoats and blue trousers with bell bottoms." This statement dates back to 1813 and so we must assume that Navy personnel have been wearing them for something approaching 200 years.

Fast forward to the 1960s. Bell-bottoms were all-the-fashion craze for women in the United States and Europe. Expensive and chic, they seemed available only for the wealthiest of women.

This all changed when a rock group, led by lead singer and guitarist Eric Clapton, sported a pair of bell-bottoms on stage at a rock concert. Clothing designers realized the huge potential in manufacturing affordable bell-bottoms and so the bell-bottom as we know it was born. Suddenly, rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Rolling Stones, et al and fans alike began wearing the flared pant leg with everything from hippie tunics, to button-down shirts and complimenting the leather fringe vests that are still associated with the hippie counter culture.

Bell-bottoms continued to go in and out of style from the 1960s. As with anything fashionable, clothes make "come backs" and bell-bottoms are no different.

In the 1980s during the designer jean craze, bell-bottoms were re-introduced to consumers but this time with different names. Flared and boot-cut jeans boast an equally wide pant leg, and aren't just for ranchers needing a pant to fit over his cowboy boots, as their name implies.

As with anything, bell-bottoms, boot-cut or whatever you wish to call them, will continue to fall in and out of favor with fashion-conscious jean wearers. One thing is for certain, they're no longer exclusive or for the Sailors on the high seas.

K. Poulsen is the publisher of the website White Stag Apparel which is a website dedicated to White Stag.

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The beauty of Grace Slick

Hey everyone,

Check out this great video: Jefferson Airplane performing live in 1967 doing both White Rabbit and Somebody to Love on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour! FAR OUT!

Take particular notice of the clothing but also of the great hairstyle being worn by the beautiful Grace Slick!

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas for 2009.

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Black Satin Mini Skirt

By Mitchell Key

Since the 60's, the mini skirt has always been an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. When the pleated versions were introduced, the fresh look created a renewed spark of interest among women as the added flair transforms the skirts into a different level, adding character and life to it.

The playful appeal of pleated minis breathes youthfulness into the trend, yet remains versatile enough to be carried out into any look the wearer wants to create. The popularity of the pleats made available all sorts of pleated versions for every style of skirt. The black satin mini, one of women's more favourable choices, has its own pleated counterparts too.

Worn by those with more style-conscious mindset, black is the color well occupied in the fashion scene. Its recognition as a must-have in every woman's closet is owed to its strong sense of appeal, confidence and sophistication. Now one of the most classic items in a woman's wardrobe, black satin mini is an article of clothing that is incredibly easy to wear. Its versatile color allows any shade of top to be paired with it and different sorts of footwear to go with the look.

Even the most surprising selections seem to work fine with this skirt. The glossy fabric makes it a very appropriate ensemble to take to work and for evening affairs. But comfortable as it is, they are even perfect to wear during the day and for any casual occasion. The gentle feel does make a difference to women making it a favourite over other materials. Pleated black minis don't need immaculate tailoring to look right and the trend is just so easy to dress up and down. The feminine and elegant touch from its natural shine brings eye-catching ensembles.

Mini skirts can be found in local clothing stores with ease and with a wide selection of styles, materials and variations. Choosing satin is the perfect way to enjoy this trend. This beautiful fabric must be the best material fused into a black garment and is truly a classy and expensive choice you can flaunt on.

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Making a Hippie Bag Out of Scarves

By Meryl Rougeaux

The hippie movement started in the United States during the 1960s and it spread rapidly around the world shortly after. Hippies got their name from the word "hipster" which described the beatniks from the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco. Basically, the hippie lifestyle revolved around psychedelic music, embracing the sexual revolution and exploring alternative heightened states by using recreational drugs.

Hippies have always been known to think out of the box and come up with creative ways to do things. When it comes to fashion items, they are very innovative as well. In fact, they can even turn a simple scarf into a chic hippie bag. The great thing about it is that you can make one yourself and all you need is a bunch of scarves and basic sewing knowledge.

The first thing you need to do to start on your hippie bag is to make a shoulder strap using an oblong scarf. Make sure that it is four inches wide and thirteen inches long. Start by creating a tube ending with a clean finish. To make the tube, start sewing the scarf inside-out.

Once you are done, the tube needs to be turned right side out to be able to make the seam concealed. Next, take the scarves and lay them down a flat surface. To be able to make the right sides face one another, make sure they are folded lengthwise in half. To secure the long edge of the tube, always use straight pins.

You will be able to keep them in place by pinning the fabric as you sew. Always allow a one fourth seam allowance so you can keep sewing along the long edge. Afterwards, invert the tube right side out as soon as you are done. From here, you can move on to working on the bag itself. Your rectangular scarves need to be laid on a flat surface.

Afterwards, be sure that the fabrics are folded width-wise in half. The sides need to be secured using straight pins. Using a top-stitch technique, keep sewing down the long edge and stop approximately four inches from the bottom of the fold. Continue sewing the bottom and then move on to sewing across it four inches from the fold.

Now you can start working on the fringe. You can do this by cutting the slits that are perpendicular to the bottom stitch to just about one fourth inch of the bottom. Make sure that while cutting the slits, they are equal in length. You will know if you are doing it correctly if the slits appear like loops.

To make two layers of fringe, keep cutting across the folded edge. And finally, you will be able to finish off your hippie bag by attaching the strap to each side of the bag by sewing them on. You will notice how all the scarves you used have been utilized to create the dimensions of your sling bag.

You can use your hippie bag for your art materials or even your textbooks for school. Not only will your bag stand out from the others but you can also say that you made the bag yourself. The hippies have always made it a point to work with what they have. This is one characteristic you could apply in your life as well.

So if you think you are simply just making a bag out of scarves, think again. By working on your project, you are actually making a small step to being an innovative individual. In time, you will realize that by keeping an open mind, you will explore a wide range of possibilities in life.

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Gucci Bag - Top Four Most Popular

By Jennifer Reyes

Ever since its introduction in the 1960s, a Gucci bag became one of the most coveted items of both men and women today - yes, even if there is a hefty price tag attached to it. There is only one good reason for the demand: quality. All original Gucci bags are made from pure strong materials, such as leather. There are also a lot of Gucci bags that were already launched; and there are a few that remained iconic, essential, and sought after until today:

Hobo Handbag

You can easily spot a Gucci hobo handbag. The top is usually U-shaped, while the body can be made from real leather. It can have silver to gold clasp. One of the main reasons why women look for hobo handbags is because their flexibility. You can pair them with an evening gown or casual wear. There are also different varieties of hobo handbags, including Gucci Signoria, Guccisma, and the classic Black hobo.

Price Tag: Depending on the size of the hobo handbag, be ready to shell out as much as $700 for this one.

Jackie O Bag

This is also known as the Bouvier bag and was definitely named after the former first Lady - and a fashionable one at that - Jacqueline Onassis. This is actually a Constance shoulder bag. However, after it received a lot of raves from women who saw Jackie O wearing it in one of her images, Gucci decided to rename it in honor of her. The original Jackie O bag is characterized by an H clasp that almost runs vertically along the front side of the bag. It also has two straps. Today, though, there are slight variations, including the presence of tassles on the sides.

Price Tag: The cheapest Jackie O bag sold today is worth $450.

Pelham Bit Bags

These are the most recent types of bags launched by Gucci. They are called as such because of the presence of bits that are normally used when riding horses. The body is also made of pony hair leather while the side of the bag features leather trim, giving it a more vintage or classic look. Of course, you will never miss out the GG monogram logo, which is found in all authentic GG products. This is also popular among women since it is medium top. This means that it has enough space to accommodate all items they want to bring, such as iPods, phones, make-up kits, papers, and purses.

Price Tag: The cheapest Pelham bit bag will be worth more than $300.

Bardot Bag

This bag was named after one of the sexiest actresses that ever graced the silver-screen: Brigitte Bardot. It is a very classic, elegant, and timeless that is made from a material produced from a jacquard machine. It also comes in two-tone combinations, such as white and black or beige and dark brown.

Price Tag: You can have one for yourself at $450.

These Gucci bags are definitely worth the high price. Otherwise, they would have remained into oblivion after they were introduced. Besides, you're paying for history and quality, right?

Jennifer Reyes is an expert author. He has written many articles in various interesting stories about brand Gucci. For more information about Gucci Replica Handbags, please contact with us.

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The Bouffant - Yesterday and Today's Hair Updos

By Pinnapa Thana

In the words of Edna Woolman Chase, the best dressed woman in the world, "Fashion can be bought, style one must possess". A well put phrase describing the world of fashion and style.

One of the most critical parts of fashion and style includes hair. Yes, not make-up, not clothes, not the shoes, it's the hair. No matter how nice a woman's make-up may be, or how pretty her shoes and clothes are, it all just won't add up if her hair are not done right.

Trends in hairstyles come and go just like any other fashion piece. However, hair styles do have their advantage - you can simply wear them anytime, as long as you look good in it. You even have the freedom to modify it a bit and to incorporate your own individuality so no fuss about that. Clothes on the other hand, would totally make you look out of place, or passe.

When talking about hair updos, the bouffant is always included. The bouffant is generally just a hairstyle that has hair piled high on the head, with some hanging down on the sides. It is a classic hair style, as it was popularized during the 1960's and way before that too, which in 18th century Europe, was worn by Marie Antoinette. Today, it is commonly used as one of the formal hair styles. The 1965 big hair fashion is now considered to be an elegant vintage look. People with fine hair could create an illusion of having more volume with this hair updos style and at the same time create an illusion for a smaller, longer face - something that every woman dreams of having.

Just like anything else, the bouffant hair updos also evolved into another hair style. This hair style is known as the beehive. The beehive was born as a response to younger people who wanted something different - as the bouffant became a symbol of a bygone era. Plus, the concern over using too much hairspray just to hold the hair in place, or theatre-goers who continuously complained about sitting behind a woman with very high hair just isn't appealing any longer. Would you like to go to the movies and sit behind Marge Simpson? Guess not. So, a new version was born.

This style of hair updos makes the face look longer, thus creating a slimmer illusion, while at the same time projecting a glamorous and classy image. An image that was popularized by Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's - thus, also immortalizing the classic elegance of the little black dress. Up to this day, the beehive is still in fashion as seen worn by actresses like Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johannson on the red carpet. Yes, they still wear big hair! Although this style isn't the appropriate for a trip to the mall or a casual dinner date, it is still an epitome of class and elegance in formal events.

Medium hair styles could include the beehive too. Anyone who wants to sport the beehive hair style must at least have shoulder length hair - a perfect addition to medium hair styles! However, noting that this hair style is about being sleek, a nice French twist for the base is recommended, and yes, hairspray to keep everything in place. Unlike before, creating this hair style need not be stressful. Johnny Lavoy's technique makes this hair do less complicated, saving you more time. It also qualifies for the easy hair styles category. Really, it does.

Headbands are also nice add-ons to this classic do. Wide headbands gives a retro, blast from the past aura, while thin headbands, probably half an inch could be used in two's and thus creating a more modern touch to the hair style.

Pinnapa is an internet marketer. Whose passion is about creating fashion of her own style. She likes to find new hair updos styles that goes with different outfits and share her passion to other women who have fashion sense like her and loves her style. Article source Hair Updos Hair Updos.

More tips on Hair Updos

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The Hobo Handbag and Why it Stays in Demand

By Rebecca Froebel

The appeal to own a hobo-bag continues to be one that never ends. The Bohemian or Hobo-Chic look has been around since as far back as the sixties. Many a die-hard hippie is still drawn to a frumpy curved bag when they see them. Currently, they are quite detailed with rivets, straps, buckles and other embellishments. However, the curves and frump hold true to their intent, which was a casual look, but could hold a ton and compliment most outfits.

Many of the Hobo Bags of the sixties and seventies were made of cloth, leather, or hemp. Patchwork was one of the favorites for some time and wore well with the peasant style blouses and bell-bottom jeans that had fabrics sewn in a side seam or applique patch. Then the hemp bags appeared and very quickly out-shined patchwork bags. They came in all sizes and worked with all outfits. The light straw brown was the most popular for many. You could really show off a lot of the peace sign pins and other hippie time emblems by attaching them to the strap or the bag. They held a ton of personal items, but if you got the right size, it doubled as a book bag.

Leather hobo-bags were more popular with those who were into the hippie clothing from head to toe. A leather vest with fringe, a peasant style blouse and a pair of wide bell-bottoms was topped off with a dark brown leather bag that hung with long fringe. They did come in various sizes, but the elongated rectangle was readily available.

As designers reinvented the bag each year, it evolved from the plain brown leather, patchwork, or hemp, to spectacular frumpy classy fun. Hemp is still popular, but now the leathers are bright colored and the embellishments outlandish. The Hobo Skull bags being one of the more popular for teens and bikers now come with buckles, applique, rivets and the skull and bones. The bigger bags the starlets love are spacious, frumpy bags that will hold a days worth of shopping, diapering and tons of other goodies.

The hobo bag will continue to be reinvented year after year to provide its end user the casual frump they have come to love, but in sizes and style befitting all ages. Sizes, materials and embellishments may change, but the hobo bag is here to stay.

Ladies accessories are a fun way to bring out your personal choices in style. Simple designs are often reinvented by new designers on a yearly basis to bring fun new accessories into a females wardrobe. This author loves the frumpy hobo bags, and finds a good, affordable source can be found at

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The History of the Platform Shoe Revealed

By Calvin M Jordan Sr

Platform shoes can be defined as shoes, boot or even sandals that have a thick sole to go along with it. The sole can be one to four inches in thickness or more and are made from cork, plastic vinyl, or wood.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been using shoes or wrappings to cover their delicate feet from damage when walking on harsh ground. But platforms have been recorded in use as early as ancient Greece, where it played a role in elevating important characters in Greek theaters such as high class prostitutes and courtesans of the Venetian empire.

Platform shoes are believed to have been used in Europe back in the 18th century to avoid stepping into the muck on the streets. The Japanese geishas used these shoes for the same reasons - to avoid contact with pollutants and dirt on the streets that could tarnish their beauty and flawless complexions. In ancient Rome, men wore thick soles to give added height and stature to the wearer. In China, Manchurian women wore such shoes that were very similar to the ones seen during the Venetian Chopines era.

Platforms were quite popular in the US in the 1930's right up to the 1950's. But it was not until the 1970's that the popularity of these shoes exploded and was taken to new heights. There was an explosion of platform shoes in the marketplace in a variety of different styles. There were platform boots oxfords, platform sandals and sneakers. Most of the soles were made of wood and synthetic materials. The originators of this new breed of platform shoes using lightweight cork was the brand name known as the Kork-Ease. The popularity of this range of platform shoes has attracted many imitators. The trend eventually fizzled out and remained in obsolescence during the 1980's.

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has resurrected the dying fad and breathes new life into it with her new line of designer platform shoes. She was responsible for taking high heeled shoes onto the runway and platform shoes continue to rise steadily in fame after the British based band, Spice Girls began a new era of performing in large shoes. The trend is now very much alive with new designs and styles being introduced into the fashion world by world class designers.

Not even Naomi Campbell's fall on the fashion runway can cause the interest in these giant sized soled shoes to diminish in any way. People are attracted to the shoes for their ability to add inches to a persons' height. When worn or draped over a long gown, they can create an illusion of a tall and statuesque person. They can create the illusion of an elongated leg when worn over short skirts. They are marvelous over flared jeans too, as those flares can easily cover most of the shoe making it highly unnoticeable at first glance.

Walking in platform shoes can be sexy and trendy but one important rule to remember is to practice wearing those shoes at home before you hit the streets in them. There is no use sacrificing your safety and comfort over fashion and since these shoes are a big trip hazard, it is important to master the art of walking with platform shoes before you take them out for a fashionable stride. It seems that this simple shoe has evolved over the centuries and it is unlikely that platform shoes are going to be forgotten real soon.

Calvin M Jordan Sr is an Internet Marketer. I have the love for fishing sports and to helping others.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful Dead Shirt Varieties

By Jo Shirley

Are you looking for a Grateful Dead shirt? Do you know what you would like to have on your shirt? Chances are you will be able to find a shirt in whatever colour you could dream of, including tie dye. And perhaps you want one of the popular logos that the band used. I will explain about the four most popular logos used by the band on Grateful Dead merchandise.

"Steal Your Face" Skull - Arguably the most recognized logo that the band used. This is the logo where there is a lightning bolt through the center of a skull. It has the colours red and blue in the background cutting the photo into two parts. This is a classic logo and looks great as a Dead shirt.

Dancing Bears - These are also referred to as "Jer Bears". Often times these furry and fun little teddy bears are in very vibrant colours, including almost a rainbow effect on them (but with pinks and odd colours). You can find a Grateful Dead shirt that holds just one dancing bear or a collage of them.

Skeleton and Roses - This logo is exactly what it says. It includes a picture of a white skeleton that adorns red roses. It has some very powerful imagery mixing the two dramatic images.

Dancing Terrapins - Taken from the "Terrapin Station" these dancing terrapins are very cute and always found busting a move. You can find shirts that are similar to the album cover or other variations of the terrapins, only limited by the artists imagination.

There are hundreds of varieties of Grateful Dead shirts to choose from. This includes hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeved t shirts, etc, etc, etc. The options are truly endless. Take the time to find one that suits your personality, because there is a design for every Dead fan out there.

Want some help choosing that Grateful Dead shirt?

Visit Grateful Dead Shirt to find exactly what you are looking for!

Peace and Love


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Five Ways to Tell You Have a 1960's-1970s Vintage Men's Tie

By Jackie D.

The 60s through the 70s were an explosive period of time. A lot of things were going on politically and socially here and abroad, including in the world of fashion. Women burned their bras and men's ties got really big! Good thing they did because skinny neckwear no longer had a place in the clothing of the day. How can you tell that you've got a genuine article from this tumultuous time? Here goes:

Necktie Width

Neckwear became as wide as it was in the 1940's and in some cases even wider. You've heard people describe them as "fat polyester ties" and were they! Kipper neckties as they were known in the mid 60's were as wide as 6 inches in some cases. While today that may seem extreme, back then it was perfectly reasonable to match enormous neckwear with wide lapelled jackets and bell bottom pants. All clothing and accessories were proportionate to one another. If they weren't, they would look out of place. By the mid 70's some neckties shrunk back to 4 inches, so other criteria is also used to date them.

Type of Fabric

While neckwear continued to be made of silk, cotton, rayon, acetate and other various blends, it seems that polyester ruled. Thick polyester. And it's a good thing because it allowed a person to combine the bulky fabric with a Windsor knot to create a big knot.

Designs, Patterns and Color

All colors were popular, but it seems that most of us remember the earthy ones the most. Just picture the orange, brown and yellow striped ties which were commonly worn during that time. Also, the patterns were large to accommodate the large surface area. Many designs appear pretty psychedelic by today's standards and are reminiscent of the wallpaper found in homes during the 60's as well as women's fashion popular at the time.

The Color of the Facing

The facing of a necktie is the piece of material just behind the tip (on the underside) that is sewn to the back to provide protection as well as added longevity to neckwear. In the previous decade the facing was black or white if a tie had one at all. Sometimes the outer fabric was used in lieu of the facing and simply folded over to follow the shape of the tip. The color of the facing of 60's and 70's neckwear was as funky as the neckties themselves. Black, white, orange, yellow and red were common.

The Length and Weight of the Lining

The outer shell is wrapped around the lining (or interlining), which is what gives body to a tie. The lining is a shade of white and often has stripes which denote its weight. A balance is struck between the interlining and the outer fabric. Lightweight lining is better suited for heavier outer fabric and vice versa.

During the 60's and 70's single and double lining accompanied the shell of the necktie. Remember, wide thick neckwear was in vogue. The interlining typically ended several inches above the tip and could easily be seen by spreading open the back of the tie.

By contrast, today's neckwear features a single lining which reaches all the way to the tip and is hidden behind the facing.


Well, there you have it. Both the look and the construction of men's tie can be used to determine their age.

Jackie D. is the owner of Ties2Pillows, an online resource for Wide Ties Neckties with the largest selection of 1970's Ties Neckties for sale on the web.

Ties are separated by era (1920's through today's), by style (wide, extra long, square end, knit, silk) and by pattern.

The site carries every novelty theme imaginable, including hard to find vintage unique novelty ties.

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Beatles Ties - Novelty Neckwear Inspired From Their Pop Songs

By Jackie D.

If there is one thing you won't have any trouble finding, it is neckwear that has been inspired by Beatles songs. There are so many different styles, materials and prices to choose from, the hard part will be deciding which one to pick, from Yellow Submarine, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and even neckties with each of the Beatles faces together or separately. It doesn't stop there either; there are anthology ties, and copies of Beatles album covers to choose from as well.

Silk, Microfiber and Polyester Fabric

Prices are really dependent of what material the neckwear is made from, which dealer is offering it, and how rare it is. For example, there are two different distinct Yellow Submarine inspired neckties, one that has an abundance of small subs, and fish, all on a blue background. This one is made from silk twill. Another Yellow Submarine tie, with varying blue shaded background and simple yet classic outlines of the famous sub, is made from 100% silk.

You can also find other neckwear made from 100% microfiber that are just as brilliantly colored, but less expensive. The Beatles Help Vertical necktie for example is 57" long, almost 4" wide, and has all four players striking poses from the movie, and dressed in their classic black pants and navy blue ponchos.

The Beatles Signatures Newprint tie is another really inexpensive accessory, the same size as above, and made from 100% polyester. The Beatles Anthology is a little more expensive, but has classic pictures reprinted on 100% microfiber.

New and Vintage Available For Purchase

The Ralph Marlin Company carries a limited collection of Beatles neckwear as well, with several John Lennon portrait neckties. This is really the only example of any Fab Four ties available from this manufacturer, but there are plenty of other websites that carry a wide selection of different ties inspired by not only Beatles songs, but albums and movies as well. These are all brand new, but there are online auction houses that have many different used ones.

Reading the Fine Print

When buying Beatles inspired neckwear, be sure that it is licensed authentic merchandise. It should say so right on the necktie, or somewhere on the website. Any website should also have some money back guarantee, as well as free shipping. It is important to read all the fine print, and make sure that the site has encrypted and secure payment methods. Many sites take credit and debit cards, and this is an excellent way to track your payments.

So whether you are a fan of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Yellow Submarine, or even want a tie with pictures of the Fab Four, there is sure to find something tickle your fancy. Any of this Beatles inspired neckwear would definitely make a great gift for someone you know, and you'll like them so much, you might want to pick up an extra one up for yourself.

Jackie D. is the owner of Ties2Pillows, an online resource for Vintage Designer Neckties with a large selection of The Beatles Ties for sale on the web.

Ties are separated by era (1920's through today's), by style (wide, extra long, square end, knit, silk) and by pattern.

The site carries every novelty theme imaginable, including hard to find vintage unique novelty ties.

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Giorgio Armani Biography

By Edward Smith

Date of Birth

July 11, 1934

Place of Birth

Piacenza, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy - about 50 miles south of Milan.


Although Giorgio Armani is one of the most influential designers in the world, it was only by chance that he broke into the fashion industry. He studied medicine at Milan University for two years, made a brief foray into photography, then entered the army to complete his military service.

After leaving the army, he became a window dresser at the prestigious department store, La Rinascente in Milan. During this time, he travelled frequently to London, gathering inspiration, and developing the classic style that he has become renowned for.

Having gained a comprehensive knowledge of design and fabric he joined Nino Cerruti in 1961 as a designer for the menswear company, Hitman. He left nine years later in order to start a freelance design business with the encouragement of his close friend Sergio Galeotti, introducing his own menswear label in 1974. He gradually adapted his designs for women, and his first womenswear collection was established a year later, in 1975, in partnership with Galeotti.

Since 1975, Armani has launched a number of lines, including Accessories, Giorgio Armani Junior, Swimwear, Underwear and Occhiali (eyewear). He has also added a number of cheaper diffusion lines such as Emporio Armani, Le Collezioni and Mani. Today, the Armani retail empire spans more than 35 countries and comprises some 280 stores with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

Armani is known to be a workaholic, and believes that clothes should be made to be worn not just seen. His relaxed designs for women are inspired by menswear, softened into a more supple, practical silhouette. His collections are elegant and understated: easy-fit clothing, precisely cut and beautifully tailored.

Forbes has acknowledged Giorgio Armani to be the world's most successful designer, with a net worth of $1.7 billion. He has homes in Broni, Forte dei Marmi, and Pantelleria (Italy), and in St. Tropez (French Riviera).

  • A/X Armani Exchange (basics, US only)
  • Armani Alta Moda (haute couture)
  • Armani Golf (sportswear), since 1996
  • Armani Jeans
  • Armani Neve (winter sportswear), since 1996
  • Borgonuovo 21
  • Classico, since 1996
  • Emporio Armani (diffusion, younger customer), since 1984
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Giorgio Armani U.S.A. (lower priced)
  • Le Collezioni (diffusion), since 1979
  • Mani (diffusion)

Edward Smith has a huge amount of experience writing for the web and offline publications. He is currently writing about wine including riedel wine glasses and spiegelau wine glasses.

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Why Mary Quant is a Fashion Icon to Vintage Clothing Fanatics

By Rachel Taylor-Banks

Much like her punk counterpart Vivienne Westwood who sold her clothes in her husbands shop, Mary Quant opened a clothing shop named 'Bazaar' with her husband and an accountant in one of London's busiest and most fashionable shopping areas, King's Road.

Bazaar was opened in 1955 when Mary was just 21 years old, but soon she became fed up of the range of clothes available to order in and decided that designing her own clothes to sell in the shop was the only way to move forward. Within 10 years Bazaar was filled with her own personal designs and Quant was forced to hire more machinists to keep up with the demands.

Somewhat unknowingly, Mary, her husband and the accountant friend whom had joined them in opening Bazaar had created a fresh and revolutionary new fashion style which would be later known as the 'Chelsea Look'.

Just as Mary Quant had wished, soon the young people of the UK were wearing interchangeable and somewhat unisex garments that were spruced up with white plastic collared dresses, mini skirts and hot pants in the summer, whilst keeping skinny rib polo neck sweaters, knee high PVC boots and woollen pinafore dresses for the winter time.

Although there is no way of proving the patent, Mary Quant's name is one which is most synonymous with the invention of the mini skirt (although there are many of other designers who claim the same thing). Such short skirts worn in public were quite revolutionary and certainly quite risque at the time but they soon become incredibly popular, especially when worn with patterned tights and knee high boots.

Now Mary Quant is in her mid-seventies, her clothing has gone international and she has boutiques in Paris, Tokyo and New York as well as London. Since the days when Mary was responsible for bringing Britain out of that boring, conventional clothing style she has been awarded an OBE and is registered as a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers (FCSD).

The contemporary fashion world looks back on Mary Quant's work and strongly appreciates her work which created that iconic look of the 60's.

You can buy some of world's finest, authentic vintage Mary Quant designer clothing at Kittycatsilver Vintage Clothing boutique.

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Authentic 60s fashions and hairstyles from the movie "To Sir With Love" (1967)

Hi all,

Here is an interesting clip from the movie "To Sir With Love" starring Sidney Pointier and the theme song by Lulu from 1967. It's a really interesting clip as I think it provides some of the most authentic footage of 60s fashion. Take special notice of the women's hairstyles as well.

Learn and enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Men's Fashion of the 1970's - Perennial Clothing, Neckties & Accessories Still Stylish Today

By Jackie D.

1970's men's fashion has endured more than many had ever imagined. It is certainly true that all fashion becomes outdated at one point. Such was the case with the many unique clothes of the 1970's as the look and fashion of the "Me Decade" became passé in the early 1980's. However, like other styles of fashion, the look of the 1970's ended up making a comeback roughly a decade ago as the feel for 70's nostalgia made a comeback.

Today, there are many vintage clothing sellers that provide a great deal of clothing from past generations and some of these clothes look just as great today as they did when they were first released. Yes, there are a few items that are reproductions that have only recently been manufactured. However, a lot of those items ARE original items that are 30+ years old and still look amazingly well. That is why they sell so strongly despite the great many years that have passed.

Popular Accessories

The various items that commonly sell can be considered "perennials." That is, there are a few items that really do not go out of style or can be incorporated into modern fashion apparel. For example, some of the hats from the era are still snazzy looking to this day. The same could be said of the sunglasses from the time period as they can truly add to the unique look of an outfit. Actually, a combination of hat and sunglasses can make for a very stunning look.

Men's Neckwear

Men's neckties from the era were probably the first apparel item to make a comeback although they did so in a more organic manner. That is to say, they started to make a comeback long before 1970's fashion started to take on a vintage appeal. Men's ties from the era crept back into the world of fashion in the 1980's and did so for a good reason: they looked good. Actually, they still look good and can be effectively integrated into any modern formal clothing concept. Again, this is because men's neckwear from the era looks good and can still make a suit look stunning.

Leather Jackets

Without a doubt, one of the most popular vintage apparel items from the 1970's would be the classic tan leather jacket that is so common in vintage shops these days. Of course, these jackets were made popular from the old television show STARSKY AND HUTCH. While some may not remember the old program, the jacket has endured and that is why it remains for sale in many shops 35+ years after the first jackets rolled into stores.


Yes, 1970's men's fashion truly was unique and original and that is why it is it remains popular today. Those looking to spiff up their wardrobe would certainly gain from seeking out a solid supplier of 1970's men's fashion.

Jackie D. is the owner of Ties2Pillows, an online resource for Designer Neckties with the largest selection of 1970's Vintage Ties for sale on the web.

Ties are separated by era (1920's through today's), by style (wide, extra long, square end, knit, silk) and by pattern.

The site carries every novelty theme imaginable, including hard to find vintage unique novelty ties.

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How Has the Onitsuka Mexico 66 Stayed So Relevant?

By Janene Dalton

Shoes come and go, you will have a new style released this year and it is nowhere to be found the year after. Some shoes define those odds as they are so popular. Some even stick around for years. This article will take a look at one particular shoe, the Onitsuka Mexico 66. It will examine how the shoe is able to remain so relevant decades after it was released.

The Onitsuka Mexico 66 was released over forty years ago. The world was first introduced to the sneaker in 1966. The shoe was designed specifically for the Olympics in 1968 and a large majority of the athletes who participated in Mexico City wore them.

The Onitsuka Mexico 66 has remained relevant 4 decades later due to the fact that the shoe is designed well and it also looks good.

The shoe is designed for running and it has a track style look. It comes with leather upper that is intermixed with suede. There are the popular side Tiger stripes and there is also a vintage heel flap. The sneaker comes with an EVA midsole to provide comfort and there is a rubber outsole to provide great traction. The shoe has a full laced up front that comes with a tongue that is padded and a fabric lining.

Style is what this shoe offers and this due to the fact that it has a retro look. Many people seek these shoes out due to the fact that they can jazz their feet up with this classic footwear. The shoe has been updated to include more modern color mixes. These sent their popularity skyrocketing even more as people now had access to not only a shoe that looked good, but one in funky and hip colors.

In closing, the Onitsuka Mexico 66 is a very popular shoe. It has been around for over 40 years and this is due to the fact that the shoe is designed well and stylish. It also helps that the shoe has been updated to match the likes of the current generation.

Individuals who want amazing deals as well as more information on the Asics Mexico 66, please visit the website. Here low prices as well as a wide range of colors abound as it relates to this shoe.

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Overview of the Asics Onitsuka Mexico Sneaker

By Janene Dalton

There are some shoes that are able to stand the test of time. These shoes are able to grip the culture and will not let go. One such shoe is the Asics Onitsuka Mexico 66. For people who want a brief overview of the Asics Onitsuka Mexico, then this is the article for you to read.

The Asics Onitsuka Mexico 66 was first released in 1966. Since that time, the shoe has been a part of the popular shoe culture for over 4 decades. Over the time, the shoe has been updated to include new and modern color styles.

Many people love this Asics shoe based off the fact that it is a high performance training sneaker. Aside from performance, the shoe is very comfortable and looks extremely stylish. Below is just a short overview of what this shoe has to offer.

Overview of the Asics Onitsuka Mexico
  • The shoe has a retro/classic appeal
  • Comes with the signature Asics tiger stripes
  • Originally designed for the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games
  • Retro runners have updated colors to make them more modern and stylish
  • Uppers made out of suede and leather, gives it a stylish contrast
  • Comfort provided courtesy of a textile insole
  • Flexibility and support a result of the cushioned EVA midsole
  • Logo tab at the back of the shoe allows it to go on and come off easily
  • Great traction provided by the rubber outsole
The Asics Onitsuka Mexico is one shoe that people will not regret purchasing. The shoe looks extremely good, it is comfortable and there are a wide range of colors available for everyone. This is one shoe that should be at the top of everyone's list, due to the fact that it not only because it performs so well, but it also looks very good.

To purchase Asics Mexico 66 for low prices, please check out the website. This website will allow people to not only purchase cheap shoes, but also get information on the different ones available.

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The Stylish Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneaker

By Janene Dalton

The ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is an extremely popular athletic shoe. This shoe has been around for years and its popularity only seems to increase. As with any shoe, there are a wide variety of colors that are available. Some are plain, some are a strange mixture and others are just too bright. We have written this article to look at the the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 by ASICS are available in. We will highlight why this shoe is so popular why people should definitely own a pair.

The Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 first came on the market in 1966. This shoe was designed with the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City in mind. Many of the athletes at the time wore the shoe and it proved to be a great success.

The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is designed to be a runner/trainer. However over the years, the shoe has evolved to become more casual. Many people like it because it is comfortable and it also looks great when worn with casual clothing such as jeans or shorts. The shoe is available in many different trendy colors, which means it can be worn with just about anything.

The design of the shoe is simple, however it is this style that has led the shoe to be called a classic. What people get is a shoe that has a leather upper as well as a toe covering that is made out of suede. The side of the shoe contains the famous Tiger Stripes and this is what the Mexico 66 is known for. The shoe also has other offshoots such as the Mexico Tigress and the Mexico 66 Baja. The Tigress is a female shoe that has its designed for the trendy woman. The Baja is almost has the same design, the only different is that it comes with Velcro.

The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is a very amazing shoe. It is timeless classic due to the fact that it has a style that can be nowhere else. It is very sophisticated, while at the same time cool and stylish. This is one shoe that people should consider owning at least once in their lifetime. Once they wear one pair, they will never want another sneaker again.

For people who are looking for cheap prices and deals on the Asics Mexico 66, they can visit the website. Here there is detailed information as well as links to low prices on this popular sneaker.

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Asics Mexico Tiger - A Classic Shoe That Everyone Loves

By Janene Dalton

Having the right footwear is extremely important. Most individuals wear shoes that offer comfort, support or are stylish. There is one shoe that embodies all of those traits and that is the Asics Mexico Tiger. This article will take a look at this extremely popular shoe, and what people should expect from it.

The Asics Mexico Tiger was developed and unleashed to the world in 1966. Yes you read right, 40 years ago these popular shoes were first made available. They are as popular as they were way back then. With these shoes individuals are getting a classic training shoe that fits in well with everyday life. There is a leather upper that has a suede toe overlay. The side of the shoe contains the classic Tiger Side Stripes. There is a padded tongue, cushioned insole and rubber outsole for excellent traction. When all of these come together, the end result is a flawless shoe.

The Asics Mexico Tiger was developed to be running shoes; however over time they have become more of a casual product that is not only comfortable but also extremely stylish. There are a wide variety of colors available and they work well with whatever fashion style. There is a reason why these shoes are so popular after all these years and that is mainly due to the fact that these shoes work well. They worked well 40 years ago and they work well now. The look of the shoe is classic and it looks amazing on the feet.

The Asics Mexico Tiger is one shoe that individuals will not regret purchasing. This classic shoe still maintains its popularity based off the fact that people love the look, design and feel. This is a sneaker that should definitely be at the top of any footwear aficionado's list.

If you want to more information or to get great deals on the Asics Mexico 66, please visit the website for more details. Here people can not only get low prices, but some of the best deals anywhere on the internet.

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Asics Women's Mexico 66 - A Shoe That All Women Need

By Janene Dalton

Trying to find women's sneakers can sometimes be a hard task. Some women who are looking for sneakers often want shoes that are fashionable, comfortable and also super cute. Luckily the Asics Womens Mexico 66 is that shoe. This article will take a look at this shoe and what it has to offer.

The Asics Women's Mexico 66 is a classic sneaker that is fashionably trendy. It has been around for a long time, but it has still managed to remain relevant due to its good looks and its successfulness in giving exceptional performance.

Generally women can expect a shoe that prioritizes support and performance. You get a shoe that is comfortable, while at the same time able to handle the rigors of training such as running or walking. The shoe is able to achieve all of this with leather and suede uppers that wrap the feet in support. There is also an EVA midsole that is able to give the feet the comfort it needs. The outsole of the shoe is made out of rubber that will provide the right traction.

The Asics Mexico 66 for women is a really trendy and stylish shoe. It comes in a wide range of colors that are geared specifically towards women. These colors are cool and funky and they help to enhance the look of any outfit. The major selling point of these sneakers is the fact that they look so good.

When it comes to shoes that are cool, hip and comfortable, the Asics Womens Mexico 66 stands out from all the others. The various different designs, colors and styles are done with women in mind. For women who are looking for a sneaker to buy, then this should definitely be at the top of the list.

Women who are looking for great deals on the Asics Mexico 66 should visit the website. Low prices, free shipping and a wide range of colors are all available right there.

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Is the Band T-shirt Dead?

By M Thomson

Are music and band t-shirts dead?


Fashions come and go by definition, yet there are some articles of clothing that never go out of fashion completely. Usually an innovation comes along, or a peripheral trend drags them back into the public eye. For example, I'm thinking about denim jeans which have been a dominating and iconic item of clothing for decades, yet which seem to come in and out of vogue depending on other factors such as celebrity endorsement or innovation in styles of cuts.

Another fashion classic is the music or band t-shirt. Are band t-shirts dead? Should they be consigned to the fashion room 101 along with stapress slacks and chunky cardigans with leather patches on the elbows? No, says this music t-shirt fan. Music and band t-shirts are still rocking on.

Where t-shirts began

T-shirts used to be undergarments. Nondescript items of clothing and nothing to shout about. That all changed when James Dean famously wore his classic white T-shirt in Rebel Without a Cause. Suddenly T-shirts because a youth item, a rebellious item of clothing that defied the formal shirt and tie wearing older generation. However, the shirts were plain. Mainly white in fact.

In the late 1950's however, things were about to change with the invention of a new material called plastisol ink which made it possible to print durable designs onto clothing. T-shirts continued to be the clothing of the rebellious throughout the sixties, when tie dying and other processes gave them a further surge in popularity. Bands also began to use t-shirts as a means of promotion, as did concerts where they were sold as souvenirs.

Music tees hit the mainstream

Thus, t-shirts moved into the mainstream as dress styles shifted away from the formal suit and ties of the early sixties to the more casual look. Iron on transfers arrived in the 1970s which enabled t-shirt stores to open up in every town and shopping centre printing almost unlimited t-shirt designs. No trip to the seaside was complete without the acquisition of a cool new t-shirt, printed to order.

The punk explosion of the mid 1970's then gave t-shirts a whole new lease of life with designers such as Vivienne Westwood adapting and creating outrageous new t-shirt designs using pop art images, safety pins and shocking prints. Once again, they became a potentially edgy and important fashion statement.

Through the nineties, t-shirts became less of a fashion statement and more of a middle of the road safe clothing staple. All bands now promote themselves, their tours, and their albums using t-shirts alongside other media. In fact, t-shirt sales are still a major source of income from band tours, and many tours are accompanied by exclusive gig only t-shirts that can't be bought anywhere else. They remain associated strongly with music, but also with any other form of popular culture.

Where teenagers might show their allegiances to beliefs, bands or television shows by wearing button badges, most adults now do the same using t-shirts, as button badges are generally considered less acceptable for the older generation. Because band and music tees have been around since the 60's, there are now 50+ years of designs for music t-shirt companies to plunder and reissue, and there are many classic t-shirt designs still available today.

Major bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd have dozens if not hundreds of officially licensed t-shirts on sale from a wide range of sources. Television shows like Southpark, The Simpsons and Family Guy are also popular t-shirt targets and grown ups of any age can proudly, and subtly (or so they hope!) show their hipness by sporting a particular t-shirt when out and about. Dress down Fridays at workplaces (where formal clothes are normally worn between Monday to Thursday) are a great opportunity for those considered stuffy and out of touch to correct what they might consider to be a misconception.

In the UK, t-shirts are more popular than ever at the moment with skinny fit t-shirts being particularly appealing to skinny youths, while the wider folk amongst us still reach for the Large to XXL. All the hippest bands whether young or old, or fresh or established have t-shirts available. Lady Ga Ga, The Killers, Lily Allen, Snow Patrol, Morrissey, The Gallows etc.

For fans of Heavy Metal, t-shirts, usually black, have been a staple since the mid 70's onwards and there are some fantastic metal t-shirts available for fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead etc. and the graphic designs on these shirts are legendary and unique amongst the music t-shirt industry as most other genres tend to focus on band photos or album covers.


So, what will you wear on your holiday this summer? Ok, you could get yourself a nice hawaiian shirt, or a dull polo from the high street. But I think you want to express yourself and wear your heart on your chest. There's no better way to do this than via a band or music t-shirt. Show you care, show you're cool. Buy a hip band t-shirt from a site like and you can't go wrong. Casual yet deliberate. Comfortable yet stylish. Are music t-shirts dead as a fashion item? Yes, but only if you're too square to wear one.

About the author: Martin Thomson runs a music and band t-shirt site based in London called selling official licensed band t-shirts and merchandise covering a multitude of bands. He also stocks and sells official movie and TV t-shirts including the Simpsons, Family Guy, Marvel Comics, and much more. Martin's first t-shirt was a sky blue shirt with "ABBA" printed across the chest, obtained on Blackpool's south pier in the mid 1970's. Sadly, he doesn't have it any more, nor would he fit into it as he was 6 at the time! When he's not selling t-shirts he's trying to save UK consumers money on which he fills with online shopping special offers and discount voucher codes.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Story of Polo's Ralph Lauren

By Marc D.

Ralph Lauren Lipchitz was born on October 14, 1939 in New York and eventually became one of the leaders in contemporary design. From a Jewish family and raised in Bronx he studied economics at the City College of Manhattan where he excelled with the clarity of knowing what he wanted to do and how he would do it.

At the age of 25 he married Ricky Low-Beer, a woman that accompanied him silently in all his endeavors in an unconditional way while raising their 3 children who are now part of the company.

Ralph began his career in the fashion world in 1967. His first job was working for Beau Brummell Neckwear, a company that made ties and was the inspiration of what was going to give birth as his own brand. That year he launched a company named Polo. He was making originals ties, which could express something different for the people that used them: namely class, style and elegance.

The next year he joined Norman Hilton and founded Polo Fashions New York and began incorporating a full line of clothes for men.

In 1969 he established the first retail store that was located inside another, revolutionizing the concept of the retail environment during that time period as his store was inside of Bloomingdale's in New York.

Ralph Lauren kept continuously driving fashion world trends with his first clothing line for women in 1972 when he first introduced the famous polo shirt and polo player logo. He stated at one point that when he designs a woman's collection, he has a character in his mind. Things like: Who is she? Where does she live? What does she like? He studies her personality and designs for and through her. Through this concept Ralph Lauren shows how he can decode the iconography of the United States in his vision, both Western Native American culture and the West Hollywood glamour.

In 1974 he began incorporating film dressing as Robert Redford wore Polo in The Great Gatsby movie.

In 1981 he inaugurated his first store in London and 2 years latter was the first fashion designer creating an entire line of home furnishings.

The zenith of his spirit was created in 1986 when he turned to the Rhinelander mansion in New York, a spectacular building from the late nineteenth century, and placed the flagship store for the company. From the 90's the company extended to the sport world with his successful line Polo Sport to the upper segments of the market and significantly strengthened his financial position when the company went public in 1997.

Marc D. has worked for various Fortune 500 companies, has started multiple entrepreneurial endeavors and has acquired various personal interests including content writing over the years. Please visit one of his latest interests in lawn care where he provides information on lawn mower tires, lawn mower cover options and other types of related lawn care products.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Icons Hairstyles Setting Cultural Trends

By Andrea Dilea

Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous do not only serve to be their identity signatures. These may also signal cultural shifts and trends. A celebrity's hairstyle is a statement to the world. And when that hairstyle is copied and becomes popular, it just might have affected people's inter-relationships. Thus, we can say the possibility exists for a hairstyle to set a social trend.

Hairstyles of celebrities symbolize each generation, era. From a hairstyle we can say what decade it was. In the 50s, the hairstyles were held firmly in place; that was the era of reconstruction in the US. The 60s was a transition from the reconstruction to the boom. There was relative prosperity and it could be seen in the entry of the "Twiggy' and the Page Boy.

The 70s was the Age of Aquarius, a radical era of the hippies, the Black Panthers, anti-Vietnam War, LSD, Woodstock. Adults had taken on a laid-back attitude to life and the youth were speaking out against decades-old or century-old traditions. This was the age of nonconformism where boys and men sported hair as long as or longer than womens'. The general hairstyle of that era was long, free-flowing, just the way they wanted their world to be. It was more open rebellion in the 80s where hair was now wild curls or drastic harsh cuts.

The end of the millennium to the present new millennium shows hairstyles mixing decades in various manner. This bespeaks the current life attitude which is looking at the past and getting from it what can be used to combine with each other to create something completely new.

Celebrity hairstyles also set trends in fashion. A celebrity cut that becomes popular gives inspiration to new fashion designs. The 70s long flowing hair popularized middle-east inspired caftans and Hawaiian muumuus. This was a marked contrast to the structured hairstyle of the 50s combined with the stiff suits and the rigid lifestyle. The wild cuts and curls of the 80s saw metal and leather clothes and accessories abounding.

Movies, TV programs, groups have given society hairstyles that had become popular. Figures that become icons start a trend that spreads throughout the generation of that time. The worldwide phenomenon of the Beatles created a hairstyle that, in like manner, also became popular worldwide. Michael Jackson and Motown popularized the Afro which crossed the Atlantic to Europe and even Asia.

The fashion star Twiggy created the Twiggy hair and started the penchant for anorexic thinness which still exists to this day. Charlie's Angels catapulted Farah Fawcett and the Farah Fawcett hairdo to world popularity. In recent years, the TV show Friends put the "Rachel" in several other countries for almost a decade.

The cut or style of hair affects how people live. The 60s firm and structured hairstyles called for a lot of preparation which meant the women had to get up earlier to have time enough to fix their hair. This would make a working day more exhausting. The long flowing hairstyles or short cropped ones which are easier to maintain give people time for other tasks at the start of the day.

Let's hope for celebrity hairstyles to always afford us the time. If we can't keep from copying them.

Andrea has penned articles on many varied aspects of life for over 3 years and for something different suggest you might be interested in handbags and wallets or maybe Isabella Fiore handbags might interest you!

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Easy Accessibility of Buying Rolling Stones T-Shirts Online

By Tariq Amin

The internet is becoming more and more a tool for shopping online. More people are talking about it which makes others try it out, and most people have a fairly good shopping experience online. I could use any example of a particular brand of t-shirt but for this article I am using the example of Rolling Stones T-Shirts.

Everybody knows about the Rolling Stones, they have millions of fans worldwide so Rolling Stones merchandise is very popular in particular; Rolling Stones t-shirts are hugely popular because of their different styles, different colours, you can get them for men women and children, and because of the internet you can get a Rolling Stones t-shirt relatively cheap.

The internet is a fantastic tool for finding a particular product that you couldn't hope to find in your home town or city. I am a fan of The Rolling Stones and I live in a small town in the North of England. There are no retail outlets for me to go out and find a Rolling Stones t-shirt to buy. So for people like me the internet is a great place to do some internet shopping and find the exact size and style I want for my t-shirt.

The best place to start looking is Google. There will be many search results that you will find on Google's first few pages relative to your search. You can be as specific as you want in the Google search box and you should find a website with a product that fits your search criteria on the first page. If you find that Google are suggesting websites with brand new t-shirts that are too expensive, another good place to find a specific t-shirt you want is eBay.

Not only can you find brand new items on eBay but you can specify with check boxes if want a t-shirt that's new without tags, or if you're happy buying used garment. These particular results will give you much more inexpensive items for sale. Amazon is another great online shopping retailer where you will find so many different styles and colours of the t-shirt you want. Amazon is great place for finding those bargains because of so many other sellers on Amazon competing to sell the same product, it drives the price down and makes it beneficial for you and I to bag a bargain.

So this concludes my article of an easy way of inexpensively purchasing a particular colour and style of Rolling Stones t-shirt online. Remember you can apply this to absolutely any other style or brand of t-shirt and there's no doubt you'll start to get the internet shopping bug, once you start you'll not be able to stop looking for those bargains.

Tariq Amin is an entrepreneur, eBay Power Seller and owner of company Signify promotions. I am passionate about football, Manchester United in particular, I enjoy reading books about business and reading about other peoples business ventures and successes.

Rolling Stones t Shirt

Rolling Stones Tongue & Lips

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