Saturday, October 24, 2009

Asics Mexico Tiger - A Classic Shoe That Everyone Loves

By Janene Dalton

Having the right footwear is extremely important. Most individuals wear shoes that offer comfort, support or are stylish. There is one shoe that embodies all of those traits and that is the Asics Mexico Tiger. This article will take a look at this extremely popular shoe, and what people should expect from it.

The Asics Mexico Tiger was developed and unleashed to the world in 1966. Yes you read right, 40 years ago these popular shoes were first made available. They are as popular as they were way back then. With these shoes individuals are getting a classic training shoe that fits in well with everyday life. There is a leather upper that has a suede toe overlay. The side of the shoe contains the classic Tiger Side Stripes. There is a padded tongue, cushioned insole and rubber outsole for excellent traction. When all of these come together, the end result is a flawless shoe.

The Asics Mexico Tiger was developed to be running shoes; however over time they have become more of a casual product that is not only comfortable but also extremely stylish. There are a wide variety of colors available and they work well with whatever fashion style. There is a reason why these shoes are so popular after all these years and that is mainly due to the fact that these shoes work well. They worked well 40 years ago and they work well now. The look of the shoe is classic and it looks amazing on the feet.

The Asics Mexico Tiger is one shoe that individuals will not regret purchasing. This classic shoe still maintains its popularity based off the fact that people love the look, design and feel. This is a sneaker that should definitely be at the top of any footwear aficionado's list.

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