Saturday, October 24, 2009

Men's Fashion of the 1970's - Perennial Clothing, Neckties & Accessories Still Stylish Today

By Jackie D.

1970's men's fashion has endured more than many had ever imagined. It is certainly true that all fashion becomes outdated at one point. Such was the case with the many unique clothes of the 1970's as the look and fashion of the "Me Decade" became passé in the early 1980's. However, like other styles of fashion, the look of the 1970's ended up making a comeback roughly a decade ago as the feel for 70's nostalgia made a comeback.

Today, there are many vintage clothing sellers that provide a great deal of clothing from past generations and some of these clothes look just as great today as they did when they were first released. Yes, there are a few items that are reproductions that have only recently been manufactured. However, a lot of those items ARE original items that are 30+ years old and still look amazingly well. That is why they sell so strongly despite the great many years that have passed.

Popular Accessories

The various items that commonly sell can be considered "perennials." That is, there are a few items that really do not go out of style or can be incorporated into modern fashion apparel. For example, some of the hats from the era are still snazzy looking to this day. The same could be said of the sunglasses from the time period as they can truly add to the unique look of an outfit. Actually, a combination of hat and sunglasses can make for a very stunning look.

Men's Neckwear

Men's neckties from the era were probably the first apparel item to make a comeback although they did so in a more organic manner. That is to say, they started to make a comeback long before 1970's fashion started to take on a vintage appeal. Men's ties from the era crept back into the world of fashion in the 1980's and did so for a good reason: they looked good. Actually, they still look good and can be effectively integrated into any modern formal clothing concept. Again, this is because men's neckwear from the era looks good and can still make a suit look stunning.

Leather Jackets

Without a doubt, one of the most popular vintage apparel items from the 1970's would be the classic tan leather jacket that is so common in vintage shops these days. Of course, these jackets were made popular from the old television show STARSKY AND HUTCH. While some may not remember the old program, the jacket has endured and that is why it remains for sale in many shops 35+ years after the first jackets rolled into stores.


Yes, 1970's men's fashion truly was unique and original and that is why it is it remains popular today. Those looking to spiff up their wardrobe would certainly gain from seeking out a solid supplier of 1970's men's fashion.

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  1. I used to have this Denim Jacket with a sunburst that I had painted on it with a Pink Floyd prism in it, which I wore to school each day in High School, back in 1983. I lived in Santa Clarita, CA which was a very straight, upper-class suburban bedroom community type of place, and it really raised eyebrows to have someone dressed in clothing looking like it came from 1971, complete with a purple-paisley head band (with an occasional little daisy poked into it, just to be REALLY corny about this.) The thing was, I took my look very seriously...I'd just gotten into acid the summer before, and was WAY into it. And still am, today! Or would be, if the stuff hadn't gone totally extinct, even here in San Francisco. (From 1982 to present, I have taken about 900 acid trips and not one of them has been a bad one. Not one!)

    I will definitely have to put a link to your blog on the sidebar of the one I just started up, which is called Counterculture Vulture!


  2. I agree that some styles do go out of fashion but I think things like jeans, formal shirts and scarfs don't.

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