Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Has the Onitsuka Mexico 66 Stayed So Relevant?

By Janene Dalton

Shoes come and go, you will have a new style released this year and it is nowhere to be found the year after. Some shoes define those odds as they are so popular. Some even stick around for years. This article will take a look at one particular shoe, the Onitsuka Mexico 66. It will examine how the shoe is able to remain so relevant decades after it was released.

The Onitsuka Mexico 66 was released over forty years ago. The world was first introduced to the sneaker in 1966. The shoe was designed specifically for the Olympics in 1968 and a large majority of the athletes who participated in Mexico City wore them.

The Onitsuka Mexico 66 has remained relevant 4 decades later due to the fact that the shoe is designed well and it also looks good.

The shoe is designed for running and it has a track style look. It comes with leather upper that is intermixed with suede. There are the popular side Tiger stripes and there is also a vintage heel flap. The sneaker comes with an EVA midsole to provide comfort and there is a rubber outsole to provide great traction. The shoe has a full laced up front that comes with a tongue that is padded and a fabric lining.

Style is what this shoe offers and this due to the fact that it has a retro look. Many people seek these shoes out due to the fact that they can jazz their feet up with this classic footwear. The shoe has been updated to include more modern color mixes. These sent their popularity skyrocketing even more as people now had access to not only a shoe that looked good, but one in funky and hip colors.

In closing, the Onitsuka Mexico 66 is a very popular shoe. It has been around for over 40 years and this is due to the fact that the shoe is designed well and stylish. It also helps that the shoe has been updated to match the likes of the current generation.

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