Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Create the Vintage Look Using Custom Modern Suits

By Chris Vance

It seems a little counter-intuitive but today's newest and most modern cuts draw inspiration from the "modern" vintage cuts of the 60's. Confusing enough? Fact is the cut of suit that is classified as Modern really is the new updated silhouette for suits ... its just 50 years old! MOD styling was a revolutionary change in form and function in mens suits during the early to mid sixties and just like anything that is worth its salt, decades later it still just as fashionable and stylish.

Many designers draw on the MOD look for inspiration in their own collections, most will only implement little cues and details. No major design house really puts a focus on recreating the look, authentically speaking. This leaves suit aficionados with a couple of choices to get what they are looking for - Vintage suits or Custom.

Vintage suits of course are a great way to go as always they will be the most authentic. The problem is most of the truly great versions of these suits are hard to come by and if you are lucky enough to find one, a 50+ year old suit in great condition is near unheard of. Yet many swear this is the only way to go. The trade-off is basically style for function.

Custom suits are the best alternative for someone looking to get the modern styling and maintain the functionality of a suit that is wearable every day. The biggest challenge is finding a custom tailor that understands the details and philosophy behind these masterpieces. The best thing is to be educated before you shop.

Here are some things you will want to keep in mind when ordering custom modern suits:
  • Look to start with heavier fabrics. This is the basic starting point for a vintage look. MOD suits did not use "super" ultra light weight wools. They used heavy gaberdine's, tweeds and shark skins some weighing as much as 15 oz per yard.
  • Stay consistent with the details. MOD suits were known for their skinny lapels, short jackets and high button stances. If you do not like ALL the details about the cut it might be best to skip the look all together.
  • The Trousers. Keep them flat front and with no belt loops. No one wore these suits with a belt. Have your custom tailors sew in suspender buttons and adjuster tabs. This will help keep your pants up where they should be.
Chris Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for Requisite clothing, a custom clothing design house specializing in custom suits, custom shirts, custom tuxedos and sports wear for both men and women.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

70s Clothing

hippieImage via WikipediaBy Suzie Chandlar

The 1970s is the decade that gave birth to fun and electrifying styles in the fashion world. People during that era defined fashion as an adventurous immersion into loud and extravagant clothing designs. Popular trends were characterized by conspicuous outfits, heavy makeup and outlandish hairdos. The highest level of fashion experimentation happened in that decade, although that doesn't mean to say that all the designs created then can still be considered glamorous today. 70s clothes were in a class of their own.

Some fabulous pieces can still be adapted by modern fashion but others are too reminiscent of the era and they probably best remain as iconic and distinctive representations of that period. After all is said and done, the designs of that daring and innovative time left a legacy that is unparalleled by other fashion trends and they are characteristically and undeniably considered as 70s fashion.

Some of the unique trends that gained popularity during the 70s are the afro hairdo, neon colored clothing, flared pants, and hippie outfits. The outrageous concoction of bright colors was just stunning. The combination of psychedelic designs such as floral prints, animal patterns, lacy fabrics, and sequined and glossy textures are just awe-inspiring. Never in a million years would you consider some of the pattern and fabric combinations but they just worked well during the 70s.

Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun with the mixing and matching of seemingly incompatible pieces of garment. It was just so amazing. The crazy hot pink and neon green wigs with ruffled purple blouses for women were outstanding and the yellow suit jackets and matching pants with animal printed collars for the men were simply breathtaking. The glam rock fashion was totally in and everybody was jumping on the bandwagon.

It is great to see that we can relive that colorful era with costume parties these days, and what better place to find these clothes than vintage and thrift stores that display such a wide assortment of these vibrant and extravagant fashion relics. You can also find quite a few of these eye catching old fashions available both online and off at shops that specialize in vintage clothing or costumes based on the fashions of previous decades. For people who want to get their hands on original clothing from the actual era, sites like eBay might be a good solution, but prices may be higher than you would expect as demand for this old clothing has been growing over recent years.

If you have a love of the seventies, you might enjoy reading more about 70's clothes.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegan and Veggie Handbags

Jim Thompson HandbagImage by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel via FlickrBy Vickie Chatsworth

Today, consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of cruelty-free options when it comes to fashion-forward handbags. The revolution in animal and environment protection has created a plethora of vegan handbag options in various styles, shapes, and colors. The demand for vegan items, which are ever-increasing in popularity, has led dozens of manufacturers and leading designer names to jump on the bandwagon, from mainstream names to niche vegan designers. There are even PETA-approved handbags for those looking to be sure they are buying the most animal-friendly handbag option available.

Interested in a chic, cruelty-free, vegan bag? Curious consumers will be happy to know that vegan handbags come in every style, color, and shape imaginable, just like the bags on the mainstream fashion market. Vegan handbags offer the consumer the assurance of environment conservation. The handbags are created from cruelty free natural materials such as plants or organic materials. The variety of styles is influenced by the needs, demands, and individuality of the consumer, not by any limits of the materials used. Today, vegan bags allow modern day vegans to make the bold fashion statement they are after, without harming any animals in the process.

Making a distinctive style statement, many designers are using materials such as faux fur, PVC plastic, stainless steel, microfibers, jute, and aluminum in the creation of their bags. Whether made with natural fibers or artificial materials, a wide variety of styles and textures is possible, with absolutely no stylistic limitations. Not a fan of faux fur because you think it won't fool anyone? Guess again! Today, faux fur and leather have an appearance and texture that is nearly identical to the animal-based materials they replicate. You won't have to limit yourself to a small range of handbag possibilities just because you want to go vegan with your fashion choices. The variety in style and texture options is only highlighted by the ingenious handbag ideas provided by major designers.

Today, consumers are searching for the right choices when making any purchase. Vegan accessories are affordable and will not hurt the environment. Contributing through conservation is the best way of giving back, but who says you can't do it in style? Make your stylish statement while joining PETA supporters and animal rights activists to make a bigger statement. Strut your stuff with a vegan handbag and receive complements for your all-natural style selection.

Not only do vegan handbags come in a surprising array of materials and styles, but colors as well. The environmentally safe dyes that are used to create vegan handbags are creating a stir in style. Consumers are able to replace their favorite purse with a vegan alternative that can match any outfit.

Many designers are exercising their right to a safe environment and an animal's right to live by offering the vegan alternatives through major retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online. The recent attention to the environment and the importance of conservation has fueled this iconic fashion change. Consumers are able to stay chic for cheap through the cruelty free options offered by hangbag designers. Vegan handbags are the style choice of the future. Saving the life of innocent animal and saving money has never seemed so rewarding.

Vegan Chic offer a full selection of vegan shoes. Also check out their collection of vegan handbags.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Bamboo Wardrobe - Eco Clothing For Any Occasion

By Richard N. Williams

When you mention bamboo most people think of the long cane-like grass much favoured by gardeners and pandas. So when you talk about a bamboo wardrobe people may assume you are talking about the closet itself and not its contents. However, bamboo is not only a useful building material it can be turned into a material which can make eco-friendly clothing suitable for any occasion.

Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable grass. Entire fields can grow, be cut, and regrow in a matter of weeks; therefore, bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural materials there is and as no herbicides or pesticides are needed to assist its growth it is incredibly eco-friendly.

Bamboo clothing is also manufactured without using any harmful chemicals and bamboo clothing has some other remarkable properties too. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and is reactive to temperature; it allows air to penetrate, allowing you to remain cool, but also it can retain heat when it gets cold. For this reason, as a material it has often been used as bamboo sports wear and active wear, like bamboo yoga clothing. However, there is much more to bamboo clothing than just sports gear.

Bamboo makes fantastic socks, indeed, because of its anti-bacterial and breathable properties it can assist people who struggle with foot odour, excessively sweaty feet and conditions like athlete's foot. But bamboo can also be stylish. A wide range of bamboo t-shirts, jumpers, shirts and tops are now available for men, women and children. And, as bamboo is as equally soft as cotton, there are also bamboo towels and even bamboo baby clothing available.

And as bamboo is so sustainable, it is not expensive either. You'll pay no more for a good quality bamboo clothing as you would for a comparative product in cotton or nylon. For many people who wish to be eco-friendly but remain stylish, bamboo is really good alternative to many fibres and materials we normally buy. So, whether it's a bamboo polo shirt, top, new jumper or just a pair of socks - think bamboo for an eco-friendly, stylish and comfortable alternative.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in eco clothes or other eco-friendly products

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Think Eco-Friendly, Think Citizen Eco Watch

Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive AP0440-14F Diver's...Image via WikipediaBy Reba C. Geoghegan

In the modern world, being eco-friendly has become a big issue. People from different industries have realized the importance of being eco-friendly. Now, when we are using the term eco-friendly, we want to mean an industry which is making use of some alternate source of energy for its operation. As far as, the watch industry is concerned, Citizen was one of the first to realize the importance of being eco-friendly and thus Citizen Eco watch came into the picture.

These timepieces are come under special brand of watches in which the optimum utilization of other resources of energy is used. The different types of Citizen Eco watch available are the ones that have light as the source of power, temperature difference as the power source and some use hybrid eco-drive movement.

Now, going in a bit of detail of these watches, the watches which make use of light as the source of power are generally equipped with a secondary battery. This secondary battery, in general, gets powered by the solar energy. Since, in most of the cases, the watch gets exposed to sunlight for a considerable amount of time during the time during the day, the secondary battery absorbs enough resources to drive the watch.

Moving to the next type of watches that is the one which makes use of the difference of temperature as the source of power, we find that in these cases, the difference of the temperature between the wearer's arm and the surrounding environment is taken as the source of a constant power when the wearer is wearing the watch in his or her hand. For the third type of watch belonging to this class, hybrid technology is used.

In general the life expectancy of these secondary batteries is also very high and so these watches can surely be relied upon.

You can read more information before you buy citizen eco watch, and read exclusive reviews casio watch bands from my websites.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hippie Clothes

A tie dyed lace tank. Photo taken by User:Gezi...                              Image via WikipediaBy Jose Franela

Many people might remember the 60s and 70s era as the hippie era. Hippie culture was the most dominant culture during these times. Hippie clothes and the hippie lifestyle were the most popular culture and everybody wanted to belong to this group.
The "hipster" term in London referred to the cool people and was actually based on the word hippie. Many would say that the clothes of the hippie would be the catchiest part of the whole hippie culture. But most people cannot remember the whole essence of the hippie culture.

Hippie culture actually started as a movement that was pro-nature and anti-war. It was started by people that could not tolerate violence around them. They loved nature and they incorporated it in their clothes. They used clothes that have lots of colors and that use cotton and hemp as the cloth for their clothes. It was during these times that unkempt sexiness was popular. The hippies spread the message of love and peace.
Girls wore colorful loose sexy spaghetti strap tops, paired with bell bottoms and leather sandals. Their hair was kept straight and uncombed. Native accessories were also popular in these times and scarves and bandanas were used as headbands as were flowers. More popular clothing items from the hippie culture were baja hoodies, tie dye shirts, and leather vests.

Nowadays, maxi dresses, rompers, and other dresses that are hippie-inspired are back in trend and popular again.

Though hippie clothes are popular and are back in trend and loved by most, the people who really live the ideas and thoughts of the hippie culture are not as loved. They are criticized by many. Despite this, they still
continue to spread the message and ideals of the culture.

You can buy hippie clothes at Mexican Threads where they offer everything from hippie door beads to baja hoodies.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Environmentally Friendly Baja Hoodies

By Bruce Bentley

Cool hoodies for men come in all kinds of shapes and colors. Traditionally, the baja shirt was seen as a "drug rug" or "cannabis cloak", but that image is way outdated and irrelevant these days - unless you still care what your parents think! The baja shirt is usually made in a cool array of colors from some kind of knitted yarn or other material. Various fibers can be used. For anyone who wants to look their best in simple, casual clothing, a hoodie is a good choice.

Many good stores will carry Small hoodies up to 3XL hoodies - they are available in such a wide range of sizes almost anyone can fit into one! Baja hoodies are especially great in winter given how comfortable and insulating they are. A hoodie that fits you well will keep you even warmer. If you feel conscious about the environment, you should pay attention to what kind of fiber is used in the making of the hoodie.

Some materials are advertised as being more friendly to the environment than other more artificial ones. With styles of cool hoodies available in anything from wild Rasta patterns to simpler plain gray, it's easy to find great looking hoodies for men that will suit you really well. The Mexican Threads baja hoodies are made from recycled materials that prevent pollution from old textiles entering landfills. So go green and buy a Mexican hoodie today. These sweaters are becoming very popular and make great gifts as well.

Buy a baja hoodie online at Mexican Threads, they home of rasta baja hoodie.

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