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70s Clothing

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The 1970s is the decade that gave birth to fun and electrifying styles in the fashion world. People during that era defined fashion as an adventurous immersion into loud and extravagant clothing designs. Popular trends were characterized by conspicuous outfits, heavy makeup and outlandish hairdos. The highest level of fashion experimentation happened in that decade, although that doesn't mean to say that all the designs created then can still be considered glamorous today. 70s clothes were in a class of their own.

Some fabulous pieces can still be adapted by modern fashion but others are too reminiscent of the era and they probably best remain as iconic and distinctive representations of that period. After all is said and done, the designs of that daring and innovative time left a legacy that is unparalleled by other fashion trends and they are characteristically and undeniably considered as 70s fashion.

Some of the unique trends that gained popularity during the 70s are the afro hairdo, neon colored clothing, flared pants, and hippie outfits. The outrageous concoction of bright colors was just stunning. The combination of psychedelic designs such as floral prints, animal patterns, lacy fabrics, and sequined and glossy textures are just awe-inspiring. Never in a million years would you consider some of the pattern and fabric combinations but they just worked well during the 70s.

Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun with the mixing and matching of seemingly incompatible pieces of garment. It was just so amazing. The crazy hot pink and neon green wigs with ruffled purple blouses for women were outstanding and the yellow suit jackets and matching pants with animal printed collars for the men were simply breathtaking. The glam rock fashion was totally in and everybody was jumping on the bandwagon.

It is great to see that we can relive that colorful era with costume parties these days, and what better place to find these clothes than vintage and thrift stores that display such a wide assortment of these vibrant and extravagant fashion relics. You can also find quite a few of these eye catching old fashions available both online and off at shops that specialize in vintage clothing or costumes based on the fashions of previous decades. For people who want to get their hands on original clothing from the actual era, sites like eBay might be a good solution, but prices may be higher than you would expect as demand for this old clothing has been growing over recent years.

If you have a love of the seventies, you might enjoy reading more about 70's clothes.

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