Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Into The Realm of Organic Clothing: Bhu:Sattva

Carpeted runway and Moroccan lanternImage by burningkarma via FlickrBy Ronnie Manuel Joseph

It is the latest trend right now, organic clothing. In other words, clothing made of pure organic fabrics without the use of chemicals or synthetic dyes whatsoever. An eco-friendly fashion trend, quite a few high-end designers insist on having a collection of organic clothing for the environmentally conscious consumers.

Organic outfits primarily features organic cotton as the staple fabric used. Of late, a few international designers along with celebrity entrepreneurs such as Stella McCartney, U2s Bono, Emma Watson and others are expanding their fashion line by including a collection of organic-clothing. While this mainly involves the use of organic cotton, other alternatives include organic fabrics made from soy, corn, bamboo, etc. Comfort is one principal characteristic of organic-clothing.

Bhu:sattva is a popular Indian brand of organic outfits infused with nature's serenity and mystique. A singular collection, Bhu:sattva believes in conserving the beauty of nature. Bhu:sattva is a Gujarat based organic outfit brand that makes use of fabric featuring natural fibers in order to exude a calm aura that soothes the senses. Further designer Digvijay Singh's fashion sensibilities do justice to this eco-fashion brand. This collection appeals and doesn't overwhelm with its dramatic yet chic styling. A completely natural and organic collection, Bhu:sattva is for those who desire to get attuned to nature's mystical forces.

The colors used are mainly neutrals such as whites, blacks and greys along with feminine and charming mauves and lilacs. The use of such pleasing shades is bound to please most as it truly weaves a magic that's surreal.

The comfort that these organic outfits offer makes them great as lounge wear. Alternatively, they are quite perfect as casual wear outfits or semi-casual wear outfits as well and leaves lasting impressions. With flowy and feminine silhouettes coupled with soft color palette, this collection is truly elegance personified.

Cbazaar is one of the most popular Indian online clothing shops. Cbazaar is the biggest shop for organic clothing, Bhu:sattva, and eco-friendly clothing at the most reasonable price which can be purchased online and are delivered all over the world.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The International Labour Organisation on Fair Trade Clothing

WFTO Fair Trade Organization MarkImage via WikipediaBy Ronald Jackson

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) was set up in 1919 to promote good and fair working conditions for all men and women across the world as well as advancing opportunities for all through enhanced communication when it comes to those issues surrounding employment. The ILO has a set of international labour standards which it consults on with government bodies all over the world, promoting healthy, safe and fair working environments for all and those working in the production of clothes, shoes and accessories for sale in the UK are no different.

One of the effects of the globalisation of the textile, clothing and footwear industries was the emergence of sweatshops and concerns were raised that without coupling globalisation with social responsibility and justice working conditions could be seriously detrimental to the health of workers and the sustainability of the globalisation of fashion. These concerns were first brought to light in the mid 1990s and brought about plans to introduce modern health and safety processes to minimise risk of health problems and injuries and to lay out guidelines for businesses, employers and those trading with developing countries.

All the ILO member states were asked to join forces in the fight against unfair trade and working conditions, forced labour and child labour in an attempt to turn globalisation into a positive for all and not just for the Western World. The fashion industry sat up and took note and despite a slow start from some who were reluctant to jeopardise the good deal they had going in terms of price of materials and labour, as soon as companies realised the potentially serious effects of their choices on the human race.

Nowadays there are all sorts of ethical fashion labels out there but not many on the high street where the tide is slowly turning but where only one or two selected lines can be defined and marketed as fair trade. A big chunk of the barrier to full commitment to fair trade from all is price, unless companies can find a way to be able to offer competitively priced clothing and shoes as a result of fair trade and ethical processes they will find it difficult to make a successful business case for it. One way to start combating this issue is for consumers to invest in fashion and make ethical choices, once this starts to gather momentum, there will be a strong business case for all fashion to be fair trade and ethical.

Do your bit and buy from a great ethical fashion range online; choose from a large range of women's and men's clothing for all occasions.

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Get Trendy With Eco Friendly Handbags

By Julia Chiang

Are you planning to buy a gorgeous handbag that is great for all occasions and makes a perfect style statement too? Then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Eco-friendly handbags are the chic fashion statement this season. Now, you can be fashion-conscious and eco-conscious too. It's the new sexy with substance.

We all love stylized accessories and when it comes to handbags, it must be sassy and the latest trend of the season. What could be more fashionable than eco-friendly handbags, available in super cool and sustainable materials such as hemp, bamboo, jute, rubberwood, vegan leather and recycled polyester?

Women around the world have taken to these handbags with a zest never seen before. Is it the eco-consciousness? Is it the unique style? Is it the environmentally friendly materials? After years of recycling the same tired trends, the fashion industry has begun to embrace recycled materials.

In fact, this has become one of the most widely expanding and evolving segments in the fashion industry.

These days, you can find handbags that use recycled zippers, reclaimed jeans, sweaters, recycled books, candy wrappers, soda cans, motorcycle tire tubes, rice sacks, pre-worn leather and much more. This is more than a trend. It's a movement. It's the fashion of the future.

Eco friendly bags are light-weight and available in beautiful designs. Ranging from elegant to casual to wild, the stylistic design patterns are a true reflection of the alternative spirit that the segment stands for. The true appeal of these handbags is the attitude and the eco-consciousness they stand for, the new kind of luxury.

The smart and vogue eco friendly bags are comfortable and spacious. These bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and prices. It is easy to choose one to suit your image perfectly. You can walk into a store as well as browse online for a wider range of products. There are numerous sites which specialize in such handbags and offer cost-effective as well as high end solutions.

These handbags are the perfect find for young girls looking for the latest in styles and materials. In schools and colleges, where almost every other trend has become over-exposed, eco-friendly bags can set you apart as distinctly cool and sensible; you are seen as someone who has an eye for fashion and a heart for the environment.

Working women are forever looking for that perfect combination of glamour and elegance, something with both style and substance. For them, nothing fits the bill better than eco-friendly handbags. These bags offer easy distinction and help them make a style statement, even in the most conservative office environment.

Today, women's handbags are important fashion statements and if one is environmentally conscious, then nothing could be better than the eco-friendly handbags. In fact, these trendy and fashionable eco-friendly handbags have already become a craze in many parts of the word. By carrying one, you are a part of the fashion elite.

This article is written by an expert working for Reveal, a designer of eco handbags and eco friendly bags.

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