Thursday, September 2, 2010

Environmentally Friendly Baja Hoodies

By Bruce Bentley

Cool hoodies for men come in all kinds of shapes and colors. Traditionally, the baja shirt was seen as a "drug rug" or "cannabis cloak", but that image is way outdated and irrelevant these days - unless you still care what your parents think! The baja shirt is usually made in a cool array of colors from some kind of knitted yarn or other material. Various fibers can be used. For anyone who wants to look their best in simple, casual clothing, a hoodie is a good choice.

Many good stores will carry Small hoodies up to 3XL hoodies - they are available in such a wide range of sizes almost anyone can fit into one! Baja hoodies are especially great in winter given how comfortable and insulating they are. A hoodie that fits you well will keep you even warmer. If you feel conscious about the environment, you should pay attention to what kind of fiber is used in the making of the hoodie.

Some materials are advertised as being more friendly to the environment than other more artificial ones. With styles of cool hoodies available in anything from wild Rasta patterns to simpler plain gray, it's easy to find great looking hoodies for men that will suit you really well. The Mexican Threads baja hoodies are made from recycled materials that prevent pollution from old textiles entering landfills. So go green and buy a Mexican hoodie today. These sweaters are becoming very popular and make great gifts as well.

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