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Fairtrade Clothing Explained

WFTO Fair Trade Organization MarkImage via WikipediaBy John H Cooper

Even if you don't purchase it by now everyone has heard of fair-trade products. Many people have been informed or told to purchase fair-trade chocolate, wine, coffee and many more types of food but have you thought about fair-trade clothing?

I must admit until recently I hadn't heard of fair-trade clothing so I've written the following article to inform you of this and why it's so important. Don't forget that although fair-trade products are often more expensive you're helping to build the welfare and generate money flow in less privileged countries so people can create a better life for themselves.

Although this type of clothing is mainly found in the U.S., it's worth looking into which shops within the United Kingdom will supply this type of clothing.

This is a system put in place like with cocoa bean farmers to ensure that the woman and children who make the clothing for our countries in others will be treated fairly. The aim is to ensure these people will be treated as fairly as they would if they worked in England or any other wealthy country. With fair-trade workers it's mandatory that they are given minimum wage so that they can feed their families. Along with this it is forbidden that children work like it would be in the UK. Also like in our home country the working conditions are monitored on a regular basis so that any changes can be made if there is any hazard or danger to the workers or the surrounding environment.

Along with looking after the workers the materials used in the clothing is closely monitored. Only environment friendly products and materials will be used in the making of the clothing so there is as little damage as possible on the environment.

I hope this has helped to inform you.

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  1. Hey John
    Thanks for the great article.
    Fair Trade Clothing is becoming more and more popular worldwide and with the Transfair organization now labelling clothes in the US, it will become more prominant here too.
    You can check also out People Tree in the UK, they are a wonderful fashion label that are pioneers in Fair Trade Fashion.