Thursday, August 5, 2010

They're Back - The Return of the Wide Leg Pants

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By Tee Hamilton

Since I wasn't born until 1981 I missed out on the 60's and 70's fashion revolution. Clothes went from the groovy man, love peace and soul look to the punk rock, grunge and cross colors look. So I missed the whole bell bottom era. However I have been around to see different fashions repeat itself. Some of my favorites that I think are timeless pieces are blue jean jackets, mini skirts, and any type of blazers. These are fashions to keep in your closet for sure.

The latest trend, bell bottoms that I mentioned, are a fabulous repeat of time. In 2010 they aren't actually called bell bottoms any longer. Their called wide-leg or flare pants now. Someone decided to give them a more modern name I guess. Although I know all fashions are not for every fabulous girl, you could pull it off with the right style know-how.

If you are thinking about rocking a pair let me give you a few tips.

1. Always wear a fitted top or a blouse you can tuck in. Don't put on a top that makes your upper half look bulky. Ultimately that will make you appear heavy.

2. If you can add a belt to balance your look out that would be great. You don't want to look like your top is running into your bottom. Break it up.

3. Finally put on some pumps. Heels with wide-leg pants give the illusion of longer legs. Everyone wants to have legs like the trees in Babylon so don't make a stumpkin out of your self.

Simple rules for us Fabby Girls to live by.
Tee Hamilton
Fabby Girl

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