Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eco-Clothes For the Eco-Chic

By Richard N. Williams

Eco-friendly clothing has never had a great reputation in the fashion industry. Mention eco-clothes to many people and they will think of hemp clothes, woolen sweaters and other dowdy sartorial items. But eco-fashion is changing and more and more people are taking notice of where their clothes come from, how they are made and the effect of fashion on the environment.

Eco-chic is a term becoming increasingly common in fashion circles; it is a term to describe clothing that is both stylish and kind to the environment, and as more and more people are turning to eco-chic clothing it is becoming a very prominent fashion movement.

What Makes Clothes Eco-Chic?

There are three factors that make clothing eco-chic:

* Sustainability
* Eco-friendly manufacturing
* Style


Clothing that is sustainable is manufactured from raw materials that will not diminish. There are a wide variety of materials that are sustainable and are used in clothing and some of them come from unusual sources. Bamboo clothing is one example. Bamboo is perhaps one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. Bamboo is a grass, and a fast growing one at that, in a day bamboo can grow several inches with entire fields able to replenishing themselves in a matter of days or weeks. Bamboo clothing is also ideal for clothing. It is soft and comfortable; feeling very much like cotton, and is also thermosensitive - keeping you cool when its warm and vice versa.

Eco-Friendly Production

Bamboo is also eco-friendly in the way it is produced. Being so sustainable there is never a need to encourage and protect its growth with herbicides or pesticides but it is not alone in being an eco-friendly material. Organic cotton is another example of material and clothing that is produced without the use of harsh chemicals to grow but there are other, even more readily available examples. Wool that is untreated by chemicals is a perfectly natural and eco-friendly material too.


While many clothes are eco-friendly only those that look stylish and fashionable can be classed as eco-chic. And while fashion is subjective and ever-changing the materials that can be used in manufacture of our fashion items can remain eco-friendly.

Bamboo clothing, organic cotton and pure wool can be manufactured into all sorts of fashion items from organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo active wear to pure wool duvets.

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