Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful Dead Shirt Varieties

By Jo Shirley

Are you looking for a Grateful Dead shirt? Do you know what you would like to have on your shirt? Chances are you will be able to find a shirt in whatever colour you could dream of, including tie dye. And perhaps you want one of the popular logos that the band used. I will explain about the four most popular logos used by the band on Grateful Dead merchandise.

"Steal Your Face" Skull - Arguably the most recognized logo that the band used. This is the logo where there is a lightning bolt through the center of a skull. It has the colours red and blue in the background cutting the photo into two parts. This is a classic logo and looks great as a Dead shirt.

Dancing Bears - These are also referred to as "Jer Bears". Often times these furry and fun little teddy bears are in very vibrant colours, including almost a rainbow effect on them (but with pinks and odd colours). You can find a Grateful Dead shirt that holds just one dancing bear or a collage of them.

Skeleton and Roses - This logo is exactly what it says. It includes a picture of a white skeleton that adorns red roses. It has some very powerful imagery mixing the two dramatic images.

Dancing Terrapins - Taken from the "Terrapin Station" these dancing terrapins are very cute and always found busting a move. You can find shirts that are similar to the album cover or other variations of the terrapins, only limited by the artists imagination.

There are hundreds of varieties of Grateful Dead shirts to choose from. This includes hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeved t shirts, etc, etc, etc. The options are truly endless. Take the time to find one that suits your personality, because there is a design for every Dead fan out there.

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