Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bouffant - Yesterday and Today's Hair Updos

By Pinnapa Thana

In the words of Edna Woolman Chase, the best dressed woman in the world, "Fashion can be bought, style one must possess". A well put phrase describing the world of fashion and style.

One of the most critical parts of fashion and style includes hair. Yes, not make-up, not clothes, not the shoes, it's the hair. No matter how nice a woman's make-up may be, or how pretty her shoes and clothes are, it all just won't add up if her hair are not done right.

Trends in hairstyles come and go just like any other fashion piece. However, hair styles do have their advantage - you can simply wear them anytime, as long as you look good in it. You even have the freedom to modify it a bit and to incorporate your own individuality so no fuss about that. Clothes on the other hand, would totally make you look out of place, or passe.

When talking about hair updos, the bouffant is always included. The bouffant is generally just a hairstyle that has hair piled high on the head, with some hanging down on the sides. It is a classic hair style, as it was popularized during the 1960's and way before that too, which in 18th century Europe, was worn by Marie Antoinette. Today, it is commonly used as one of the formal hair styles. The 1965 big hair fashion is now considered to be an elegant vintage look. People with fine hair could create an illusion of having more volume with this hair updos style and at the same time create an illusion for a smaller, longer face - something that every woman dreams of having.

Just like anything else, the bouffant hair updos also evolved into another hair style. This hair style is known as the beehive. The beehive was born as a response to younger people who wanted something different - as the bouffant became a symbol of a bygone era. Plus, the concern over using too much hairspray just to hold the hair in place, or theatre-goers who continuously complained about sitting behind a woman with very high hair just isn't appealing any longer. Would you like to go to the movies and sit behind Marge Simpson? Guess not. So, a new version was born.

This style of hair updos makes the face look longer, thus creating a slimmer illusion, while at the same time projecting a glamorous and classy image. An image that was popularized by Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's - thus, also immortalizing the classic elegance of the little black dress. Up to this day, the beehive is still in fashion as seen worn by actresses like Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johannson on the red carpet. Yes, they still wear big hair! Although this style isn't the appropriate for a trip to the mall or a casual dinner date, it is still an epitome of class and elegance in formal events.

Medium hair styles could include the beehive too. Anyone who wants to sport the beehive hair style must at least have shoulder length hair - a perfect addition to medium hair styles! However, noting that this hair style is about being sleek, a nice French twist for the base is recommended, and yes, hairspray to keep everything in place. Unlike before, creating this hair style need not be stressful. Johnny Lavoy's technique makes this hair do less complicated, saving you more time. It also qualifies for the easy hair styles category. Really, it does.

Headbands are also nice add-ons to this classic do. Wide headbands gives a retro, blast from the past aura, while thin headbands, probably half an inch could be used in two's and thus creating a more modern touch to the hair style.

Pinnapa is an internet marketer. Whose passion is about creating fashion of her own style. She likes to find new hair updos styles that goes with different outfits and share her passion to other women who have fashion sense like her and loves her style. Article source Hair Updos Hair Updos.

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