Friday, December 11, 2009

Gucci Bag - Top Four Most Popular

By Jennifer Reyes

Ever since its introduction in the 1960s, a Gucci bag became one of the most coveted items of both men and women today - yes, even if there is a hefty price tag attached to it. There is only one good reason for the demand: quality. All original Gucci bags are made from pure strong materials, such as leather. There are also a lot of Gucci bags that were already launched; and there are a few that remained iconic, essential, and sought after until today:

Hobo Handbag

You can easily spot a Gucci hobo handbag. The top is usually U-shaped, while the body can be made from real leather. It can have silver to gold clasp. One of the main reasons why women look for hobo handbags is because their flexibility. You can pair them with an evening gown or casual wear. There are also different varieties of hobo handbags, including Gucci Signoria, Guccisma, and the classic Black hobo.

Price Tag: Depending on the size of the hobo handbag, be ready to shell out as much as $700 for this one.

Jackie O Bag

This is also known as the Bouvier bag and was definitely named after the former first Lady - and a fashionable one at that - Jacqueline Onassis. This is actually a Constance shoulder bag. However, after it received a lot of raves from women who saw Jackie O wearing it in one of her images, Gucci decided to rename it in honor of her. The original Jackie O bag is characterized by an H clasp that almost runs vertically along the front side of the bag. It also has two straps. Today, though, there are slight variations, including the presence of tassles on the sides.

Price Tag: The cheapest Jackie O bag sold today is worth $450.

Pelham Bit Bags

These are the most recent types of bags launched by Gucci. They are called as such because of the presence of bits that are normally used when riding horses. The body is also made of pony hair leather while the side of the bag features leather trim, giving it a more vintage or classic look. Of course, you will never miss out the GG monogram logo, which is found in all authentic GG products. This is also popular among women since it is medium top. This means that it has enough space to accommodate all items they want to bring, such as iPods, phones, make-up kits, papers, and purses.

Price Tag: The cheapest Pelham bit bag will be worth more than $300.

Bardot Bag

This bag was named after one of the sexiest actresses that ever graced the silver-screen: Brigitte Bardot. It is a very classic, elegant, and timeless that is made from a material produced from a jacquard machine. It also comes in two-tone combinations, such as white and black or beige and dark brown.

Price Tag: You can have one for yourself at $450.

These Gucci bags are definitely worth the high price. Otherwise, they would have remained into oblivion after they were introduced. Besides, you're paying for history and quality, right?

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