Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Satin Mini Skirt

By Mitchell Key

Since the 60's, the mini skirt has always been an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. When the pleated versions were introduced, the fresh look created a renewed spark of interest among women as the added flair transforms the skirts into a different level, adding character and life to it.

The playful appeal of pleated minis breathes youthfulness into the trend, yet remains versatile enough to be carried out into any look the wearer wants to create. The popularity of the pleats made available all sorts of pleated versions for every style of skirt. The black satin mini, one of women's more favourable choices, has its own pleated counterparts too.

Worn by those with more style-conscious mindset, black is the color well occupied in the fashion scene. Its recognition as a must-have in every woman's closet is owed to its strong sense of appeal, confidence and sophistication. Now one of the most classic items in a woman's wardrobe, black satin mini is an article of clothing that is incredibly easy to wear. Its versatile color allows any shade of top to be paired with it and different sorts of footwear to go with the look.

Even the most surprising selections seem to work fine with this skirt. The glossy fabric makes it a very appropriate ensemble to take to work and for evening affairs. But comfortable as it is, they are even perfect to wear during the day and for any casual occasion. The gentle feel does make a difference to women making it a favourite over other materials. Pleated black minis don't need immaculate tailoring to look right and the trend is just so easy to dress up and down. The feminine and elegant touch from its natural shine brings eye-catching ensembles.

Mini skirts can be found in local clothing stores with ease and with a wide selection of styles, materials and variations. Choosing satin is the perfect way to enjoy this trend. This beautiful fabric must be the best material fused into a black garment and is truly a classy and expensive choice you can flaunt on.

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