Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retro Sunglasses - The Vintage Collection For the Stylish Few

By Sunny Richard

They say: 'History repeats itself!' The statement certainly holds true when it comes to fashion clothes and accessories. Retro sunglasses also share the same sentiment. If you take a look at the latest collection of designer sunglasses, rarely will you find a designer that hasn't contributed to the retro looks and style.

When we say retro looks, it means the fashion as prevalent from 60s till 80s. From loud to chic to absurd, all kinds of sunglasses that formed an integral part of the fashion world during the past eras are getting re-hashed and presented in a manner consistent with modern tastes and preferences. For some reason, the style icons of modern times are reinventing the retro fashion and giving the connoisseurs a dose of golden times.

One good thing about having retro sunglasses as your style statement is that you are getting the best of the past in a newer improved version. In other words, the shortcomings of the previous products are being taken care of and given a new lease of life. For instance, the past sunglasses were not as high on protection as they are today. The UV protection encapsulated in modern sunglasses with retro looks was not even imaginable in those times.

So, what does all this mean to an ordinary fashion follower? It simply means that they are being offered the best of the past with time-tested looks and design blended with the ultra modern features, like UV protection. Take for instance, the oversized sunshades proudly adorned by the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that gained cult status for the modern generation. Cut to the first decade of twenty first century. The same oversized design and style is being re-invented by every designer house with minor variations to produce fully protected ultra chic retro sunglasses that have a consistently high demand among connoisseurs.

However, be prepared to spend astonishing amounts of money if you wish to own this piece of luxury because every designer has put a mind-boggling price tag on their products. Cheap retro sunglasses can only be a dream if you want to stick to branded sunshades. But the same quality, design, looks, and luxury can be yours for a fraction of the branded price. If you just scale down your expectations and settle for replica retro sunglasses. With maximum UV protection, these cheap fashion accessories are easily available online.

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