Saturday, January 9, 2010

Personal Styling - The Hippie Style

How can a person live and work amongst so much taupe and cream? After a full day in an office that is as blasé as the inside of a tissue box, a person wants to experience some personality at home.

If you are interested in warming up your living space to the familiar golden tie-dyed suns and band logos of eras past, there are online resources to give you ideas for personal styling, or shops where you can buy ready-made items that have a psychedelic design that would outshine any shade of taupe.

Websites like offer a variety of apparel and accessories for the latent hippie you have been ignoring for your 9-5 lifestyle, but they also carry an assortment of stickers that can be used to adapt your plain house wares into items even the Grateful Dead would have loved. Select the band logos, slogans, and designs you love, and then start applying them to the cover of your laptop, Christmas tree ornaments, and skate- or snowboards. Or, you could apply them to matting, and frame them for a finished touch.

One article of clothing that has transcended from the 70's to present-day that don't need stickers are t-shirts. From t-shirts with peace signs from the 70's to those with humorous sayings like, "Hey ladies, I liked the Notebook," or "bingo," wacky t-shirts are a trend that appear to be here to stay. Vintage tees are a hot commodity, especially with 70's bands like ZZ Top, Kansas and Styx.

If you're the creative type, online instructions are available free-of-charge for people who are interested in dying their own tapestries, or designs can be purchased at and other retailers. If you are not interested in hanging bold tapestries, beaded curtains can be used to decorate windows, or even a bare wall. Beaded curtains can be spray painted to match a wall, and simply add texture, or painted with tie dyed designs.

More eclectic designs that you could use in your home include a 60’s keychain wind chime, a goldfish bowl filled with vintage candies, and funky 60’s bowls used as light fixtures, or intentional candlewax drippings. Be creative, and your personal designs will keep your days inspiring, and your home a psychedelic conversation-starter.

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