Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Message from Soul Flower - your hippie clothing shop!

Cover of Cover of SMiLESpreading Some Love...

Hi Friends,

We trust that you all made it through the holidaze and have nothing but a smile and maybe a couple of extra pounds to remember them by :) This may well be the doldrums period of the winter season - but we're refusing to take part in that kind of thought, even though Jenn's car won't start & Chad is changing a blown tire right now. Minus twenty is definitely a challenge...

January is a time of renewal, rededication, and of course, resolutions. At Soul Flower, our resolution is to shed the old so we can make room for the new - so it's time for a SALE!. We need to make room for our new designs so we've got to get these fall/winter styles out the door and into the hands of the buds who can appreciate them.

So check out just a few of our sale items here. Some of these are items we have had for the winter season & are now available at up to 40% off. We've also teamed up with the good folks at Idylle to offer (for just a limited time) some discounted items from their stock, never before seen at Soul Flower but available on sale immediately. These tees, thermals and hoodies are all being offered at 25-35% off their normal retail prices. To help make this a little easier, just enter the coupon code HOTCHOCOLATE and receive FREE Priority Mail Shipping with your order!

Keep in touch. We love hearing from you.

Peace & Positive Vibes

Your Buds at
(peggy, mike, chad, jenn, joe & becky)
phone: tollfree: 866-294-8074


SALE $34
Good Vibrations Skirt

SALE $60
Hemp Villa Skirt

SALE $28
Olive Tree Tee

SALE $65
Swan Song Hoody

SALE $30
Vintage Tapestry Bag

SALE $14
Woven Cap

Go to Soul Flower to pick up these lovely bargains!

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