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Rock Star Apparel - Will it Suit You?

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The Evolution of Rock Star Apparel by Matt Brooke

The evolution of Rock and Roll is evident to the world for the past few decades already. Let's face it, Rock and Roll is everywhere, especially in the lives of the youths of today. It can be found in their Ipods, posters, screensavers, wallpapers, notebooks, bags, CD's, internet (like their MySpace pages), and of course in their sense of style. But let's backtrack to the past. Rockstars did not always dress the way they do now during their shows and concerts. Oh no, it was actually the opposite.

In the 50's, the face of Rock and Roll was none other than the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley. His most famous outfit is the white jumpsuit with the turned out collar, bell bottoms with an intricate design on the sides and the exceedingly large belt with an even bigger belt buckle covered in rhinestones. This is still a famous costume to wear during Halloween parties. The hit musical Grease is another benefactor to this fashion trend. The sight of John Travolta clad in tight black jeans with a plain white t-shirt and his T-Bird Leather jacket is already enough of a statement of the Elvis fever.

Who could ever forget the era of the Beatles? They, along with their signature bowl cuts and all black suits, started the leading trend in the 1960's. Their type of rock music on the other hand, Psychedelic rock, was such a hit that made them famous all over the world. They are the rockstars of the 1960's and they left an undeniably huge mark on the world even after they broke up in 1970.

It was the 1970's when different types of rock music emerged. And with the emerging of different genres of Rock, arose a range of different fashion trends. But to name any leading face during this decade would almost be impossible. Each of the branches of Rock had a unique sense of style and sound. But one of the most immortal rockstars during this time were none other than KISS, the spearhead of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The members of KISS are now considered immortal because of their heavy make up (face painted all white with black lip stick and their eyes bordered with black make up in a design of a mask), their stage costumes, and their awesome live performances. Their clothing during a concert is wild yet distinguishable to the public. Which is probably one reason why they are one of the most enduring faces of the 1970's.

The 80's marks the appearance of Heavy Metal and Glam Rock. What other band should be cited as the leading rockstars of this time than AC/DC? AC/DC can probably be distinguished from the private school boy look, worn by the band members themselves. Other than this, the ripped jeans, ripped t-shirt, and sneakers look became a famous fashion trend as well.

About the 90's, these were the times when vintage was brought back. Most of the fashion trends during those times were from pop stars and other fashion icons.

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