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1970s Outfits - Party Time!

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70s Costumes - Relive the Past and Let the Good Times Roll by Christine A Shoemark

One of the most happening decades of the past is the 70s. With the hippie revolution, it is no wonder people are going retro with 70s costumes! If you've been invited to a 70's costume themed party, here are some 70's costumes you can try out.

Hippie Costume

Woodstock and hippies was a major thing back in the 1970s, which is why hippie costumes are a popular choice for 1970s costume themed parties. When wearing hippie costumes, choose psychedelic colors. Some men just choose a classic t-shirt with a peace sign on it and pair it up with bright-colored bell bottom pants. A tie-dyed shirt is also a popular choice. You may also choose to wear a vest over your outfit.

For women, a mini dress in a loud color is a sure-fire way to get everybody's attention. For the shoes, wear flip-flops or sandals. Some women also wear white boots to match their psychedelic outfits. Wear your hair long and around your face. A cool touch is to wear tea shades or sunglasses that are slightly transparent. Don't forget to flash the peace sign everywhere you go!

The Beatles

One of the most influential bands of all time is The Beatles, who also reached their peak around this time. Made up of 4 talented musicians, The Beatles are also a great group dress up idea. If you and 3 of your friends are going to a 70s costume themed party and need a quick 70s costume fix, dressing up as The Beatles is the best way to go. A classic Beatles costume is the black suit worn over white long-sleeved polo shirts. A black necktie is used to top the outfit off. You can even buy a wig to match the hairstyle of the different members of the band.

70's Costume Accessories

For your hair, wear it big. Back in those days, the popular hairstyles were afros, the shag cut, and pompadours for men; for women, it was either big permed hair or long straight hair. If a guy, you could also wear a fake mustache, which can be bought at your local joke shop. Make-up is bright colors and fake lashes. Body glitter will make your body shine and finally, wear fake gold bling around your neck.

These 70s costumes never go out of style. Relive the 1970s and go retro with these fabulous and loud 70's costumes! Have fun!

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