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70's Fashion

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70's Fashion by Michelle McKee

One of the best ways to use vintage seventies fashion today, is to blend it with more modern looks. The goal is to have a modern-retro fashion look that does not turn your ensemble into something that looks like a costume from the Charlie's Angels set. Think of the peasant dresses, clunky heels, and high-waisted bell-bottom jeans as pieces of a puzzle for you to work with as you build your own particular retro-fashion look.

Balancing your outfit can be as simple as throwing on some modern jewelry and accessories, or carrying a hot new designer purse. The early 1970s were a carryover from the fashion of the late sixties. The decade ended however, with a flashy disco look that led into and started off, the sometimes bizarre 1980s.

There are a lot of people who like to test the boundaries of retro-fashion, and that is fine. If you are into retro looks however, just be careful that you do not end up looking like you are wearing a seventies costume, unless that is the look you are trying to achieve. You do not want to copy the fashions of the seventies. You want to modify them and make them work for you in new and interesting ways.

In general, the 1970s was a time of relaxed and casual fashion. Even many of the work clothes from late in the decade would probably be considered too casual for an office environment today. If you're into buying and wearing retro seventies fashions however, these could play a part in some very interesting clothing combinations. Use your imagination and have some fun as you explore what you can do with vintage and retro fashion.

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