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Jerry Garcia Men's Ties Are Influenced by His Artwork

By Jackie D.

Jerry Garcia Influences Necktie Designs

Jerry Garcia was best known to us as the leader of the influential 1960's musical force known as the Grateful Dead. As a young man, Mr. Garcia was an art student at the San Francisco Art Institute. Over the years, Jerry always had a flair for the visual arts and painted as often as possible. That artwork is the basis of a new wave of designer ties that is taking the world by storm.

A little history and who makes the ties

The neckties are manufactured and marketed by J. Garcia Neckties. The name was deliberately selected so as not to infringe on any of the Grateful Dead or other Jerry Garcia merchandise. In this manner, the ties made a splash all on their own. The idea was originally introduced in 1992 by Stonehenge, LTD under that name.

Since Mr. Garcia's unfortunate passing in 1995, the necktie designs have been reworked and new designs have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Currently, J. Garcia neckties are manufactured and distributed by Mulberry Neckwear, who bought the rights to the designer ties in 1998.

The collections

Jerry Garcia was an artist in every sense of the word. He did everything to the utmost and his art was no different. There are many, many separate collections of artwork used in the designer ties we see today. From his "Banyan Forest" to "Lady with Argyle Socks", you will find a J. Garcia tie for your taste.

The collections are numbered and each designer tie is noted with which collection it is derived from. All the ties are named and carry a definite identity. This has been the crux of their success in recent years. Since each designer tie is named, you will have no trouble finding one and there are hundreds of designs available.

The material

All of the designer ties influenced by his art are made of the finest 100% silk. The colors are fast and will not fade or run off the material. The quality of these ties is unmatchable anywhere. The ties are also handmade, so the care is evident in each one. He would have had it no other way.

Just as every song He wrote was a masterpiece, so is each tie designed. When you wear one of J. Garcia's designer neckties, you will leave a fashion foot print that is hard to match.


Now you would think that these designer ties would be available only to a specific segment of people. Jerry Garcia as all about equality and that we all are made the same. These neckties are carrying on that part of his character. Not priced out of range for anybody, you can enjoy J. Garcia designer ties for as little as $39. Of course, there are higher priced ones, but they are still well within range for most people.

The opposite effect

Jerry Garcia was a part of living history. The Hippie movement of the 1960s was his stomping ground. Oddly enough, that movement had an impact on fashion that eradicated the necktie. So wearing one of these designer ties is a statement of power, presence and individuality. Tell the world that you are an individual and a force to be reckoned with, just like Jerry Garcia.

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