Sunday, July 11, 2010

1960's Fancy Dress is Perfect For a Casual Look or a Costume Today

By Ivan Kandol

Everything old is new again should be the fashion slogan. 1960's fancy dress is a very popular trend at the moment. Of course most people do not subscribe to the trend it is largely left to the young and the young at heart.

A lot of people turn to these clothes for costume purposes wearing them to themed parties more as a joke than as a serious form of dress, although they are a very hip fashion statement. 1960's fancy dress is a great way to make a fashion statement, or simply to have a bit of fun dressing up.

1960's Style

The sixties was a powerful time in history, there were so many changes that were happening all at once. Fashion went from being rather sedate in the 50's to simply blooming during the 1960s. Psychedelic colors were favored. Much shorter hemlines also took hold. The dresses of this era were flamboyant by any standards. They were great fun to wear and really are a great reflection of the times. They also drew plenty of attention. Today the 60's fancy dress is still sure to grab some attention, whether you are headed to a themed party or simply want to have a little retro style.

Where to Purchase

Of course most apparel stores will not carry this great retro style. You will have to either visit a specialty shop or you will have to shop online. Shopping online is clearly the better choice. A lot of times you can find websites that offer free shipping, which only adds to the ease of shopping online.

You can easily find the perfect 60's fancy dress online. There are plenty of online shops that will carry this type of clothing. Shopping is a lot of easier online as most people already know.

The prices are better online, the selection is much wider and you can easily compare prices when you shop online. The prices will vary from site to site. Many shops will carry actual vintage clothes from the 1960s; these of course will be the most expensive options. New dresses that are designed to look like the 60's fancy dress are going to be much cheaper.

Fashion should be fun. Dressing up is always great fun; you should try to be unique in your clothes. You can easily wow your friends with a great 60's fancy dress.

A 60's fancy dress may be the perfect piece of apparel for your next costume party or casual day out. For less of a blast from the past, 70's fancy dress is a little more viable today, but essentially has the same uses.

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  1. The problem with 60s fashion is that so much happened in those short ten years and the styles ranged over a wide area so 60s fashion can mean so many things.

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