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SPECIAL NOTICE: The Beatles Are Back!

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by Corey M Martin

Much like humans, music has been evolving since its earliest known incarnation. There have been countless eras defined by particular genres that have gone on to shape the very world we know.

Music is a powerful tool of expression that can be used to overcome almost anything. You can even break down regions of the world based on the music that originated there.

You can connect music to almost anything. What makes us unique is our love for different types of music.

We may like a certain band because their lyrics may mean something special or they may have gotten us through rough times. We may be drawn to a particular style of music because it reminds us of simpler times. It all depends on the person, but one thing is for certain; there is plenty of music to go around.

One of the most important moments in music history occurred in the 60's when the Beatles arrived from the UK. At the time they arrived, the rock and roll scene in America was growing and looking for that next big push.

Before the Beatles hit the States they had taken Europe by storm with a national tour, hit records and thousands of fans. They were now hoping to hit the big time in America and little did they know they would do that and more.

From the moment they arrived, Beatlemania was in full effect. Millions and millions of people watched them on national television skyrocketing them to one of the hottest acts in the country. Before long they had a slew of number one singles and were well on their way to becoming one of the biggest rock and roll acts the world had ever seen.

As the times changed so did the music. Slowly their songwriting got more in depth and tackled some serious issues. The musical style shifted to a more progressive style, experimenting with new sounds and different instruments as well. There was no escaping the Beatles popularity. They really were everywhere you looked. TV, radio, movies they became the faces of rock and roll.

As time wore on the stresses of touring and producing music at such a rate began to take it's toll and the band eventually parted ways. Their legacy had already been cemented in time and they had left their mark on popular culture for decades to come. Even today, millions of people buy their records and cover the hits of the greatest rock band in music history.

Ever since the Beatles disbanded there have been countless tribute bands, shows and productions dedicated to carrying on the legacy they had left behind. From local cover bands to nationally touring musicals to hit Broadway plays.

In a town like Las Vegas, which was built on the success of entertainment, there is one show that pays tribute to The Beatles by recreating their concert experience for today's audience. BeatleShow is the most authentic Beatles concert experience you will find in Las Vegas.

Located inside the Saxe Theater, BeatleShow features a group of the best Beatle musicians in the world performing all of the hits, live. Featuring all of their hits from every one of their top selling albums, Beatles fans young and old will not believe their eyes (and ears) as each era of Beatles music is represented on stage. BeatleShow is the best way to relive the music of the Beatles in Las Vegas!:

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