Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Wear The Swinging Sixties

by Sisi S Tsoi

Regimented, angular and shaped or ethereal, gentle and graceful, no matter what your style, the swinging 60s will inspire you.

If there was one word to sum up the entirety of the sixties, it would of course have to be, on-going. Whether you're more interested in what the movie stars wore or what the musicians were rocking, the 60s was a time of great fashion and fun.

The Beatles rose to fame and Rosemary's Baby was released, if there weren't two more prominent and distinctive moments in fashion history we don't know what else could be.

Mia Farrows pixie crop paired with a fantastic array of peter pan collars, floral nightgowns and a hat collection so large it could rival Justin Biebers, we can ignore the fact it's a gruesome flick and focus on what's really important, the clothes.

Although an all male band, The Beatles were responsible for some of the great fashion highlights of the 60s. If it wasn't their versatility and fluid approach to sexuality in regards to style, it was their ability to portray a sense of pride over an androgynous and supple look.

Finding a vintage style sixties dress is perhaps one of the most challenging but equally rewarding shopping trips you might ever be faced with.

Britain in the 60s was all about the mods and the rockers, short dresses, check print and sharp bobs, where as across the pond in America and parts of Europe, the look was very dainty and free spirited.

As soon as you've picked what 60s look you're trying to channel whilst wearing your vintage style dress, your job will be much easier.

Pleated skirts and knitted jumpers for the evening when you're wrapping up warm and pretty paisley and plaid vintage style dresses for when you're out and about during the day. Both outfits can be coupled with a pair of super sweet Mary Janes or a simple pair of ballerina flats.

If you'd like to gravitate towards the ethereal hippie look taking the world by storm over in America, a pair of patterned bell bottoms with thick platforms can give you height and slim out your silhouette, add a wide brimmed fedora and you're sorted! Woodstock here you come!

New York or London, regardless of where you're taking inspiration from, make sure you're rocking a 60s vintage style dress and you're wearing it with the style we know you have!

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