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Jackie Kennedy Style

Jackie Kennedy Style by Tatiana Sidorova

Although most of us would remember her for her exquisite style, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis always preferred to be remembered for her work in historic preservation. Through her efforts, as well as efforts of many people who joined her, she restored the White House to its current glory. Jackie Kennedy saved Grand Central Station in New York City, and persuaded many cities to value their monuments as worth saving. She taught us that one woman can make a difference.

According to Italian designer Valentino, Jackie Kennedy style was a mix of naturalness and sophistication, "an outdoorsy kind of beauty."

Jackie's style came from her life - east Hampton, the sea, horses; French tailoring of Hubert de Givenchy, her love for books and her family. But even when wearing the most expensive European designs, she managed to look simple, athletic and truly American.

Jackie knew always what worked best for her. She was not intimidated into wearing what others were wearing. Jackie insisted on sleeveless dresses when they were unheard of. She became one of the trend setters wearing trousers at a time when pantsuits were considered unacceptable.

Her mind, the main contributor to her style, remained always searching, active. She knew the right moment to put away her perfect suits and little white gloves.

The Jackie Kennedy style was not about her outfits or decorating her homes. It was more about the way she conducted her life. Jackie considered herself an aristocrat. She did not want to be known as the first lady, but as Mrs. Kennedy. Her understanding of aristocracy was specifically put by her as "courage, and after that, taste and responsibility - and endurance." Jackie certainly had these qualities more than anyone else.

With her perfect sense of style Jacqueline Kennedy did something no other first lady had ever done. She elevated the American style in the eyes of the whole world, and most importantly, in our own eyes. Knowing the power of symbols, she did it through style.

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