Monday, December 22, 2008

Rock Star Clothing!

Sartorial Style Or Rock Star Vintage by David Tymon

The clothes we wear say a lot about our personality and are influenced by many factors. These can include certain films, music or maybe even fashion trends. For some, it's all about the name, for others, achieving the right look is of utmost importance. Whatever your personal choice, vintage clothing may provide the answer.

If we consider the major trends and sub cultures that surround fashion, certain key 'looks' come to mind. For instance, one of the main trends at the moment is definitely the '80's inspired look with many major retailers bringing out their own versions. Another trend that has stood the test of time yet continues to be popular is the 'rock' look.

When we think of the eighties, one of the most powerful images conjured up is that of the 'power suit'. Popular with both men and women, these suits were wide shouldered affairs typically double breasted for men or 'Chanel' style for women. These suits defined the era and were seen in popular movies such as Wall Street and Baby Boom.

For those of you that have not seen these movies, it was a very specific look which took time and effort to get right. The wearer of such a suit wanted to create a potent image of power and status, after all the eighties became a time where a lot of money could be made if you had the know how.

A fitting starting place to help get this look for yourself of course must be with a vintage suit. Opt for a double breasted two or three piece suit and team it with a pinstriped shirt and if you feel like you want to look like a true eighties high flyer, don't forget your braces! However, it is possible to tone down the look by just taking certain pieces and integrating them into your own style.

Creating that 'rock star' look is a totally different affair where styles were not about power and elegance so much as it was emulating a favourite band. Leather jackets, jeans and boots or baseball shoes can all be used to get the look. For instance, a vintage leather bikers jacket gives a Marlon Brando in The Wild One feel or for the adventurous, how about a killer 1970's lizard skin jacket.

Of course, nothing complements a vintage leather jacket more than a pair of jeans. To ensure authenticity opt for a pair of vintage Levi jeans. Finish the look with a slim fitting vintage T-shirt and a pair of aviator shades and voila!

Again, do not be afraid to mix and match since the important thing to remember is that it doesn't really matter whether you prefer sartorial style or the rock star look, both can be found within the realms of vintage clothing. Any or indeed all of the key pieces can be integrated into your existing wardrobe to complement and add to your individual style.

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