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The Humble T-Shirt: A History and What Happened in the 1960s?

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The T-Shirt - An Indispensable, Immortal Wardrobe Staple by Steve Kirton

What it really boils down to is that they're functional; it seemed impractical not to wear them. This garment made its debut in the early 1900s. At that time, men either wore sleeveless shirts under their outer shirt, or none at all. The original design is credited to the Navy, although nobody seems to agree which country's Navy started it.

The 'tee' was a light, comfortable, and above all modest alternative to the wool uniforms being worn in the day. Popularity of the garment quickly spread into the civilian population however, and soon the shirt was showing up all over Hollywood and the silver screen. Everyone seems to agree that this is what caused the t-shirt to explode in popularity practically overnight.

In the 1950's, it was no longer considered strictly an undergarment. It became acceptable to wear one as the primary garment on the torso. Then, when James Dean showed up wearing one in "Rebel Without a Cause" it would seem the immortality of the "T" was sealed into the hearts and minds of American culture forever. Now it was the 'cool' thing to wear and by the 60's, people were taking the once quiet and well-behaved t-shirt, and giving it not only a voice, but personality as well.

This new generation of apparel could fly in the face of just about anyone, depending on who was wearing it and the message they were trying to promote. Tie-dye also became very popular during this period, along with putting slogans and images on the front of the designs. These shirts were inexpensive to make, and with so many messages and statements that could be made with them, they became extremely popular and were embraced by many different cultures all over the world.

Since the popularization of the t-shirt, there have been many variations, which have only furthered its prestigious place in our fashion history. While the original designs had round necks, now there are garments with v-necks, scoop, and square necks. The length of the shirt has changed as well, while changing the sleeve length generally disqualifies a shirt from being a "T," they have been made extra long to fall past the hips, and extra short to bear the midriff.

But the thing that makes us love the t-shirt is the fact that you can get almost any image or saying or any color. There are thousands and thousands of styles you can choose, as well as even designing your own as well. The t-shirt is forever going to be an integral part of our clothing consciousness. Everybody throughout the western world seems to have at least a couple for their days off, and most of us have built our wardrobe around them. Until someone designs a top that is as comfortable and versatile as the t-shirt, you can guarantee it's here to stay.

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