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Mulberry Bags - Fashionable Bags From the 1970s

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Mulberry Bags - The History Behind the Bayswater and Roxanne Bag by Marek Kamella

Since the 1970s, two Mulberry bags have climbed their way to the top of the all time popularity charts, the Mulberry Bayswater bag and the Mulberry Roxanne bag. The Mulberry Bayswater bag has reached iconic status due to it's understated style and practicality. Made from natural leather and with a suede lining the bag really screams "luxury" at you! The Bayswater bag has a postman's lock and small padlock on the front and small feet at the bottom to protect the bag from scuffs and scratches.

The Mulberry Roxanne bag is the other bag from the Mulberry stable that is regarded as a classic. The Roxanne bag is all belts and buckles and was one of the first "statement" bags to come onto the market. Made from soft Italian leather that has been treated to enhance the grain the Roxanne bag is a robust bag that also happens to be very stylish.

The Mulberry brand was conceived in the early 1970's in the English countryside county of Somerset. With it's fusion of city chic and old English country style, the Mulberry bag quickly became the first "lifestyle brand" in the UK.

In 1971, an ex- Christian Dior model by the name of Roger Saul decided to spend his 21st birthday money on a business venture but couldn't quite decide which avenue to take. Although his father wanted him to sell Christmas trees, Roger eventually hit upon the idea of producing leather goods with his mother.

Saul's enthusiasm and vision for his business was the driving force behind his spectacular success. He wanted to produce bags that were quintessentially English and everything that comes with that label such as quality, and even a touch of eccentricity, but Saul never wanted to take his vision too seriously and always believed that Mulberry bags should have a hint of fun about them too.

The first Mulberry factory was built in Saul's home town and soon other factories sprang up in nearby towns. By 1990, Mulberry was already a household name and a few years later Mulberry bags were being sold at their new stores at Heathrow Airport as well as a Mulberry store in Tokyo.

The Asian Crisis of 1997 affected sales of Mulberry bags and the company had to make the difficult decision of closing it's bag factory in Saul's home town. A combination of a strengthening of the management team and outsourcing production to Europe helped to stabilise the company. By focusing on emerging markets such as the Middle East and signing distribution deals in the U.S., Mulberry soon climbed back into the black and has continued to be a major force in world fashion ever since.

Today Mulberry bags are known the world over as a handbag designer par excellence and continue to produce handbags coveted by the fashionistas.

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