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All About Miniskirts

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All About Miniskirts by Brandon Dove

Long and large belong to the old times. Now, the fad commands our fashion taste to go for anything small, short, or mini. Speaking of the mini, it is the mini skirt that supersedes the long skirt that was usually worn by people, especially women, in colonial times. Along with the banishment of colonial times is the banishment of colonial mentality, hence women are just so natural in flaunting their wonderful legs and skins by wearing miniskirts. Just like any other clothes, miniskirts did not pop out for no reason. To know the facts behind it and its history, read on.

Needless to say, miniskirts are skirts usually worn 8-10 inches above the knees. Most miniskirts are made in cotton, denim, wool and knits. They come in different mini sizes, designs, colors, and styles. The prices usually range from $5-$250 depending on the brand and quality of cloths. The word "mini" was used instead of "short" after a British car model called Mini.

The history of miniskirts began when Andre Courreges created miniskirts in the early 1960s. However, some say that it was Helen Rose who invented miniskirts for the costumes in the movie, Forbidden Planet, which was released in 1956.

In 1966, mini skirts were brought into the fashion spotlight through Mary Quant who designed mini skirts 7 inches above the knees. This design was thought to be a product of young women's search for new thinking of feminine independence. The design was a remarkable success.

In the next decade, miniskirts were not as popular as in the previous decade. The general perspective of women that time left them wanting to be respected for their capabilities rather than their physical allure or beauties. However, in 1990s, miniskirts went back to the spotlight. It was an indication that women could have both- beauty and intelligence.

Nowadays, the top brands of miniskirts are American Eagle, Old Navy, Gap, BabyPhat, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Newport News, and Xhilaration.

Some people think that miniskirts do not make them look fashionable. This can be a wrong notion. There are steps to make miniskirts look so fab for your legs. The first step is to give your legs a boost, that is, enhancing it by waxing, tanning, or paling them if they are not so fab to look at. Second, you should wear the right type of miniskirts according to your body size, mood and age. For slim women, tight miniskirts suit them. For older, miniskirts that allow them to move freely while flowing minis are good for those wanting a romantic feel.

The third is that you should choose the appropriate shoes that match your miniskirts. Face the mirror when you choose your mini with its matching shoes. The advisable shoes include those with high heels, boots with different lengths, wedge shoes, pointed flat shoes and flip flops. The fourth step suggests that you should match your top shirt with the kind of mini skirt you will wear. T-shirts, jacket and blazers look excellent when paired with miniskirts.

Miniskirts are a must-have in a woman's wardrobe. It is a proven fact not by its fame in several decades but by its general design that women in different generations cannot help admire. So, whatever is your size, go and purchase a number of minis in the nearest store now!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post - it brings back the old glory days. I am 60 kid and it is still very fresh in my mind of the miniskirt.

  2. ...and Jean Shrimpton caused old people in Melbourne, Victoria to explode when she appeared in a short hemline at The Melbourne Cup horserace.

    A mini looks best with flat or very low heeled shoes, and looks dreadful with high heels.

    That top in your photo was referred to in 1965 as a PoorBoy.

    (please visit my blog of pretty things sometime)

  3. Nice post!

    Now a days lot of designs have arrived in to men & womens fashion style. But one of the key items every men & woman should have is a pair of jeans that flatters your figure and can be dressed up or down.