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Rock Star Eric Clapton Wears a Wicked Skull Ring

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Rock Star Eric Clapton Wears a Wicked Skull Ring by Krissy Klien

Think of Eric Clapton and what do you think of? A rock god whose ability to play a guitar has propelled him into super-stardom ... a man who still is still interesting and relevant ... and a man who wears a wicked bad skull ring!

What does the skull represent?

Most would think a drawing or object made depicting a skull represents a negative or gothic image such death. A skull represents what we become after death, bones. That may be the true meaning for some, but there are many other reasons to wear a Silver Skull Ring. A skull can represent protection, strength and power.

Skull Trivia

Silver skull rings have been represented in pop culture. Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of everything skulls.

  1. Which superhero created by Lee Falk had a skull as his trademark and wore a Skull Ring leaving a permanent skullmark on anyone he hit?

  2. In the first level of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, how many golden skulls are hidden in secret?

  3. Which Marvel Comics anti-hero wore a costume with a large, stylized human skulls emblazoned on the front?

  4. Which artist had an album titled "Skull Ring" in 2003?

  5. Name the famous guitarist who has worn a skull ring since the 1970s on the third finger of his right hand.

Possible Reasons Clapton Wears One

Eric Clapton may wear a skull ring to represent his overcoming a tough time. In March 1991, Clapton's four-year old son, Conor fell to his death from a 53rd story apartment. It may be his recognition of coming to terms with his son's death. Clapton ironically won critical acclaim and six Grammy that year for "Tears in Heaven", a song about his grief over the loss of Conor. Perhaps at 64 years old, Clapton is reflecting on his own life and his mortality.

Another possible reason that Clapton wears silver skull rings is to mark an end to his past life of addictions and his beginning as a sober artist. Clapton's has struggled during his life with his addictions. He has changed and wants his old life of drug and alcohol abuse to be dead to him.

Perhaps he wears one because it is a stylish and rebellious thing to wear. It is an anti-establishment statement.


The answers to the Skull Trivia are as follows:

  1. The Phantom had a skull ring.

  2. There are 8 hidden skulls on level one of Tomb Raider; The Last Revelation.

  3. The comic book character is The Punisher.

  4. The artist was Iggy Pop.

  5. Keith Richards has worn a skull ring since the early 1970s.

Skull rings continue to be popular. Icons such as Clapton wearing them further validate their wide appeal. As they are many reasons why people feel a connection to this style, there are the meaning behind this choice. Eric Clapton, acclaimed musician, has always led without trying and connects with his fans on an intimate level. His choice of rings is reflective of a life that has not been easy, but a life that many fans can relate to.

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