Monday, April 26, 2010

The Popularity of Trilby Hats

By Oliver Carding

The Trilby hat (or often just referred to as a trilby) is a hat worn by men or women which is made from a variety of different materials. Its defining features are its deeply indented crown, a pinch at the front and a flexible narrow brim, this differs from the fedora hat which is very similar but has a much wider brim.

Though now more popular with males, the trilby hat was originally worn by women, and it is believed this trend began in France. In George Du Mauriers novel "Trilby" Men were featured wearing trilbys, this prompted men to adopt the style which from that point became increasingly popular.

The trilby hat's popularity peaked in the 1920s when it became a favourite amongst aristocratic gentleman wanting to wear something smart at the races. It was seen as being smarter than the flat cap which was often worn by working class men, the trilby hat helped distinguish between the rich noblemen, and the poor working men.

In the 1960s a hat was dropped from being a necessary within every outfit for a man, and instead the trilby hat was adopted by many sub-cultures including Ska, Jazz, Indie, Mod and 2-tone. Over the last few years trilbies have again seen a huge resurgence and it is for these reasons that this has happened. Having been adopted as the must-have accessory by fashion-conscious members of the indie sub-culture, all around the world celebrities have been spotted wearing the trilby

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