Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vintage Swimsuits - A Unique and Timeless Article of Swimwear That Catches Everybody's Attention

By Jenny Pham

If you are fond of retro style and want to express your fascination for old school charm, summer is the right time to show it off. While everybody else is making a fuss over contemporary swimwear, you can turn all heads by wearing a vintage swimsuit. It allows you to be one of a kind, considering the fact that it is very unlikely for people to find two similar vintage designs. It is fun to be different sometimes as it gives you more confidence and allows you to attract more attention.

Vintage swimsuits are often characterized by conventional patterns like Hawaiian prints, zebra stripes, polka dots, cherry prints and many others. The styles vary but among the most sought after are bikinis with skirt bottoms and one piece swimsuits with haltered straps. What most women like about retro swimwear is that most designs are less revealing but can still provide a sexy look along with glamour and elegance not found in most modern items.

Although vintage-inspired swimsuits are already available in fashion shops made by branded clothing companies, there are still a number of these items you can buy along with other hand-me-downs or second-hand items. This allows you to acquire an item that is economical and definitely less costly than the new ones.

Quality wise, vintage swimsuits are made from first-rate materials. These cannot be easily torn and the fabric's prints last long as well. Whether you opt to purchase a used vintage swimsuit or a newly produced one, checking on its quality should be your top priority.

One of the advantages of vintage items is that their grandeur is timeless and there's always something about them that never fail to attract those who catch a glimpse. Make sure that your choice can still be used in years to come.

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  1. There are so many vintage inspired bikinis on the market today. They're really cute and very flattering as well.