Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Vintage Women's Clothing Has Evolved Over Time

By Thomas V. Gosselin

We all must have heard the phrase old is gold. When we were kids we all used to go through our mother's closet and pretend to dress up like her. It was a very thrilling sight to see her wear her beautiful flowing gowns which would reach to the floor. They always had a sophisticated and classy look since they had a certain charm because of the cut and the way the gown was elegantly draped. In those classic times they were called flapper or sheath dresses. They were created from premium quality silk and polyester with intricate details, in fact silk was one of the most used fabrics since it was light, soft and it was perfect for evening dresses since the material would fall in a chic manner.

During the 40's vintage women's clothing was conservative but yet elegantly designed. The apparel was made from stunning sheer rayon crepe which had classic details of stitched down pleats that highlight the drape of the evening gown. They used self-covered buttons which gave a high neck effect and pocket flaps on the front of the dress. The skirts were lined at the bottom with ruffle details in the same stripe as the collar and cuff. These apparels were timeless and had a style statement of their own. The women would love to go and dress up for any occasion. They conducted themselves with poise and style.

The 50's saw vintage women's clothing change drastically to the little black dress, which was a craze at that time. It was a classic black dress designed with textured fabric which looks beautiful. Cotton was another fabric that was commonly used. It was comfortable plus it was easy to wear since you didn't have to take too much care of it. They were adorned with lace detail. Side zips was the new detail that was added to the dresses which gave a better fit. A lot of printed fabrics, pinks and pastel shades were used. Cotton fabrics didn't even need too much of maintenance.

During the iconic 60's, vintage women's clothing had redefined itself. It was the year of polka dots. Metallic silver polka dots on a sheer mesh lined in a solid cream color were quite in vogue. You even got so see beautiful velvet evening dresses with satin and lace work which just looked so glamorous that you just couldn't take your eyes of it. The 60's was also known as the swinging 60's due to the outburst of swing music. Everyone would dress up in their best attire for a fun night out. A lot of women also preferred the material crepe since it was comfortable to move around in and easy to maintain. They would also experiment with bright colors like turquoise and mint green.

The 70's saw a change in Vintage Women's Clothing, a lot more fitted dresses were becoming the new fashion trend with details like metal zips. The fabric rayon was used a lot during this periodic time. With some good tailoring this fabric would allow tiny folds which would have a very pleated look which would look spectacular. The dress would be simple but the detailing would create a very dramatic effect because of the folded pleats. Dark shades like navy blue were more in demand at this time. Another fabric that was popularly used was linen, which was soft and great for the summer.

All you need to do it pick up any of these types of dresses from your mothers closet add the modern twist and you ready to dazzle the world with vintage and modern combination to create something of your own. Say soft elegant drama in fabric and it screams vintage back at you. Find Vintage Women's Clothing and make an unparalleled entre at your next social do.

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