Friday, October 22, 2010

Ethical Fashion Shops on the High Street

There’s a huge wealth of fashion choice on the high street today, with many of the shops and retailers in the UK’s town and city centres trying to find an edge when it comes to attracting customers. The high street is the matrix for important trends and innovations, so it not surprising to learn that ethical fashion has found its way there.

What exactly is ethical fashion? The concept concerns the focus of social and environmental sustainability within the fashion industry. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an innovative alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations all over the globe that are dedicated to improving the working conditions of the people who make the products they sell. Ethical trade means that retailers and suppliers are taking responsibility for the people who work for them as most are from poor countries where there are either no laws protecting their welfare or they are not enforced.

Using ethical trade practices is a difficult endeavour due to the complexity and vastness of modern supply chains. Labour issues, such as determining a proper living wage or children working, can be problematic. Ironically, removing children from a work place can ultimately make their tortured lives all the more difficult. Monsoon is a founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and the importance of fair trade and ethical fashion has been a vital aspect of its business for the last three years. For more information on this company’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprints via a sustainable lifestyle and support system and the many available discounts, go to

Using the Monsoon Discount Codes and Monsoon Discount Vouchers is a way to contribute and help maintain this valiant attempt to improve the lives of the working people of the world and help sustain our environment – and obtain discounts at the same time.

What type of eco-friendly items can you find on the high street? The range of items is growing quickly as more and more consumers respond to the important message behind products made the eco-organic way. New Look offers a new range of products, including glasses made with bamboo frames, and H&M’s last line of organic cotton goods did so well that they are initiating a new line of clothing for women (including maternity wear), men and children. Topshop, in collaboration with People Tree, have launched a line of Fairtrade T-shirts.

Hope for tomorrow lies in saving the planet today and significant trends like ethical fashion are seriously addressing the issues that threaten our existence. By raising the standard of living, and thereby fostering economic stability, the lot of millions of workers is enhanced and a ripple effect is created with repercussions that magnify with the purchase of every eco-friendly item. Daring to be different is the only way to begin, and ethical fashion and the Ethical Trade Initiative have lit the spark for the beneficial fire that may well become a new, eternal flame of caring and social conscience.

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