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What Did Hippies Wear?

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Way back in the 1960s, a new culture emerged. This culture was actually a movement of the youth. In the hippie culture, people are free from social restrictions and are free to do and wear whatever they want. The hippie culture was an anti-war movement and so the peace sign was a common sight.

Hippie clothing is actually very simple and you can still find the styles in stores even now. Their clothes are very colorful, and they tend to wear their hair in a straight unkempt style, while the men grow beards. Their accessories have a native look and their t-shirts are colorful. They also like wearing scarves and bandannas as headbands. One other common hair accessory in these times was a flower. If you want to revive the hippie look, then you might want to get these items as part of your wardrobe:

Bellbottom jeans and wide belts
Colorful t-shirts and leather vests for men
Leather sandals
Micro miniskirts and chains
Colorful headbands and native accessories
Peace symbol locket
Mexican Baja Hoodies

The hippie culture really made people raise their eyebrows for their look and their way of life. Not everybody at that time was accustomed to the thought of not going along with the restrictions of society, as most people of the era were really conservative.

However, the hippie clothes really meant something and I think lots people can relate to it, the sense of just being yourself and being free. And besides, the fashion statement of the hippies was really cool and it associated all the colors of nature together. More than that, the culture also meant something and stood for a greater cause.

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