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Five Groovy 60's and 70's Fancy Dress Ideas

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You can't go to a more fun party than a cool 60's and 70's fancy dress party! And even if you are dressing up for any other fancy dress party, with a groovy 60's chick costume, or a funky 70's disco king or hippie costume, you are going to steal the show without a doubt.

The 60's and 70's were the birth decades of free love in Western society and the clothes they wore reflected it - you can have all the fun with colors you can imagine with a great 60's and 70's costume. There are no limits to the colors you can use! Crazy psychedelic colored dresses, funky headbands, flares, colorful shirts with huge lapels - you name it. You can wear it.

And you don't have to go out and buy a 60's or 70's costume, you can always make your own. Although you will probably need a pretty funky shirt or dress to start things off. Here are some groovy ideas to get you going:

1. 60's Hippie Girl

You can go form some psychedelic multicolored short hippie dress with head band. A really fun and sexy costume for any chick - become the groovy, fun-loving hippie girl of the party!

2. Flower-Power Fancy Dress
The very finest of the 60's hippie movement - fun, care-free flower power dresses, shirts, and head wear. Flower it up! The more the better, and put a flower behind your ear as well to really complete the effect.
This style is for guys and girls, and you might just find you are the most relaxed and loving person at the party!

3. Hippie Dude
Yeah man, get the hippie dude image on! Long hair (a wig will do) with bandanna, psychedelic colors at every opportunity. You gotta wear sandals, and get those v-for-peace signs practicing, you'll be making a lot of them.

4. 70's Disco King
Think John Travolta - you are the undisputed king of the dance floor. This one is as much in the attitude as it is in the dress up! First you need a huge, flared shirt, with a massive collar that you can turn up to frame your big hairdo and giant mustache. Next, some skin-tight jeans with the biggest flares you've ever seen. Thrust those hips out - and the party is yours.

5. Disco Diva
The sexiest and coolest chick at the party. The disco diva costume needs tight body suits with massive flares and crazy colors for those disco ball lights to illuminate. Colorful shades are a must and for the feet - you want heels and platforms. All the way.

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