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Types of Organic Clothing

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As the world has become more environmentally conscious, fashion has not been left behind. The word organic is usually bandied about not just when it comes to food and beauty products, but also in the world of fashion as more designers incorporate organic fabrics into their haute couture designs. Organic clothing is apparel made from organic fabrics, that is fabrics that are natural and eco friendly, without the use of any chemicals or toxic materials, from their growth to their finished state.

Alpaca Fabric

This is gotten from the Alpaca, a small Llama-like animal from the Camelid family. The fleece of this animal is used to make what is known as organic alpaca yarn. This yarn is usually preferred to either wool or cashmere for a variety of reasons. Clothing made with alpaca yarn is usually warm without the heavy feeling associated with wool. It is durable and has a silkier feel. Alpaca fabric is used for sweaters, duvets and other warm clothing.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural fabric but the mistake a lot of people make is in assuming that natural automatically translates to organic because while cotton might be natural, not all cotton is organic. In fact, cotton is one plant that requires a lot of chemicals to cultivate treat and manufacture. This is because it is heavily susceptible to pests, fungal and bacterial infections. Organic cotton on the other hand, is cotton that is grown naturally without the use of any chemicals and is manufactured the same way. It is great for all kinds of clothing including lingerie but is frightfully expensive because of the trouble that has gone into the creation of this organic fabric.

Organic Hemp Fabrics

Hemp fabric is a recent development and has not been around for a lot of years. If you are searching for clothing that is made from organic fabric, look for clothing made from hemp fabrics as they are purely organic from cultivation to manufacturing of the textile. This fabric is usually used for knitwear and other warm fabrics and is really comfortable on the skin. Their natural ability to offer protection from UV rays makes them an ideal choice for summer wear.

Natural Bamboo Fabrics

When you get your hands on clothing made from natural bamboo fabric, you are getting hold of a pure organic fabric and one of the most sought after fabrics in the organic fashion industry. This fabric is made from the bamboo plant which is a highly organic plant. Unlike the cotton plant, bamboo does not require any chemicals during cultivation because it is not disturbed by pests and bacteria. In fact, bamboo is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties which are present even in the finished bamboo clothing. The fabric is light and airy and is as sheer as silk. Its advantage over silk is the price; bamboo does not take as much time to grow as the silk worm and so is really affordable for an organic fabric. It is perfect for lingerie and underwear and has a great absorbent rate.

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