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Ideas for Hosting a Rockin' 1960s Themed Party

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If you are hosting a party that mirrors the 1960s, there are many factors that you should consider. First of all, the 1960s does not have much in common with the culture and style of the current day. When focusing primarily on costumes, choose attire that represents the different styles and designs of the 1960s.

Some ideas for hosting a rocking 1960s party include a direct representation of the music, fashion costumes, cultural activities and authentic cuisine. Consider having a friend dress up as a celebrity from that era, and act the part to give the party even more authenticity.

When hosting a party, the most important component that your guests remember is the music. If the music does not represent the top hits of the specific decade, you can lose your guests at the beginning. There are many styles and beats to choose from including classic rock, alternative rock, blues and soul.

If you can create smooth transitions between these genres, you can establish a wonderful atmosphere, while simultaneously representing the popular music of this generation. Include some of the top artists from the 1960s into your selection including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, The Who and Ray Charles. The songs from these composers are still popular today and provide a positive flow of energy in the room.

Fashion is an important factor to consider if you want to mirror the style of the 1960s. Ask your guests to incorporate styles that are reminiscent of the 1960s, including bouffant hairstyles, short skirts and afros. The attire of the 1960s is very vibrant and eclectic, showcasing individuality and personality.

This gives your guests the chance to think outside the box with their outfits, and creates a very fun and creative environment for your party. As the host, you can wear an Elvis Presley or Paul McCartney costume, two of the most influential figures during this vibrant era. The more authentic your costume, the cooler you feel.

Finally, introduce your guests to the culture of the 1960s as soon as they enter your home. Include posters and stylish banners that symbolize important events of the era. The decorations of the 1960s are typically gaudy, so try to mirror this accordingly.

Also, the creation of the Barbie is a major hit for this era, so incorporate a Barbie theme into your presentation. If you want to spice up your party, create a slideshow that depicts some of the most momentous events of this decade. Include clips of John F. Kennedy, The Beatles and John Glenn.

Keep the theme positive, as you want a festive and party atmosphere, but incorporate some fun facts to give your guests educational benefits. Study the impact of food on the 1960s generation, and choose an assortment of dishes and desserts that mirror the popular dishes of the time. Following each of these steps puts you in the best position for a rocking 1960s themed party.

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