Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Is All This Organic Clothing?

Green!"Green" Clothing - Image by marjoleincc via FlickrBy Jordan Flask

The word "green" is becoming more popular today than at any other point in history. Thus the use of means that are not environmentally friendly are a thing of the past. Even clothes are becoming more green.

As more people become conscious of the effect of chemicals on their bodies, the demand for these clothes will increase. Non-organic clothing is often made from fabric treated with chemicals, fabric created with chemicals or fabric from plants grown with pesticides.

Chemicals from clothing can cause or aggravate health problems, especially for those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. Health-conscious individuals seek to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals by opting for an organic type of clothing. While going green can be expensive, the long-term savings gained through improved health and peace of mind are immeasurable.

If you are just beginning to explore organic clothing, start with a few basic pieces. Because under garments are closest to the skin, it is logical to purchase under garments made from healthy fabric, and expand your organic wardrobe as your budget allows. Organic fabrics are comfortable and allow the skin to breathe, unlike synthetic fabrics, so you may find that you are drawn to these bits of clothing for comfort rather than health.

More retailers are carrying organic clothes, so you should have no trouble finding a varied selection to suit your personal style. Choosing to wear organic clothes also supports the environment by reducing the use of chemicals that invariably end up in our soil, streams, rivers and oceans. So, join the trend. The benefits of good health, physical comfort and environmental responsibility outweigh any expense involved in transitioning to organic.

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