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El Naturalista: Eco-Friendly Footwear

El Naturalista junkieImage by Marjut via FlickrBy Charlotte J Wilson

El Naturalista is an eco-conscious brand of footwear with a global perspective that originated in La Rioja, Spain. This area of Spain is a fertile, prosperous area well known for its traditional and fashionable shoe manufacturing. This range of footwear combines an ethical awareness of making the world a better place with skilful craftsmanship and loving attention to detail. Each pair of shoes, boots or sandals is handmade to exacting traditional standards.

The stylish designs and beautiful colours will attract attention wherever you wear them. You'll love the comfort and durability of the soles and uppers which will allow you to walk for hours and for many years to come.

Whether you want sandals, clogs, shoes or boots there is a style for every occasion and one to suit all tastes.
El Naturalista is committed to not harming the planet and the company uses as many recycled and biodegradable products as it possibly can in its footwear designs and manufacture.

The company takes pride in giving back to the global community and a percentage of the company's profits are returned to such things as school and community projects in Africa. All materials and dyes used are natural and their production techniques are eco-friendly, such as using river stones and tree barks for tanning, and vegetable dyes for the leather. These natural techniques are what gives the footwear its unique, natural look.

El Naturalista also have a Code of Conduct that is in keeping with the company's philosophy which will regulate all of their manufacturing, distribution and worldwide marketing activities in accordance with their strategy of sustainability.

To carry out the company's philosophy and spirit they have a list of requirement which must be adhered to. They does not use child labour. This means children under 16 years of age will not be employed, unless local legislation establishes a higher or lower age which will then be respected.

El Naturalista does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation or physical and/or psychological disability and employees have freedom of association, which means all employees have the right to unionise and bargain collectively.

El Naturalista guarantees to follow strictly health and safety standards in accordance with the law to ensure all employees have a safe and healthy workplace in which to perform their work.

El Naturalista, being conscious of the importance of sustainable development, favours viable projects that integrate social collaboration, environmental protection and economic development as the three factors vital for sustainability.

The El Naturalista symbol is the frog, which represents a land made fertile by water and embodies simple, worldly pleasures. When you buy a pair of El Naturalista shoes you can be proud of the fact that not only do they look and feel fabulous, they have been manufactured in a manner that has not harmed the planet and the people who made them are also being looked after by their employers. The artisans who design and hand craft this footwear do so with a pride in their workmanship and it shows in the finished product.

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