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Caution! Vegan Shoes Might Be Addictive

Vegan Trainers!Image by flickrich via FlickrBy Josie May

Someone that doesn't know better, or maybe has never personally seen a pair of vegan shoes could possibly assume that wearing vegan footwear would be akin to slapping a couple of cabbage leaves on your feet, and then calling them shoes. Nothing could be more wrong.

Not only do these types of footwear look as good, or better than leather shoes, or footwear that have been made to include animal by-products, they're also equally, if not more comfortable. The styles cover anything from shoes, to women's casual, to women's sophisticated dress shoes. It's the same for men. A guy who chooses to live his life free of animal exploitation could certainly purchase stylish vegan tennis shoes, also, and be prepared for either court-side, or the black-top, as well as hoops.

Not only are these particular footwear free of any animal by-products, however the people who manufacture  them are taken care of especially well. The makers of these types of footwear respect their own workforce, which means that their workers will put their happiness into the creation of the footwear.

If you're looking to buy vegan footwear that's manufactured in China, workers' conditions are often deplorable, so be sure that you look for the tag that assures you that they have been manufactured in a non-sweat factory. That means that the owners of the manufacturing facility that produces these kind of footwear is just as dedicated to human rights, as they are to animal rights. Then again, as Bella English started her story about this type of factory in the Boston Globe, Now you can stroll down the street without stepping on the worker that produced your shoes.

There are several main materials used in the making of vegan leathers. Some include, a micro fiber material, or Lorica, made from several different micro fibers. A microfiber is a synthetic fiber that measures less than just one denier. It is most commonly made up of several different types of polyester, blended with each other for an amazing result. Birkoflor, is what Birkenstock uses, is manufactured out of acrylic and also synthetic felt fibers.

Even if you appreciate a good steak, like hurling around the old pigskin on a Sunday, or playing baseball the horse-hide ball around the baseball diamond, one look at vegan apparel, and in particular, vegan footwear, and you will be asking the folks at the local health food store where you could get a pair of vegan shoes. You will be delighted to find out that you could even get a vegan baseball glove, and vegan baseball cleats. Having said that, don't worry. Your softball buddies are not going to suspect a thing.

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